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  1. 1 hour ago, wombat50 said:

    Most know what f9 does but I haven't seen f11 or f12 mentioned.
    f11 toggles health icon lower LH corner
    f12 toggles weapon icons lower RH corner.

    Yep, IIRC F9 also toggles the weapon reticle, so F11 and F12 are preferable.

    1 hour ago, nyleken said:

    I suppose I could ask whether you've made any changes to your mission script framework.

    Will have to look at my notes, but IIRC, I only made changes to SP GTF scripts and the default random mission (fixed e.g. an erroneous dialog pop up), while the mission template for campaign missions is unaltered. I’m using it for the new campaign missions.

    Adversarial MP scripts where thoroughly overhauled and expanded, though.

  2. Replay files contain no video, only game data, so they need to be played in-game. It’s basically a reconstruction of gameplay.

    That’s also why, like save games, they require mods that were active during recording to be active during playback (game may crash otherwise).

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  3. 6 minutes ago, nyleken said:

    I personally wouldn't bother with it. HUD elements exist for a reason, and the current one is pretty minimalistic already.

    You’re right. There are more worthwhile things to work on. I always get carried away modding Ghost Recon. There is just so much I still want to do with Heroes Unleashed. 🙂

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  4. 15 minutes ago, Jack Wachter said:

    Does removing the HUD also mean removing the top left text? I know I use that for my missions somewhat, including my copy of the HU exfil timer. I just want names in MP to not show up for kills. I know we can make our names blank, but that is far from ideal since it becomes hard to tell who has joined and what slots everyone is in.

    Not part of my plan. Again, at the moment this is just an idea in my head, and I think there‘s a way to realize it. Could still turn out undoable. If it works how I think it works, that message log would not be affected.

    Getting rid of player names popping up would require to eliminate the log altogether. I think with HU’s faster scrolling  it’s not so bad as to remove it completely. HU 1.0 uses it for very little messaging in MP,  and the next version will use it even less. Some people still use the log for in-game messaging in MP (I do), so I have no plans to do away with it yet.

  5. For missions, enemies are assigned individual *.KIT files in the *.MIS files (see actor text entries). Game types usually auto-assign enemy equipment randomly from a pool of  OPPOSING_FORCE_*.KIT files found in the EQUIP folder.

    So to change enemy weapons, you create a new mod folder (with a MODSCONT.TXT file for the mod’s name), and e.g copy the EQUIP and MISSION folders inside. Then you edit the files mentioned above e.g. with a text editor or Igor (although Igor probably would be overkill for this).

    When you’re done editing, activate the new mod in options. That’s it. 🙂

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  6. 4 hours ago, Zeealex said:

    is it not just pressing F9 on the keyboard? I understand it's not a permanent solution, but gives players the choice

    Yes, there are few nation keys to temporarily turn off HUD elements, but they’re always back on the next mission.

    1 hour ago, die7 said:

    hmm..I would say it's definitive worth, maybe as addon

    If I remove them, it would be the other way around. I’d make an addon mod to restore them, e.g. for Legacy.

    15 minutes ago, Rocky said:

    I've scanned it when the latest release came out - I wouldn't like to sit an exam on it though. 😁


    Now THAT is an idea for a new contest! 🤣

    19 minutes ago, Rocky said:

    HUD elements should be an option in my opinion. Permanently removing these features aligns with the hardcore element of HU's focus but allowing the player freedom of choice in this area I think is important.

    Freedom of choice would certainly be maintained through customization addon mods. I have to admit that even I occasionally play HU with the Legacy addon. 🙂

  7. There may be a way to permanently disable HUD elements like stance, weapon, and fire select indicators etc., but it’s yet another boatload of work. Would this be worth the time? Opinions? Comments? Is anyone still reading my ramblings?

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  8. Reading over this post and the VG247 article again, I wanted to strike this point home once more:

    By now, I am absolutely convinced that Ubisoft, one of the largest game development conglomerates, with over 16,000 employees, studios all over the world, and billions and billions of profits in their coffers, are actually incapable of creating a true successor to original Ghost Recon (2001), which was made by a still independent Red Storm Entertainment, under the lead of genius game designer Brian Upton.

    Even if they wanted to (and admittedly that’s a huge “if”), I’d wager that Ubisoft’s entire organization really lacks the talent, let alone the spirit, to do it.

    There’s a much better chance for small independent game devs, like e.g. John Sonedecker’s Blackfoot Studios and their Ground Branch, to re-capture the essence of what made Ghost Recon so great.

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  9. Another nice one.

    ”GREAT tactical game! I don't play multiplayer but this is a solid combination of almost zen-like suspense and rapid fire action. The graphics are a touch dated but not through lack of artistry. It looks real enough to be effective and little touches like camo patterns changing between missions are appreciated.

    There is no FPS weapon model which was a little off-putting but I came to appreciate more of the screen open to see. This game is unforgiving but fair. You can lose a soldier to a single bullet but so can the enemy.

    AI is pretty impressive, especially for the time! Teammates can handle most situations very intelligently and I've seen enemies duck down under fire, run away to a better position, and follow gunshot noise to hone in on your squad.

    Each mission is set in a pretty large area but this is advantageous for your snipers and to set up ambushes. Mission objectives are varied and I immersive: rescue hostages, blow up assets, capture and escort enemies, even hold off a tank convoy.

    This is a nice blend of realism and arcade fun. Teammates improve with each successful mission, I haven't had any crashes, you can save at any time and the game allows you to replay previous levels and play quick missions just to have fun in random maps hunting down soldiers. I've heard great things about the multiplayer too, but it holds up great as a single player game!

    If you like cautious deployment, a sense of progression, military immersion and don't mind a few jagged textures this is a fine choice.“

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