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  1. Thanks for checking, Tink. But the .SITX from DamnR6.com is version 1.1 as well. I thought I had an updated version somewhere, but it turns out they are all v1.1 and I cannot find the v1.2 patch anywhere.
  2. Looking for the v1.2 patch for this great mod (preferably not as .exe file). The link in the download section is broken and it's not on my copy of Rocky's DVD set, either. Any help appreciated.
  3. Have you tried removing (moving out of the GR folder as backup) the XML file so the game creates a new one on startup? Heard somewhere that this may help but never encountered this problem myself. Also, remember that the menu screens are always at a fixed 640x480 resolution in Ghost Recon - only the resolution during missions/games is affected by the settings. You can actually change resolution while playing a mission, so maybe you should give that a try, too.
  4. Heroes Unleashed (or any other non-overwriting mod for that matter) cannot conflict with another mod when not activated. In fact, I play CENTCOM just fine with Heroes Unleashed activated (with HU having higher priority). The thing you should watch out for is HU's XL and XXL game types. They spawn a very high number of enemies and on some complex maps this may lead to problems due to GR's limitations for dynamic objects. The game engine allows up to 256 dynamic objects to be active at any given time on a map - any more than that and the game will CTD. I play Heroes Unleashed more or less
  5. While the justification for the initial strike might be debatable, above quoted article and video mainly point to another atrocity: Why were those unarmed rescuers - including children - and the wounded Reuters employee crawling on the ground gunned down after the initial strike? And since when is killing human beings or running over dead bodies with a tank a laughing matter - as repeatedly demonstrated during the radio transmissions? Once war takes away all of our decency and compassion there's no point in waging it - because it is already lost.
  6. Modding tools, dedicated server, LAN play... I HAVE to try this game! Looks very good, so far - in view of Future Soldier's utter failure, this probably is the most 'New Ghost Recon' we'll get anytime soon.
  7. A little heads-up on what Gabrielle Shrager considers 'top notch' games - to put her opinion (and work) on Future Soldier into perspective. Just as for Future Soldier, Shrager was head writer for Ubisoft's 'Beowolf: The Game'. Here's what she had to say about Beowulf in an IGN interview: And here's an excerpt from IGN's subsequent review of Beowolf:
  8. Post E3 thoughts? Well, it's a lot worse than I would ever have imagined. Ubisoft is treating Ghost Recon like BP is treating the ocean.
  9. I love it! You should actually use this as official disclaimer upon first entering the 'dangerous' GR.net forums.
  10. What a coincidence for the 'dangerous' forums to go down during E3. Honni soit qui mal y pense.
  11. That's probably the best I've seen from Ubisoft at E3.
  12. Updated Link Not that it's actually worth watching, though.
  13. Yep, Frostbite and P2 are essential mods you definitely shouldn't miss. Don't forget trying Year of the Monkey which takes the game back to the era of the Vietnam war. Then, of course, there are excellent recent additions like 9MS Mod, Blood Oil, and Red Storm Rising. Oh, and Armenia SCARed is a classic certainly worth a look, too. There are just so many great mods available, I'd recommend getting Rocky's GR Mods on DVD containing almost a thousand mods for Ghost Recon. That collection is beautifully done and will give you virtually unlimited replayability.
  14. Thanks, twcrash. Yes, co-op spawn locations should be fixed now. Hmm... I will have to take a look at that one. Sorry for the inconvenience, Tinker. Hope you guys don't mind if I add this to my (pretty long) to-do list for the next update. Among other things, I'm trying to finish re-scripting the remaining campaign missions for the next patch. Due to work load IRL it'll probably take me a while, though.
  15. Wow. I expected it to be bad. I didn't expect it to be THIS bad. Worst 'tactical' shooter ever. No first-person view, no realism, no tactics, brain-dead AI, no LAN play, no dedicated server, only 4 players in coop, ludicrous DRM, barely average visuals for today's standards, cartoonish effects, cheesy voiceovers, two lonely hand-held weapons (one assault rifle with attached bottle opener, one sniper rifle with 'smart' no-need-to-aim ammunition), probably no modding support, being hit by a 'ground drone' minigun (@ 01:38) doesn't seem to matter much, no 'cloak' needed for complete invisib
  16. Overview - easier to read: UBISOFT FUTURE SOLDIER DEVELOPMENT UBISOFT PARIS: - Creative Lead - Engine Tools - Single Player & Coop Campaign - Overall Game Experience UBISOFT SINGAPOORE: - Art Production - Multiplayer Maps UBISOFT ANNECY: - Game Engine - Engine Tools UBISOFT MONTPELLIER: - Single Player Campaign UBISOFT REDSTORM: - Online Multiplayer When Tom Clancy sold Red Storm Entertainment (and his soul) to Ubisoft in 2000.
  17. Yep, the 'traditional' med kits, slow motion, and 'bullet time' are potential deal-breakers, and I keep my fingers crossed that these 'features' are disabled on hard difficulty. Hopefully there will be full modding support to rid the game of those abominations altogether.
  18. The answer to that question can probably be found here. While Ubisoft's PC platform sales accounted for 16% of total sales in fiscal 2006/2007, this share has dropped to a meager 2% in Q3 2009/2010 as a consequence of Ubisoft's complete orientation towards the console market and casual games (their current top-grossing title is ). 98% sales to consoles in the last quarter speak volumes about were Ubisoft is headed and explain their disinterest in forum feedback from 'oldschool' PC gamers and Ubisoft's hostile stance towards them. As I mentioned before, Ubisoft's recent activities hint
  19. Sweet. Thanks a lot Tinker! Any chance for a Mac version?
  20. And 'media' is a balanced overview of the overall buying community? I very much doubt that. But that's beside the point. Even if forum feedback is not a balanced overview of the overall buying community, it still is direct feedback from (parts of) the buying community, whereas 'media' is not. As we have seen in the Dan Hsu example above, media coverage of games (all kinds - not only reviews) can and will be influenced by game publishers through various bullying techniques like cancelled advertising or denied access to early game demos etc. I'm not saying all media coverage is either b
  21. ApexMods

    any jokes?

    A mathematician tells a colleague his wife just had a baby. “Is it a boy or a girl?” “Yes.”
  22. :'> I just love the GR modding community! Long live Ghost Recon!
  23. Here's Dan Hsu's editorial in its entirety, taken from his 1UP blog: And here's an excerpt form Hsu's Media Coverage interview:
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