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  1. One thing which is often underused is shuffle/sneak (default key is <left-alt> while moving). It can make all the difference when scouting a map with enemies nearby. I had a LAN game some time ago where some of the players weren't even aware of the 'shuffle' function, although they had been playing GR for years. Keys 4-5-6 set Hold/Advance/Advance-at-All-Cost movement ROE for all fireteams, which basically dictates how your soldiers move around, while keys 7-8-9 set Recon/Engage/Suppress combat ROE, which essentially provides some control over if/how they engage enemies. Experiment
  2. Found an excellent post by MeanMF over at the wastelands (otherwise known as the official Ubisoft forums): MeanMF pretty much nails the point here. Most hardcore Ghost Recon fans (myself included) wouldn't have the least bit of a problem with Ubisoft churning out yet another casual fantasy rail-shooter, as long as they didn't abuse the Ghost Recon franchise for this. While doing so is nothing short of an insult to fans of the tactical shooter genre in general and the Ghost Recon community in particular, it also seems very counterproductive as a promotional tool for targeting Ubisoft's
  3. Hope you'll like it. Would love to hear some feedback.
  4. Thanks for answering, Kleaneasy. Might just as well been me getting confused. Is there any chance for a little insight how Ubisoft processes community feedback? When you hand in those reports on community sentiment, do you actually get to see/hear any reaction from corporate, and if so, would you be allowed/willing to share some reactions with us here at GR.net? I'm sure many here would be very interested to hear whether e.g. forum posts have any kind of impact on the decision-making process.
  5. I am quoting you Johnny, but this is a reminder to the entire thread; please be respectful of other members whether you agree or disagree. Kleaneasy and Kimi are both Ubisoft employees, but you will notice they do a lot of posting in their own time, to try and explain decisions that they did not make. Please try to remain civil when putting your point across, nobody from Ubisoft is obliged to answer any of your questions here, reading some of the rather "demanding" posts above, I think some of you need reminded of that. Thank you. I agree that Kleaneasy and Kimi take too much heat for
  6. It was the "exclusive" means for getting into the beta, right up until the point when it wasn't. I see. BTW - this is an exclusive chance to read one of my posts! And here's yet another exclusive chance to read one of my posts.
  7. So then what was 'exclusive' about the beta access through SCC? Another question that hasn't been answered.
  8. They are referring to the vision cone of enemy AI. From what I've seen in the various video clips so far, there seems to be quite a bit of long-distance sniping in the game. Sure hope there will be a demo available soon.
  9. So then what was 'exclusive' about the beta access through SCC?
  10. Those 7 files indeed control the appearance and FOV of night vision, binoculars, and sniper scopes, so by modifying them you should be able to achieve the effect you were looking for. If only the sniper scopes give you trouble, there might be something you missed changing in the mask_sr.rsb and/or mask_sr-nv.rsb.
  11. Variable13 - for great campaigns and still going strong. The Great Patriotic War Barbarossa Wacht am Rhein Red Storm Rising Screaming Eagles ...
  12. Well, I've seen the occasional net code slip-up with GR on hefty maps with lots of players and AI, but if this is specific to this mission/map and is replicable... I don't know... will have to look into this.
  13. Frankly, I don't see what could cause this, either. Even with RSR being based on an older version of HU this shouldn't cause much of a problem (except e.g. easily fixable stuff like the skybox name issue). Are you experiencing problems with the player markers only, or are there any other irregularities with the command map? And is this limited to Co-Op/MP or can this be replicated in SP?
  14. Sorry to hear about your download trouble, Gache. Here's hoping the SI mirror works OK for you. If there's anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to let me know. I know the sheer size of HU's downloads can be problematic and I'm still thinking about better ways to distribute the files - e.g. torrent - but have not yet found a practicable solution.
  15. Oh boy. Where to begin? This interview destroyed the last remnants of hope I had for Future Soldier to carry over at least a tiny fraction of The One Ghost Recon™ philosophy. Olivier Dauba's statements are chock-full of ideology that runs completely contrary to the premise which made the 2001 Ghost Recon a uniquely demanding tactical game. To sum it up: Whereas The Real Ghost Recon™ would unforgivingly punish incompetent players, Future Soldier's design goal is to compensate a player's ineptness. This is actually touted as a good thing, no less. Why not go all the way and have your
  16. Agreed. Agreed - in regard to gaming enthusiasts. Admittedly, the Mac Pro is still too much of a 'professional' machine (read: workstation) - with a price to match - to be purchased/used solely for gaming. Nope, as stated by Valve founder Gabe Newell: Please note the last sentence. That's exactly how I feel about it. My MacBook Pro is fast enough for me and I simply cannot be bothered with starting up my dust-collecting overclocked PC for the few extra frames, let alone lugging it to LAN parties. It's just not worth the hassle anymore, especially in view of the Mac's stab
  17. Sweet! Looks like it deserves the word 'Ghost' in its title a lot more than that F16-on-legs game.
  18. Ubigate: Ubisoft VS PC Gamers Read the full article at ExplicitGamer
  19. Why are you so desperately trying to convince people that Macs are not a viable gaming platform when all facts point to the contrary? As the amazing 11% sales share within just one week of Steam for Mac shows, there are plenty of people happily gaming on Macs (me included). Once people get used to a modern, stable, and secure operating system, it's only natural that they are reluctant to resort to Windows for gaming. When even Valve states that a game is 80% less likely to crash on Mac vs. Windows, wouldn't you agree that it might be a good idea to give Mac gaming a try? As has been poin
  20. Exactly. It should also be taken into account whether the (possibly) positive impact on sales of Bizarro-DRM games outweighs the negative impact on customer satisfaction - which may very well hinder sales of other/future Ubisoft titles. Why not officially patch the DRM out as soon as an unofficial crack becomes available? That way, customers wouldn't have to suffer more than pirates anymore. Plus, it would turn into an even greater sport between pirates and publishers. See my point above. Once customers realize they basically just rent a game at full retail price until Ubisof
  21. Just noticed that the 100,000 posts milestone was passed in the modding forum for good old Ghost Recon. Congratulations, GR.net ! Thanks for being the nucleus of the Ghost Recon modding universe.
  22. The Mac Pro can power (and has the room for) up to four graphics cards and supports connecting up to eight 30-inch 2560 x 1600 displays (it also allows up to four internal HDs plus two DVD drives). Gaming enthusiasts could throw in a couple of nVidia GTX 285 for Mac to quench their thirst for graphics processing power. My MacBook Pro comes with an nVidia GT 330M 512 MB which runs most modern games just fine. A friend of mine is also quite happy with the gaming performance of his iMac with an ATI Radeon HD 4850 card. While a top-of-the line Mac gaming rig (Mac Pro) would set you back quite
  23. While some graphics cards are/were indeed specifically built for Mac, the chipsets are virtually identical to those of their PC cousins, and a game that e.g. supports an nVidia GeForce 8 Series card on PC supports this chipset just as well on Mac. You could compare the differences between the PC and Mac versions to the variations between a PC graphics card from different manufacturers, e.g. a GeForce GTX 480 from Asus, EVGA, XFX etc. - some of them feature just a different design or cooling solution, others differ in e.g. BIOS, video memory, outputs, or clock speed. While the differences bet
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