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  1. I know. Did you see the Clean Cricket ones? That must have been when Gibbs and some others were caught smoking marajuina.
  2. <gulp> Nice man with table cloth, nice man with dishcloth... <runs screaming from the room>
  3. I made an assassination mission. I'll see if I can find it. Used the MBC map.
  4. Why's this addressed to me? Anyway goodie! Can't wait for this. That is an interesting glitch. Maybe it's camo for a nudist camp?
  5. I once took out someone with a sniper rifle and he flew like i hit him with a rocket.
  6. Go to Madam and Eve Click find comics. Choose search database. Click advanced search. Type cricket in the wordsearch. Enjoy. I would post some here but don't have webspace.
  7. That sounds like fun. To watch.
  8. <GASP> Oh well. Good luck with Canadian Ops. And ofp
  9. You're Right! Nhanhanhanha! <pulls tongue at dude in photo>
  10. The_Slink

    Military humour

    The Falklands are what? 3000km from England. How many inches in a km? I'm a metric guy.
  11. When are you sending me those mission specs? Or don't you need my help? I'd just like to know if I need to hold or if I can go onto other things.
  12. Do you mean individual soldiers? Because that can't happen. Only teams hold.
  13. The_Slink

    Military humour

    I like the last two the most. Very good.
  14. The thing is not all modders are good about letting people use their work. I know Yoda has decided that as long as you give credit you can use any of the guns in the Trance Colt mod. If more people did this you could have a much better GR experience.
  15. Why didn't you ask for air support? We did sir. And? We ended up walking under the fence sir. GR operative =>
  16. So you don't like 'em? Why not?
  17. Looking damn fine. Does that Cobra Shoot? If so is it possible to make the original Blackhawk shoot too?
  18. That will *probably* be eliminated in later models. Or not.
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