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  1. First of all, I am sorry that development has stalled for some time due to a total absence of spare time on my part, and as a result I am trailing the original timeline for a finalized release considerably. But it looks like I might soon find some time (keeping my fingers crossed) to finally continue working on Heroes Unleashed. By now there were over 20,000 downloads (all mirrors combined) and the mod even got posted on several "warez" and bittorrent sites, so I presume it is already quite popular in its beta stage. Feedback for Heroes Unleashed has been a bit lacking as of late, and
  2. So? Unlike Vista, the Mac OS runs pretty well on those specs (and I don't even want to get in to the Dual Core/Quad Core debate when it comes to gaming) - and yes, you could even play some decent games on those machines, but I am talking PCs in the price range above $1000 - the ones that are actually aimed at gamers for the most part. You are missing an important point here. As you say yourself, even for a (gaming-ready) Dell people will have to spend over $1000 and at that price range 91% simply choose a Mac. Of course, as you mentioned, there are people willing to build their PCs th
  3. It just occurred to me that this thread has been in the GR 4 forum for some time, it is the most read and replied-to topic here and yet UbiSoft/RSE still need to ask what we want to see in the next Ghost Recon?!? And no one from Ubi/RSE has raised a hand in this thread and commented (other than one very brief statement by PSecula). Just to rehash the idea: That's what we want!
  4. Maybe it's time to bump this a bit. According to the NPD Market Research Group, as of June 2009 Apple holds a market share of over 90% for $1,000+ PCs. As most of you will probably agree, a "serious" gaming rig can easily set you back at least that much, so in view of these figures it makes a lot of sense for game makers to re-evaluate their position on multi-platform releases.
  5. Thanks so much, Rocky. What would we do without you?
  6. Thanks so much, Tinker. What would we do without you?
  7. Sounds interesting. Training without enemies is one of the reasons I put the "Free Run" game types in Heroes Unleashed. This way you can actually get to know the all the maps without the pressure of combat. The download for "Advanced Training Map" at FileFront is an .exe = Win only and I don't have a Windows installation handy. Anyone got a Mac-friendly .zip of the files to upload somewhere? Thanks in advance. PS: This mod appears to be missing from the GR.net download section, btw.
  8. You really think that online "activation" is a convenient option? What happens when you want to format and re-install or install a new HD? You will have to activate again - if they let you - because now you might have to ask politely if you pretty please with sugar on top may activate the software you "purchased" once more. The same goes for a new computer or - in some cases - even if you just upgrade some hardware like e.g. RAM or graphics card. Online activation is the absolute worst case scenario for me. It never works properly - let alone conveniently - and it is the prime example h
  9. No need for additional software - just hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, click "Task Manager" and then the "Performance" tab - that will show you the memory stats. But your problem sounds like a registry issue. Somewhere inside that monster an entry has probably been corrupted and either really throttles RAM for PSP or just makes it believe it doesn't have enough in other ways. Reinstalling PSP might not even solve the issue, as the newly installed application will again read pre-existing registry entries. Well, such is life on the dark side of computing.
  10. As it seems to become increasingly difficult to locate some Ghost Recon files for Mac these days (see this post), I uploaded the Ghost Recon: Island Thunder Mac Patch (needed to convert IT for PC to Mac) to my FileFront account for easy access. Here's the download link: Download Ghost Recon: Island Thunder Mac Patch
  11. As it seems to be increasingly difficult to locate some Ghost Recon files for Mac these days (see this post), I uploaded the Ghost Recon demo for Mac to my FileFront account for easy access. Here's the download link: Download Ghost Recon Demo for Mac
  12. Oh, so you have an iPhone? Well, then the Mac is only a matter of time - trust me.
  13. Minimal Recipe for GR4: - Use (the one) Ghost Recon as a base - Remove any bugs and glitches - Update rendering and physics engine - Smarten up AI - Implement climbing (no bunny-hopping) and swimming - Increase freedom (huge maps, equipment options) - Add voice-com and anti-cheat for multiplayer - Make fully (and easily) moddable Food for Thought:: Imagine you could play (the one) Ghost Recon on your 1920×1080 Full HD display with new jaw-dropping graphics and visual effects that put Crysis to shame, and physics so realistic that the military could use it as a training tool
  14. I'm not sure I understand. Do you want to create a new mod for GR or some other game? And you want to try any game editor available just to 'cut your teeth' in modding a bit more? I think it may be a little counter-productive to 'train' on tools you won't use for the mod you ultimately want to create, but OK. As for making missions in a campaign structure, changing gameplay elements and adding multiplayer gametypes - it probably doesn't get much easier than Ghost Recon's IGOR. Many other (moddable) games (e.g. Crysis, Far Cry, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. etc.) use the Lua scripting language, so you
  15. Yes, and although the versioning may look like utter nonsense at first sight, it does make sense for ported/multi-platform games to actually have two different version numbers. One that reflects the overall version of the game itself (e.g. as compared to the PC version) and one that reflects the version of the port on the specific platform (in this case the Mac). So while all of the 1.4 versions of Ghost Recon have equal features on both platforms, the additional updates (1.0.1 up to 1.0.3) for Mac introduced many Mac-specific improvements like e.g. built-in GameRanger support.
  16. Rocky, I found a fix to your Windows problems - direct 'download' here. But seriously, the virtual memory issue might very well be the reason for your troubles. And then of course there is the possibility of registry corruption which may cause PSP to behave badly, too. Worst case scenario would be RAM gone bad, but as this issue only seems to affect PSP I doubt that this is the case.
  17. This happens only in Paint Shop Pro, right? Or do you have other memory-related errors recently?
  18. Yep - it's not purrrrrfect - but OK!
  19. Sorry, I completely missed this due to my absence. I am very glad to hear about Dannik's recovery and wish him all the best. Hope to see you up and around again here soon, man.
  20. Thanks, Rocky. But the version info is wrong - the v1.0.3 update for Mac is actually displayed as v1.4 in-game. I know it's confusing - but v1.4 has been updated three times on Mac. So basically, there is 1.4v1.0, 1.4v1.0.1, 1.4v1.0.2, and finally 1.4v1.0.3, which is the latest one. PS: Don't you just LOVE how I complicate your life, Rocky?
  21. Anti piracy measures have a dismal history of actually causing legitimate paying customers more hassle and grief than the pirates who carry on regardless. Without a doubt Ghost Recon 4 will be subject to these new initiatives, but hopefully it will not be the first! Let another game suffer the "early adopter" issues! The problem here is not a technical one that can be fixed with a software update - the problem is one of perspective and common sense, or better, lack thereof. UbiSoft's decision to go the DRM route does not bode well for their ability to learn from their mistakes, and it i
  22. Haven't seen that one. Did they make an Italian version? I know you were just kidding, but it would be nice to know.
  23. Oops... thought we were talking about the review. Yep, that GWDS guy... I wonder what he's up to nowadays.
  24. Yep, I second the GameRanger suggestion. Very easy to use and almost always some Ghost Recon servers online. And if you can't find a server it is just as easy to host a game yourself - and in my experience it never takes longer than a couple of minutes for people to join you. Which reminds me that I should get my dedicated server for Heroes Unleashed going again some time.
  25. Guess I know exactly what you mean, I'm running on fumes myself over here - although (non-GR) work-related. Hope you'll recharge those batteries. Take care.
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