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  1. What can I say, we lost some staff.... Sorry guys, I am so incredibly busy with work - I hardly find the time for anything else these days. Should be a bit better in a couple of weeks (keeping my fingers crossed). But I have not forgotten about this one.
  2. Resurrect at your heart's content - this is the Ghost Recon forum! Resurrection is our business around here. But seriously - thanks and kudos again for Armenia SCARed - an absolute must-have mod!
  3. Thanks for the extra mirror, Crash. I don't have a PC handy for testing at the moment (and my current download speed is sub-optimal). But from what I hear, the ModDB downloads should all be fine (non-corrupted) now.
  4. Sorry for being so late (again). Seems like the updates for Mac GR are really well hidden nowadays. I just uploaded them to my FileFront account. Here are the download links: Ghost Recon (English) 1.0.3 Update Ghost Recon (Deutsch) 1.0.3 Update Ghost Recon (Francais) 1.0.3 Update These are all-in-one patches that will update any version to 1.0.3 - no other updates required.
  5. Kimi, you asked for the top three thoughts about the Ghost Recon brand, and to that effect I have to say: Top 3 Thoughts on Ghost Recon - The Brand (2001-2009): • Botched Sequel Policy • Abandoned Game Concept • Abandoned Fans Admittedly, this may sound a bit harsh, but these are my thoughts about the brand at this point in time, because for my taste (and I believe I'm not the only one here) the last true Ghost Recon game was released in 2001 - almost ten years ago - and people like me, who fell in love with the unique character of the game back then, have been thirsting for m
  6. First of all, sorry for my late reply. Real life keeps me extremely busy with no end in sight at the moment, so I hardly find the time to keep up with forums and emails for Heroes. But don't you fear - I'm still modding and the next update for Heroes Unleashed is in the works. Thanks a lot, Kyle! It's very much appreciated! I have to admit that I did not notice the separate comments in the ModDB downloads section, because of the main comment section on Heroes main page at ModDB. There are still some maps that seem to have issues with saving in certain locations. I'll ha
  7. A little update on the download problems some people encountered. Just had another email exchange with ModDB and apparently the file corruption on FileFront got fixed. When the ModDB guys tried the downloads today everything came down intact, and meanwhile several people reported successful downloads from both FileFront and StrategyInformer, so hopefully it is all sorted out now.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up, Gache. This means that SI probably downloaded from FileFront, too. What a mess! OK, as this seems to only affect the full install for PC, I have manually uploaded this file to my personal FileFront account again as a temporary solution. Here's the link: Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0b5 Full Install - FIXED DOWNLOAD (1012 MB)
  9. LOL! My name opens doors, eh? But seriously, there are no password-protected archives of the mod - FileFront doesn't even ALLOW password-protected files on their servers! I don't know what the heck is going on over there.
  10. Still no word from ModDB. The thing is that my uploads to them are intact - if you have a free ModDB account you can access their non-FileFront Amsterdam and Texas download servers directly, and downloading from there always yields non-corrupted files. Only the FileFront download seems to have this issue, so either something goes wrong during the download from there, or they corrupted a file when they mirrored it on their servers. Anyhow, I have no way of changing the files on the FileFront servers directly - the mirroring of ModDB files is done automatically after I upload to ModDB (not
  11. While I have not yet received a reply from ModDB, I confirmed that all uploaded files are OK and downloading them from ModDB directly seems to always yield intact archives, while one of the files I downloaded via FileFront was corrupted on one occasion. At this time I have no clue what could cause the sporadic download corruption at FileFront - a workaround is to download the file either from ModDB directly (which requires signing up for a free account there), or to download from another mirror - e.g. Strategy Informer. Usually, ModDB adds more mirrors (e.g. Fileshack) for the files afte
  12. Yep, there are a couple of things in the ballistic calculator that didn't quite add up for me, either. That's why I ended up calculating all specs for the weapons in Heroes Unleashed "by hand" - meaning that while I used Don Miguel's and Parabellum's maths as a basis, I derived my own formulas and created my own calculations plugged into (humongous!) spreadsheets. It is still a work in progress and (as usual) far from what I would call "perfect", but it seems to work quite fine so far. If I should ever find enough spare time (highly unlikely in the near future!) I'll try and put some more
  13. Thanks so much, Tinker for your endless efforts in providing us all with ever new content for our favorite game! Hopefully I'll soon find some time to give all of your new missions a try.
  14. Yes, I'd be interested in that one too, KRP 56. Don't recall the map at all.
  15. Thanks, Crash. Good to be back. Meanwhile I have had several reports of downloads for the full install of Heroes Unleashed v1.0.0b5 being corrupted. I have contacted ModDB (the guys that host the downloads) about this issue and wait for their reply. The files on the servers seem intact, so the problem is apparently caused during download. If any of you have issues downloading the files, please don't hesitate to report them here. Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience.
  16. Yes, version 1.0.0b4 was released in February. But the v1.0.0b5 update patch will update v1.0.0b3 as well, so you just need the patch to be up-to-date again. Glad you like the mod!
  17. Thanks a lot, wombat and mig - hope you guys (and your clan, wombat) have a good time playing Heroes Unleashed. Hopefully I'll find some time to get into P2 a bit more during the weekend - damn, that thing looks good!
  18. Amazing stuff! I just had a first look and am overwhelmed by this monster. 5-star material all-around! Hats off, guys - superbly done! Two thumbs up!
  19. Thank you very much, GreyHaired! Hope you'll enjoy the new version. Here's a little heads-up for the new version - I've played with some friends on GameRanger yesterday and promptly encountered an issue with the new "SAR" game type in CO-OP. Although I (thought I) did exhaustive testing before the release, there are apparently still some minor nags. While everything worked just fine most of the time, returning the hostages to the insertion zone on one occasion did not trigger mission completion, and another time the hostages would not switch to captive behavior once they were found.
  20. I love it already, downloading now! Boy, this is exciting! :'>
  21. Personally, I wouldn't mind if they pushed back the release date even further - as long as the outcome is positive!
  22. Expectation-setting is an art-form. I certainly hope the folks that are standing behind you drafting concept art, doing code updates... or more to the point... making decisions about the game's features, functionality and intent... understand the expectation you just set with that single sentence. -JohnK Seconded! Pete - my expectations have just increased exponentially! Please don't let us down, RSE!
  23. Wow! Nice job, indeed! So, you're not modding for GR - but for OTHER games?!?! Shame!
  24. Very nice! Thanks a lot, Gache! I think we should pin this post for future reference.
  25. Good call - not only is the download time decreased, the considerably smaller size also makes it "easier" for people to keep a backup copy of the download around. Compared to e.g. maximum Zip compression you should save about 20-30 percent disk space.
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