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  1. New VRAM budgeting will lead to various changes. So much more to consider now. Characters and equipment gobble up a huge amount of video memory, due to their sheer number in some missions and game types. Will have to do something about that. DXT compression can help, but in some cases the image quality just suffers too much, so it’s not a cure-all solution.

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  2. Guys, for the most part we’re talking about AI upscaling of existing textures here, which will not miraculously bring you a new game, but a lot of improvements here and there and, most importantly, an overall much less dated look throughout.

    Full retexturing is still ongoing, and will go on after the update, but I am only one man, and there are still tens of thousands of textures to work on. Any of you may of course feel free to retexture a map, or even just a single bush or tree. It’s not difficult and can be a lot of fun, but it involves time and effort.

  3. Another thing I should mention is that in-game graphics options will need to be set up in a new (and counterintuitive) way for this to work properly.

    I also need to e.g. embed mipmaps in all compressed RSB in a certain way to avoid the load time issue, and then mipmapping needs to be disabled in-game, while global texture compression needs to be enabled.

    Of course all this will be in the documentation, just wanted to give a heads-up about the confusing procedure I had to figure out for this. Looking at it now, it makes sense, but it took me a while to see my errors in thinking.

    Anyhow, all new opportunities await... 🙂

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  4. Compression commencing... What a ride! DXT should be able to bring HU‘s install size down to around 40GB again. With the loading issue solved, that makes it a no-brainer, even with slightly degraded image quality.

    If I put the non-compressed maps in a separate download as an add-on mod, together both mods would take up about 100GB installed, but as that would be optional, people could decide if they want to spend the extra disk space.

    Sounds good?

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  5. Here‘s a question for you folks. Would you rather have a smaller installed size and wait 3 minutes for each new map to load (while having worse visuals), or free up 80 GB of disk space? I could indeed create two different versions of HU, but the workload would be insane (as usual).

  6. First of all, I’m not blowing up the mod’s size for the sheer fun of it, but to raise visual quality and add valuable content.

    I’ve looked into DXT compression as an option to reduce the size significantly, but the image quality degraded too much, and the long load times (2-3 minutes for a map) are not justified, IMHO.

    Of course, downsizing textures allows for a smaller, “more accessible” mod, but then why play HU at all?

    It’s big, it’s hard, it’s unforgiving. And it tries to capture twenty years of Ghost Recon gaming and modding history, while giving the game a lick of fresh paint and the most hardcore tactical gameplay possible. I think Ghost Recon deserves to be big. It deserves to be huge. It deserves a humongous chunk of my disk space, just as it deserves a sizable part of my time, and HU is probably most suitable for people who feel in a similar way.

    Anyhow, I’ll think about it while I set up an 8 terabyte hard drive a friend just donated to me. 🙂

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