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  1. Updated the wrapper again. Fixed some graphics driver issues with High Sierra (visual artifacts) and (hopefully) improved compatibility with different Mac / macOS combos. Should now also be easier to install GR and mods via executable, e.g. GOG installer. Auto-resolution for Retina displays and windowed play should work a little better, too. For those interested, Rainbow Six: Black Ops, Raven Shield, and Sum of All Fears all work too and are automatically added to the menu when installed at their default location (Program Files/Red Storm Entertainment/). Will probably try to make their detection less strict in future versions. I tried to get GameRanger to work, but so far no luck. Apparently, for PC that stupid thing needs the bug-ridden virus magnet Adobe Flash Player... didn't even know this relict from the stone-age still existed! 🤮 Would love for people to leave some feature requests! Dunno whether to work on e.g. Steam/GameRanger support first, or rather add automated/unattended GR dedicated server functionality, or expand support for other games, or...
  2. Thanks, boss. 🙂 I've thrown together quick bugfix update patches for both HU and HU Demo: Heroes Unleashed 1.0.1 Update Patch Heroes Unleashed Demo 1.0.1 Update Patch I'll be adding updated full downloads later, hopefully today.
  3. Thank you, Eisenhauer! Glad to hear. I appreciate the feedback. Sorry it took so long to fix, but the cause of the crash was a bit of a head scratcher at first.
  4. Sorry about the confusion, you only need the first strings.res file for full HU 1.0.0. The second file is for the HU Demo (which is a completely separate trial version of the HU mod).
  5. A little heads up that I found the culprit responsible for the HU 1.0 multiplayer issues. Turned out that a little error in "/shell/strings.res" causes the multiplayer crash in both full HU as well as the demo. I'm working on more elaborate updates for both, but in the meantime here are the fixed files for HU 1.0.0 as well as HU Demo 1.0: HU_strings.res.7z (for full HU 1.0.0) HU_Demo_strings.res.7z (for HU Demo 1.0) Just drop into the respective mod's "shell" folder to replace the old file, and you're done. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. The friendly folks over at Ghost Recon Hideout are carrying the torch for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon online multiplayer, with a whole list of active game servers, including in-game voice communication, and accompanied by player forums to chat about the game, and life in general. Meet up for friendly co-op games or PvP/TvT battles, and take part in tournaments and other special events. I urge you to join the GR Hideout Discord and jump back into the fun of Ghost Recon multiplayer! Long live Ghost Recon!
  7. Exactly this. It would be relatively easy to add audio cues or "action music" to missions and game types for the PC version of Ghost Recon via mods. Personally, I think it's an immersion killer and would compare it to those brainwashing background laughter tracks in cheap TV sitcoms.
  8. A little heads-up for those who experience save game issues or crashes. Please make sure your download is uncorrupted / unpacks without errors! There are reports of WinRAR / other third-party archive tools corrupting content. To be on the safe side, use the original 7-zip utility (PC) or the Keka archiver (Mac).
  9. Here's a download link to Sixpence's Line of Fire mod in my dropbox. Will have to check with Rocky why it's not in the download section.
  10. Nice mission report, nyleken! Always a good idea to cover all angles when moving in GR. Thanks, Kyle. Much appreciated! All save game issues with campaign missions should be resolved, a workaround no longer needed. I have no idea why mission 1 should give you any trouble loading saves. There's no easy way to add moving while leaning, as this would probably require changes to the game executable. I don't particularly like UCP either, and mainly implemented it for authenticity reasons. I have something new planned for future HU updates, but cannot say how long it will take to complete. Aside from a couple of default primaries for each soldier class, HU's weapons kits are sorted alphabetically. I guess it's a matter of personal preference how to best sort them, and I'm working on something to let players more easily customize their single player kits to their individual taste. That multi-stage magnification is available for all weapon optics in HU that feature variable zoom in reality. Scopes with fixed magnification in real-life only have a fixed zoom level in HU, as well.
