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  1. Yes, I‘m trying to get my bearings in this. Exactly right about the GPU, it’s the RAM, SSD, and quad-core that makes it... complicated (expensive).
  2. GR has so many beautiful mods well worth playing, it‘s insane. If I find the time, I‘ll have to revive this thread.
  3. LOL, don‘t worry, Rocky. We‘re not there yet. The next HU will probably be a little bigger, but not to those insane levels, and for now it can still be played with relatively humble system requirements.
  4. So, I‘ve been playing around with full 2k resolution retexturing of HU maps. The good news is that GR handles it just fine, even with some maps pushing 2+ GB level texture size. Food for thought: Fully retexturing all maps would explode mod size to somewhere between 300 and 600 GB, and video memory requirements go up to around 4 GB. If the same 2k texturing is done for effects, characters, equipment, etc. we‘d be pushing into Terabyte territory for installed size and 8+ GB GDDR.
  5. I wouldn’t count on Ubisoft to clean up... anything. Zeealex, on the other hand, may be able to give us the GR lore the game deserves. I sure would love to read a story that ties it all up nicely, possibly in Tom Clancy style. Heck, I could envision a bestselling novel, movie rights, hollywood blockbuster, Oscar nomination... Go get‘em girl! 👍
  6. Hmm, can’t get videos to play in the new wrapper. Rest works fine. Still fiddling a bit, but may release without video playback.
  7. Nice summary, RussiaGhost. IIRC, the head.rsb file actually needs to be present for the atr reference to work, oddly enough.
  8. Interesting idea, SuperCriquet. Could possibly be achieved by patching RAM contents (like the FP weapon view), without the need for hacking the executable. Wonder if ike.res hacking would work here, too.
  9. Looking for recommendations. My trusty old MacBook is falling apart, and as I probably cannot afford another Mac, I‘ll be looking for a cheap(!) PC (Linux/Windows) alternative. It needs to be as portable (small, thin, and light) as possible, while still being able to run (mainly older) games at reasonable performance and have enough CPU oomph (dual/quad+ cores), screen real estate (1440x900+), RAM (8+ GB), and SSD storage (256+ GB) for development work (e.g. my dev folder for GRHU alone uses a couple of hundred GB). Mainly been using Macs since the 80s, and not all that up-to-date on the other side of the fence. Thanks for any info you folks can provide.
  10. Thanks, Hammer. Your vehicle packs are absolutely beautiful.
  11. Just want to add a shoutout to the Rockall mod. Beautiful work, and one of the most underrated GR expansions in the download section. Great maps, missions, weapons, characters... the works. Easily a 10/10 in my book.
  12. I remember it from way back. Will search my HDs for it, but lost a big chunk of GR stuff in a drive failure years back (remember to backup, folks!), so cannot promise anything. Don‘t recall why it never found its way into the GRN mod collection.
  13. Thanks, Wombat. I‘ve added your sound tut to the dropbox folder, will do the kit art later. Need to polish up the OP, too (with embedding etc.)
  14. Take your pick. Any part of GR modding explained through a little video makes it more approachable, e.g. to potential future GR modders.
  15. How about whipping up a quick vid on how to create a new GR character model? 😬
  16. This video tutorial series absolutely needs to be featured and expanded in the future. If anyone wants to add tutorial vids, please do so in this thread (here‘s looking at you, Zee, Wombat, Jack etc.) 🙂
  17. I‘ve pinned this topic and edited the OP (previously edited by Rocky). On the road now, will embed videos in OP later.
  18. Hope pz3 comes back to finish this. He‘s sorely missed. Such a great modder.
  19. Here‘s my Dropbox link. Let me know how it works.
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