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  1. Played around with this for a bit. Scary menu! Tried the campaign and was tossed right into the action. Nice! Looks very promising, so far. If I may make a few suggestions... - In Igor you can setup the default team to avoid messy auto-assigns, i.e. the same guy getting assigned multiple times. - You could cut down mod size significantly by not including so much stuff that is not used at all. - I had the feeling that spotting distance wasn’t set right, so AI could spot you either too early or to late. - Snipers are equipped with Mk 18 CQB primary and demo charge secondary by default, which seems odd. - Default (auto-assign) kits don’t match the first kit for most actors. This is an easy fix. - Briefings could use extra love. Hope you don’t take this the wrong way, mod looks great! Keep at it! 👍
  2. Nope. Doesn’t look like 20 Gigs will cut it, sorry.
  3. The documentation needs a lot of work, never got around to it, I admit.
  4. I understand. But the template can serve as foundation, to get all the repeated script mechanisms like rocket or demo count, objective and mission completion or failure triggers, etc. out of the way, so your free to script your heart out where it really counts.
  5. I really wonder why no one has used the HU mission script templates to create a custom campaign, or at least a mission. I know, the documentation a little is sparse, but as the entire HU campaign is done with the template, it’s missions can serve as an example that should be easy enough to follow. With the exception of helicopter cinematics, Igor can be quite fun to use. Hope I get around to this myself, soon.
  6. Fighting with a single map‘s lighting setup for several days now. Nothing seems to work, ground darkmap doesn’t correspond to character shadows, etc. - it‘s driving me (even more) insane! 🤪
  7. Waitwut?!? Why does that make you sad, Zee? Edit: Never mind. Cleared up.
  8. Ever so often I receive PMs or email with virtually the same content: “I’m new to Ghost Recon, got the Heroes Unleashed mod, and now I wonder what other great GR mods I should try. Any advice?” For any newcomer to Ghost Recon, there are seven mods I consider as absolutely essential must-have must-play must-never-uninstall game expansions. I call them “The Big Seven“. Of course, there are many more essential and great GR mods, but these seven are a stepping stone to get started, and they stand out, as each of them offers everything: a huge new campaign, many new maps, weapons, characters etc. All seven could count as completely new games, and they are at the very least comparable (if not superior) to the official expansion packs Desert Siege and Island Thunder. Without further ado, here are my “Big Seven” mods no Ghost Recon fan should be without (in alphabetical order): Blood Oil CENTCOM Frostbite P2: A Cold Day in Hell Rockall War of Infamy (get the add-ons, too) Year of the Monkey
  9. Thanks, 5Kurz. You may be right. I’ll look into this.
  10. I think unencrypted 7z should be sufficient. Most sites cannot scan them.
  11. Wombat‘s mods deserve entries in the download section here at GRN. Just sayin’
  12. Have a look at my dev notes in HU‘s extras. There I explain this in more detail.
  13. Layer range and height determine the size of the opaque strip of fog color covering part of the skybox sides / horizon. The quotient of their values sets the percentage of coverage, e.g. range 100 with height 20 will cover (the bottom) 20 percent of the skyboxes’ sides. You get the same result for e.g. range 500 with height 100. The ratio determines the size.
  14. FYI, every single map takes at least a couple of days (and sometimes weeks) to fully integrate into HU. It starts with a single map file, then the corresponding mission file gets cleaned up (or recreated) and imported for development. After that, all file dependencies are resolved, any required textures, effects, models, sounds, weapons etc. are converted, renamed, imported, and adjusted where necessary. Once all the files are in place, environment is set ( default/desert/jungle, day/night), and lighting is checked in game, to see if sun/moon position and shadows correspond, and fixed if they don’t (99.9% of the time they won’t). This regularly requires changing skybox models, often a new one needs to be made. With lighting resolved, date and time can be set (according to position of the sun), and maximum draw distance is measured for the map, which means running around looking for the longest possible line of sight, sometimes for hours. When max draw distance is established, fog settings follow. Color is adjusted according to skybox, distances and density depend on map weather, layout etc., and all this gets tried and re-checked in-game again and again, until it is realistic and looks natural. In the end, spotting distance is measured and set. Then the texture work begins. Every single file gets corrected surface, transparency, and other RSB property tags, and those that need a facelift or change (e.g. to fit the maps locale - can’t have an Arabic sign on a Cuban island) are either touched up or replaced. Again, everything is tested and verified in game. When all that is done, we have working visuals, and established mission date, time, location, and weather go into the briefing for both Which brings us to the briefing maps, map shots, and briefing images, which are all newly created once visuals are complete. The same goes for the command map, which sometimes takes hours in Photoshop to “fix” for HU. Finally, it’s Igor time. Game zone setup for all SP and MP game types and missions (placement, orientation etc.), briefing waypoints, map room properties, sound zones, and - most importantly - proper sound effects setup (with e.g. authentic bird species actually living in the real-world location). Again, a long series of in-game testing to re-adjust e.g. team base locations, enemy spawn points, central area, recon infil/exfil positions, and again sounds, sounds, sounds, and more sounds. When all is said and done, the map has the HU mission randomizer script attached and map and mission get their name and number. Probably forgot something, but this should at least give you an idea of the process. 🙂
  15. 720p 60fps full Desert Siege Walkthrough
  16. Could have sworn I’ve seen one for Ghost Recon. Any of you remember? Can’t seem to find it. 🧐
  17. Nice. In HU that skybox has been fixed for some time. Will check your solution to compare. There’s loads of skyboxes around with similar problems. I tried fixing them all for HU, though some may still require work.
  18. Next. “ This is the sort of game where skimming real world manuals on guerilla warfare or small-unit infantry tactics can actually be applied effectively in-game. I had to defend a railway bridge and checkpoint from an advancing armored/infantry combined arms unit; after getting my @$$ rocked over and over again, I finally had the idea to split my maximum six soldiers into three teams of two with one machine gun team sitting in a bush waiting for them to get close. The other team was a sniper team on the east side of the bridge, and my demo team on the west. I waited for the enemy to get in real close and let the gunners open fire while my sniper team started attacking their rear guards. Playing as the demo guys, I took out the tanks. Didn't lose anyone. This is an absolutely unforgiving game, even after that sort of thing finally clicks, and a game like GR1 couldn't properly be made today. A must-play.“
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