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  1. So I managed to reconstruct some of the stuff I had been working on before the hard drives gave up on me, but much of the new content is definitely lost for good and has to be redone. Anyhow, I am now back on track to at least know where I need to continue work, which was actually quite a puzzle for some time, as I also lost my recent dev notes in the HD crash, and there were lots of bits and pieces that didn't properly fit together anymore. Now there is order once again. As a teaser to keep you guys interested: The next version will come with - among other things - even more maps and we
  2. Thanks for the patch, Tinker. Updated the Mac download to v1.002.
  3. More often than not the scripting does not need to be all that elaborate to convey a good story and create an interesting campaign. Personally, I love it when the mission briefings gradually paint the picture of a larger coherent story unfolding. I think it can add just as much to immersion as the game's realism-reflecting qualities, and even a very simple underlying mission script - when carefully put together by e.g. strategically placing enemies and adjusting their ROE - can lead to an impressive game experience in Ghost Recon. Please try to find that backup of "Operation Fenris" and p
  4. No, I mean situational introductions on a much smaller scale. For instance, right at the beginning the reader is faced with this: yet the reader does NOT know the rest, because we have not yet been introduced to the narrator in any way and we have no idea who "she" (Alicia Diaz? The presumed dead? The one close to whomever?) is, either. It is a small example of things that may lead to confusion early on. Another example: is all the reader gets as an introduction to what turns out to become the first "action scene". We don't know what lead up to this situation and we have no idea about
  5. I always wondered about that (beautiful) sig of yours and had the thought of asking about it somewhere in the back of my (apparently dysfunctional) head. Kept forgetting about it again and again, so thanks to Alice for starting this thread! Well, my sig should be quite self-explanatory, I just dropped in here to thank Alice.
  6. I just gave it a first glance and have to admit that the beginning confused me a bit, as I couldn't quite follow the train of thought sometimes. Much of this is probably due to text formatting issues, but there also seem to be some gaps in the context here and there. Please don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to give some constructive criticism here, and I am in absolute awe at the sheer scale of the story you wrote. Kudos! But especially with such an ambitious undertaking, I think it is necessary to keep an eye on both the external (text formatting) and internal (context) structure. Wh
  7. Hmm, intriguing ... looks like you are very creative and stories just keep coming to you quite easily. I would be very interested in seeing you pouring some of that creative energy into GR missions or, even better, entire campaigns. Have you ever done any mission scripting for GR, Alex?
  8. Congratulations on the release! Downloading now, can't wait to give this a go! :'>
  9. Wow, how did I miss this for so long?!? Will definitely put this on my night stand for a read. Thanks a lot for your efforts, Zee!
  10. I'd take that claim with a grain of salt, though. Initially the card security codes were believed to be safe, but now there's talk on some boards (better not linked to here) that they were successfully deciphered due to very weak encryption. Seeing that Sony kept most data in unencrypted plaintext it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the CVC's encryption was less than stellar.
  11. PSN database containing 2.2 million credit card numbers now up for sale
  12. Thanks a lot, variable13. Just tried the first campaign mission - looks very nice! Love that your campaigns are based on RL historical events and how you immerse the player in historical context e.g. through your excellent mission briefings. Hope I'll soon have some time to play this through. BTW - I did a quick Mac conversion of the mod and add-on. Download available here.
  13. IRC chatlog of PSN hackers: Unbelievable. Looks like Sony doesn't encrypt user data at all (incl. credit card information). Plus, they transmit and collect pretty much any personal data they (their PS3s) can get their hands on.
  14. Yep, just got the same thing. Guess it's time to cancel your Centurion Card, Rocky.
  15. How could I forget Rockall?!? Added! (Plus that other mod mentioned)
  16. Some essentials mods for single-player, off the top of my head (in no particular order): Rockall Frostbite Year of the Monkey Armenia SCARed Operation Stabilise Blood Oil Red Storm Rising CENTCOM Ossetian Woodlands a.k.a. BattleBorne Saving Pilot Ryan 8 Days Reloaded Brothers in Arms Band of Brothers Postcards from Peru Afghanistan Chaos 12 Weeks DS: Aftermath 7.62mm Standard Upgrade Realism Update Delta Force 1990 Spetsgruppa Vympel Navy Seals MVD Osnaz Mission HX Heroes Unleashed EDITED
  17. Roughly spoken, the advantage of a lighter weapon in-game should be the same as in real life - easier maneuverability and faster stabilization time, which in turn may grant better accuracy while moving. There are of course other factors like weapon dimensions, weight distribution etc. at play as well, but e.g. a naked M4 should 'behave' lighter than a SOPMOD decked-out one.
  18. The weight values in the .gun files have indeed no direct effect on weapons handling and apparently do not influence a character's movement, either. The weights are, however, used in e.g. Igor when calculating kit weights, and although they don't have any actual in-game effect, accurate weapon weights can (and should) be used e.g. to balance kits and calculate other values in the .gun files, like recoil, accuracy in different stances, 'turnband' values, and stabilization time. For example, in Heroes Unleashed all weapon weight entries reflect real life values and even take the weight of ac
  19. Right! BTW - No need for an old PC to play the original. There are several options to play Duke on contemporary systems, e.g. EDuke32. You'll need to extract the data files from your original disk, though. A pre-packaged ready-to-run Atomic Edition is available from GOG for just $5.99.
  20. Just as the previous two Humble Indie Bundles this is an amazing deal and pretty much gives the finger to ludicrous anti-piracy theories and DRM. 5 great multi-platform DRM-free games for a price of your choice, plus you can even opt for giving the money you pay to charity. Only 3 days left, so quickly click HERE to get your games!
  21. I recently bought another copy of Ghost Recon Gold on DVD from Amazon UK. Contains all parts, patches, manuals, extras etc. and last but not least lets you play the game without the disc. This used to be £9.99 just a year ago but now it's twice as much (£19.99). The same goes for Amazon US. Both Ghost Recon for Mac and for PC sell for around $50, while you can get Advanced Warfighter 2 for $7. Sounds about right to me.
  22. Battleflag, by Lo Fidelity Allstars
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