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  1. The „No Crosshairs“ addon only removes the black crosshairs when zoomed. You’re looking for „No Reticle Pips“, which is coming shortly, among other things... 🙂
  2. Thanks, mate. Tough times, but I‘m OK. Gotta keep going, no matter what. Hope you’re good, Rocky?
  3. Thanks for the update. Been eight years since my post, and I very much appreciate this, especially after all this time.
  4. The wrapper will be updated again shortly to work on latest 64-bit-only macOS. As Apple has basically killed AppleScript apps, the new wrapper will be pretty bare bones, lacking bonus features. Works well enough, though. 🙂
  5. Just had to say that. Doesn’t get said enough. 🙂
  6. This console command gives hard-coded ammo and item counts, irrespective of current kit contents.
  7. Got them. Will upload and link later.
  8. Almost two decades, and good ol' GR still keeps getting more and more shiny new mods. I love it! ☺️
  9. We always come back. 😎
  10. Dude, stop teasing and give us a mod already!
  11. Maybe for once I could try and make it to this one.
  12. Wish I had more time to play, myself. Checked in on the GRH Discord a couple of times and there's always dozens of players! Again, anyone looking for some multiplayer action, join the GRH Discord.
  13. Thanks, mate. Looking forward to your feedback!
  14. Nice work! 🙂 Yeah, I'm ambivalent about the auto-saving. Maybe will include a way to disable via add-on mod in the future.
  15. Full downloads for GRHU 1.0.1 and GRHU Demo 1.0.1 are up at ModDB: Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed 1.0.1 (Mac/PC) Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed Demo 1.0.1 (Mac/PC) I'm on the road and cannot upload to GR.net until next week. Maybe Rocky finds some time for this?
  16. Some maps do not allow setting AI waypoints due to their original setup. Please check the "KNOWN ISSUES & LIMITATIONS" section of the manual for details. Ghost Recon's command map supports maps up to 400 by 400 meters. Anything bigger than that and the CM won't work. This, too, is mentioned in the "KNOWN ISSUES & LIMITATIONS" section of the manual.
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