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  1. 55 minutes ago, die7 said:

    Of content which is also In use and not for tracking, archiving or future mod development?

    Map folder alone is almost 60 GB, not a single unused texture in there now. But mod development stuff and other XTRAS have grown a bit too, I admit. 🙂

    52 minutes ago, Zeealex said:

    I didn't even think DXT was possible in rsb files, I'm rusty!!

    Yes DXT1 up to DXT5 are possible, although the implementation isn’t all that great. Textures are apparently loaded, decompressed and then recompressed when you start a mission. VRAM savings are potentially huge (up to 6:1), though.

    8 minutes ago, Jack Wachter said:

    Why do I feel like this is going too far?

    Too far? What’s that? 🤪

  2. FYI: Yes, I will probably be using DXT texture compression, but to implement this for all of the map textures seems just unfeasible for a variety of reasons, e.g. long level loading times, as some of the bigger maps would take several minutes to load on reasonable hardware.

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  3. Lots of calculations required. Memory budgeting will still be a major concern going forward, albeit a lot more relaxed with the solution I found. One gigabyte of VRAM is nothing to sneeze at, but with hires map texturing that amount can easily be exhausted, and it may leave (too) little for e.g. character textures if we go all-out.

    Still, a huge amount of beautification is possible now, and going from an average 128 MB texture memory in the original game to 1 GB in Heroes Unleashed will allow for some nice visuals in the future.

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  4. Food for thought: In HU’s XXL game modes, character texture memory alone easily surpasses 300 MB VRAM usage on average, and theoretically could reach a maximum of almost 2 GB, all while still using the original size of 512x512 pixel character textures. Turns out that this may have contributed to CTDs in XXL games.

  5. Ok, I've found the source of the problem. Apparently, DirectX 9 and earlier (as used by Ghost Recon) need to duplicate all used graphics memory in standard memory space, meaning to use just 512MB of VRAM will consume an additional 512MB x2 = 1GB of RAM, using 1GB of VRAM would (theoretically) consume 2GB of RAM. The problem is, 32-bit applications under Windows (irrespective of version) are limited to a total RAM address space of just 2GB. This would put the theoretical(!) maximum allowable VRAM budget for Ghost Recon at 960MB, to leave at least the bare minimum requirement of 128MB RAM for the game itself.

    However, in practice, anything over 512MB VRAM usage is prone to cause trouble. This is a major issue, as e.g. having many characters on the map (like in XXL game types or some missions) can easily push character video memory requirements alone to well above 300MB, leaving very little for map textures etc. 

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  6. It looks like we’re hitting another engine limit. Apparently, over 512 MB of video memory usage are a no go (CTD), which puts a huge roadblock in front of retexturing efforts (and that’s not even close to full 2K map textures). It also stops any plans to upgrade character textures, as they contribute the most to total VRAM consumption (which I‘ll explain in the next dev notes).

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