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  1. Thanks for the nice words, guys. I am very sorry for neglecting GR for so long, but there's a lot of stuff going on IRL that requires my undivided attention. Nonetheless, I found a little time to work on Heroes Unleashed again, and the next update will be available soon. Again, my apologies to all the people I let down through my long absence.
  2. In an attempt to drum up support and excitement for the release of Windows 7, Microsoft is having consumers throw Windows 7 launch parties at their homes. Apparently they assume that their customers don’t really know how to throw a party, so Microsoft released a video to guide people along the way. This is so toe-curlingly corny, you have to actually see it to believe it.
  3. Very cool! Hats off to you Hangman. Seeing those pics, I wonder if you also do stop motion clips?
  4. Today I posted in the Ubisoft forum for the very first time, after reading through page after page of comments on the GR4 announcement over there. It was a heat-of-the-moment kinda thing, as once again my feelings about Ghost Recon and it's future found a way to take over. Anyway, for the benefit of our readers I might as well quote my post for you here:
  5. I feel the tension growing! This is exciting!
  6. Glad you like it, wombat. There's still so much I want to do with the original GR/DS/IT campaign missions, and even the already re-scripted ones aren't completely finished. I'm somewhat ambivalent between working on new missions or finishing the campaign first, and maybe I'll try to do both for the next update. It will certainly take some extra time, but there's no rush, right?
  7. YES come on Rocky how about a "Recon Reformed" night you know it makes sence Count me in!
  8. Thanks, Hammer! Downloading now. Would still be nice if the CAS.zip turned up somewhere, though. For archival purposes.
  9. I'm gonna need another set to keep around at the office, Rocky. Love the new DVD case, btw!
  10. Bump. Is anyone able to locate this mod? I don't think it's on Rocky's DVD Collection, but I'm not sure - don't have it handy right now.
  11. OK, I ripped all of the interview clips, re-encoded them (lossless h.264), put them together in one video file, and added no-frills intro and outro to 'get into the mood' (about 18 minutes total). Download 'The Making of Ghost Recon' Video If there is serious interest I'll do a YouTube version in 2 parts (they don't allow videos over 10 minutes in length).
  12. The main issue I was trying to point out here is Monsieur Guillemot's rather contradictory policy. While he explains how the addition of attractive extra content and accessories to the retail box of DS titles works great to entice people to purchase rather than pirate the games, he apparently doesn't see a reason to do the same for PC titles. On that front he prefers to fight piracy not by making the purchase more worthwhile in the first place, but rather by forcing legitimate customers to fumble around with some new and undoubtably cumbersome-as-ever DRM scheme, which - as we all know - w
  13. Very nice to hear! And good work on spreading the word, mig! I keep buying copies of Ghost Recon to give away as presents to friends (girlfriends included) and family for e.g. birthdays, Christmas, and I-don't-know-what occasions. Amazon must think I'm starting a retail store or something. By now pretty much everyone I know is playing - even friends who usually don't touch computer games at all developed a curious interest in military tactics and strategy and started to ask me about online multiplayer. It actually seems like there is quite a resurgence of good ole Ghost Recon. W
  14. Come on, it's been just 2 weekdays - give it a couple of weekends. But we should spread the word, people! So everyone better get a move on and inform their friends, post in forums, and spam every web site in any way possible! Permission granted to use excessive force if necessary!
  15. Yep. But I enjoyed it a lot! I completely agree. Sorry for wandering off there for a while. Very well put! An excellent summary of what I tried to express with my uncontrolled babble!
  16. Thanks a lot for that information, Giampi. Found a copy of the Ghost Recon Collector's Pack on Amazon and it just arrived at my door. Sgt. Atoa, I'm sorry for jumping the gun here, but I just couldn't miss the opportunity to get my hands on the original and add it to my Ghost Recon 'shrine'. I'll have a look at the contents and see what I can do about uploading.
  17. Sign-ups for Season 3 of the popular Ghost League competition are open! Ghost Recon Clans interested in participating should head over to the Ghost League web site and register as soon as possible. Last day to sign up is 1st of October. Gaming will start the 3rd of October 2009 - actual gaming concept will be build after sign-ups, for instance amount of groups, rounds, etc. There are revised rules for the new season and the Ghost League mod has been updated as well. As it stands, there is now a minimum of 3 players per match, so matches can be played 3vs3 and up. New clans are - as alw
  18. I really don't think there is any kind of disadvantage in customer support on the Mac side at all. On the contrary, when put in relation to the many inherent problems of the Windows platform with its archaic proprietary code foundation, lifetime support for PCs (which is not the norm) is the least they should do to at least try to keep those systems running in a semi-usable state for their - mostly extremely short - life spans. It comes as no surprise that Apple tops the customer satisfaction index for almost a decade, the last couple of years by a 10% margin over any competitor. If your
  19. Sounds good. Lack of responsive controls is one major issue I have with ArmA2. Guess I'll have to give it another try some time. Thanks a lot for the heads-up, Tinker.
  20. Even the 'old' Crysis is still quite a bit more hardware-demanding than Far Cry 2 (e.g. have a look here for a direct comparison), so you will probably need loads of horsepower in the GPU department. Multi-card SLI can still deliver a mixed bag of performance on occasion, depending on e.g. how well a game is optimized for multi-threading, so I second Rocky's recommendation to rather buy one very good card than two good ones for the same price. For an overview of GPU performance have a look here.
  21. Well, I would give him the benefit of a doubt on the 'normal customers' / pirates thing, but to announce to do the right thing for DS while taking the lemmings route on PC strikes me as a rather 'unmistakable mistake' that can not be blamed on bad translation. And I think the 'Prince of Persia DRM-free' story has a different background than they would want us to believe. After Ubisoft's DRM disaster with Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 - which basically wouldn't allow legal customers to play the game at all - the only solution they appeared to be capable of delivering at the time was to steal a [Thing
  22. Oh - my - god. A funny extra twist can be found in the very next paragraph of the interview: So, let me get this straight - to address piracy on Nintendo DS he plans to bundle attractive accessories with the games to improve the user experience for the customer and thereby entice sales. Wow - what a great and novel idea! Better products equal better sales! Whowouldathunk? But on PC he prefers to worsen the user experience with cumbersome DRM for consumers - from the 'normal customers' to the 'hardcore users that pirate lots of content'.............? Why.............? To avert
  23. I think a very important factor of (original) Ghost Recon's superiority in online MP and international league competition is its very effective netcode, which e.g. is very forgiving when it comes to higher latency / ping response. Had a long conversation about this with Ben from GhostLeague.net in which he explained many of GR's technical advantages over other FPS' online MP implementations in some detail. Will try to find the corresponding emails.
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