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  1. Alex is perfect for this job!!!
  2. Politics are a banned subject here at GR.net, and for a good reason, so I won’t dive too far into this, but the problems we’re facing root far deeper than capitalism vs. communism. Money used to mean something long ago, when it was backed by real values, nowadays it is just one of the many multipliers of control. The world is on a highway to hell due to philosophy, or better a complete lack thereof. Today’s ruling “ideologies” are nothing but a smoke screen, in an attempt to cover up the age old war for power, that has been raging behind the scenes for millennia. It’s the eternal fight of good vs. evil, and the bad guys use both communism and capitalism as means to the same end. What they perceive as being “rich” and “powerful” is just a result of their sad twisted existence, incapable to create anything of true value, hence unable to appreciate it. All the money in the world cannot buy honor, integrity, identity, strength, pride, intelligence, loyalty, courage, diligence, nobility, benevolence, culture, beauty, or love. The world today is ruled by the diametrical opposite of these values. Everything is upside down, in total opposition to nature herself. Mankind must wake up right now - or will soon die in its sleep.
  3. You don’t have to sell (your soul). Money isn’t everything. In fact it is nothing.
  4. Looks like the HU update will take a lot longer than I thought (what a surprise, right?), but I’ll try to make the longer wait worth it. Also got a little caught up in the manual, which stands at almost 60,000 words now, and the developer notes have grown further, too (in hope they may help fellow modders). Installed size will likely pass 40 GB, and the download itself could end up well over 20 GB, so it might be about time to look for a torrent solution, in addition to the standard web downloads.
  5. Bumping for Zeko to magically reappear and finish this. Ghost Recon needs more maps. 🙂
  6. Currently adapting new maps for HU and in the process of fixing skyboxes etc. to fit the light setup / shadow angle and so on. I’ve always wondered why almost all maps get this wrong, including quite a few original ones. If you model a new map, why would you end up using a light solution that’s different from the one used during initial darkmap and grounddm creation? I think from all the maps in HU, originally there have been only a handful with correct light/shadow direction.
  7. These are playlists for full play-throughs of all three official campaigns - Ghost Recon, Desert Siege, and Island Thunder. Note that he’s completing all objectives, including optional secondary ones, without losing a single soldier.
  8. Weird. This doesn’t show on my iPhone, no matter what I do. Maybe you’re shadow-banned for naughty posts about an old game that Reddit doesn’t like. I hear they hide anyone who isn’t a hundred percent „politically correct“ or in any other way deviates from the mainstream‘s path of (totalitarian self-)righteousness. But I digress. 😬
  9. Good to hear. Thanks for reporting back, jtibbitt. 👍
  10. Just to clarify: The theory is that 3d audio is presented as simple 2.0 stereo in newer Windows, whereas Ghost Recon‘s EAX fully supports up to 7.0 surround sound (with individual sound channels for seven external speakers).
  11. As I play Ghost Recon in a Wineskin wrapper virtual machine on Mac (which emulates Windows XP), I cannot test this, but I read here that Windows Vista or later may (partly) disable the game‘s 3d audio, and how to restore it with e.g. this. Can anyone confirm that Ghost Recon‘s EAX positional audio is indeed broken or limited on newer Windows versions?
  12. Still can’t see it. Anyhow, OP has meanwhile joined GR.net, so should find the servers here.
  13. Any file can cause conflicts, with textures, sounds, and gun files probably being the most common ones, e.g. there may be several m4.gun, crate.rsb, or ambient.wav files, all with different contents. While the last mod in the list will overwrite all previous files, some dependencies may break, e.g. in missions.
  14. Don’t know about Notepad++, but a good text editor should be able to strip duplicate lines from selected text. I use BBEdit (free, Mac-only) for that, which also offers full grep and regex support, as well as syntax highlighting and tons of other stuff that comes in handy when modding.
  15. Newest wrapper in the OP confirmed to work on several macOS 10.15 Catalina Macs now (iMac, Macbook Pro 13, Macbook Air 13). Movies won’t play yet, but I’m working on it.
  16. Bumping with server list link for August 2020 (with seven active dedicated Ghost Recon servers online) and Ghost Recon Hideout Discord link (over 600 members online).
  17. Belated Happy Birthday, young man. 🙂 I remember those discussions, Tom. Also recalled your advanced adulthood, and especially glad to see you still play. It’s never boring to hear from you, I assure you. Yes, online multiplayer for original Ghost Recon is still active, albeit a far cry from its heyday. There is a mature diehard multiplayer community with several dedicated servers running 24/7. The game itself is a timeless classic, which many (including myself) consider as the by far best in the series. It‘s a lot more realistic and demanding than any of the sequels, and thanks to hundreds and hundreds of mods the replayability is endless, both in single and multiplayer.
  18. Yes, I can see Alex‘ post, but not die7‘s?
  19. Apparently there‘s still a way to play online co-op on Xbox.
  20. Woohoo! Downloading tonight! 👍
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