  11. Welcome to the forums, Lmoy, and thank you very much! Nice to hear you enjoy HU. Thank you for the comprehensive bug report, I very much appreciate this! It's strange that 1.0 gives you such trouble. I haven't had crashes in multiplayer myself, but then I mostly tested on LAN. Will try to reproduce the error on my end, and see what may be causing it. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  12. Nope. That's either John Sonedecker or Right Hand. Those two missions are based on their excellent BattleBorne mod. Like all other missions in Heroes Unleashed, I re-scripted them from the ground up, while staying true to original objectives. I think they fit in nicely with the first part of the campaign. There is no add-on to unlock all equipment kits for the standard SP team, but in single player you have access to all of them via unlockable specialists. For the single player platoon in Heroes Unleashed, I have created over 250 individual characters, each with their own set of face and body textures for separate default, desert, and jungle models plus attachments, totaling over 3,000 files. So to make just one extra unit available in SP, I'll have to design another full set of 3,000 texture and model files. For the current seven units, meaning Delta, Marines, SAS, KSK, Vympel, Alfa, SEALs, that's over 20,000 files. This is actually on my to-do list for future updates, but it probably won't happen shortly. I just tried the HU - SP Kits Delta add-on and experienced no issues. What exactly is messed up on your end when you use it? There is the HU - Brighter Night Vision add-on to increase night vision brightness, or you could use the HU - Legacy Night Vision add-on to go back to vanilla.
  13. Could you answer this, please? I'm just trying to close in on what may cause the crash issue.
  14. Nope, size and file count of your installation are fine.
  15. There may be something missing from your installation, but I'd have to confirm on PC.
  16. Errm... Eisenhauer? Hello? Bueller? ...Bueller? ...Bueller?
  17. So it's irrespective of zooming? And does it happen every time you shoot, or just when you shoot at opponents?
  18. Those SimGun error messages appear in the Ike.log whenever a map has stationary weapons, so you will see them in the vanilla game, too. The client crashes always(!) when you zoom?
  19. The changed names indeed aim to represent how realistic the difficulty tiers are, making Realism the (hopefully) obvious default. After considerable testing I concluded that e.g. the former "Elite" tier simply cheated the player. AI appears to be aware of the player's location at all times, and no matter how much I nerfed their weapons, Elite opponents would still shoot you across the entire map with a pistol, apparently ignoring any weapon properties set in the .gun file. The former "Recruit" tier on the other hand dumbs AI down way too much, and while their shooting abilities are still somewhat realistic, their tactical acumen is severely lacking ("Me seeking cover? What cover? Why?"). And then there's the hard-coded infinite player ammunition thing, which by itself kills realism on easy difficulty in Ghost Recon. Hi-res (and yes, even 2k HD) retexturing is an ongoing process that will require a whole lot of work (and time) to complete, but you can expect a bit of progress in each future point release. The same goes for maps' sound environments, by the way. Nowhere near done. PS: The campaign will be expanded with more extra mission in the future. This is just a beginning.
  20. Hmm... seems to work just fine here. When does the dedicated server crash on you? Right upon loading, in the middle of a mission?
  21. Thanks, folks. Glad to finally reach 1.0... we're now officially out of beta! Yeah! Decided to go live early because of... reasons. Another little heads-up: There's now a demo version of Heroes Unleashed available for download. As a compact introduction to Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed, e.g. for people with limited download bandwidth or data caps, the demo with reduced content (1.70 GB download, 5.72 GB install) is intended to give you a first impression of gameplay and features. Also, HU 1.0 no longer requires Desert Siege or Island Thunder to be installed. It's still fully compatible with both, but there are now compatibility add-ons included that can you install if you want to play the mod without the official expansions. Please see the included manual or quick start guide for details.
  22. Ha, managed to squeeze the download size to just under 10 GB, after all.
  23. You're welcome. Have fun with Heroes Unleashed! Huh?
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