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  1. Retexturing in full force. My poor old Mac is sweating bullets due to AI upscaling’s huge performance demands. Don’t have a dedicated GPU, and just an old i5 CPU, so cannot use the best software and routines, as those would take hours for a single texture on my machine. It’s a compromise of smaller beautification at higher speed. Don’t like it too much that I cannot go all-in on this, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

    Dug up an even older Mac to work on other HU stuff while the other one is processing textures. 🙂

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  2. So, after linking to a Ghost Recon camera trainer, Dropbox decided that this is "malicious content" and... now hold on to your hats... has disabled ALL of my shared links that have been active for years (e.g. to GR mods here in the download section, various GR tools, etc. - about 3 Terabytes of data) and BANNED me from creating new links (they said the ban would last for 24 hours, but that was days ago).

    Dropbox sent me an email announcing this, with an embedded link to re-enable my sharing privileges. That link did not work at all ("There was a problem" message). I contacted customer support via live chat, but they could not help me ("sorry, it's too technical"), "escalated" the issue to email, and gave me a support ticket. That's been hours ago, and nothing happened since. I've been a paying customer since the beginning, with Terabytes of data stored there. This is unacceptable. What a bad joke.

    I'll probably be moving all my data. Dunno where to yet. 

  3. To edit default team open mission in Igor > Edit > Mission > Default Team.

    To have default kits match up, make sure rifleman-01.kit (and other 01 kits) match the first kit in each actor’s kit folder.

    Spotting felt off in the first campaign mission (farm night), not sure about others.

    Don’t sweat it. This is a demo, after all. 🙂

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