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  1. Found another clip I feel compelled to post here, especially as the guy offers some very nice commentary. 🙂
  2. Here‘s another recent CHI vs AOG clip. For those who don‘t know, those famous Ghost Recon clans have been active for almost twenty years now (the matches are from 2018). Remarkable. They have my sincere respect and admiration.
  3. This seems to fix a common failure to launch issue for Ghost Recon on Windows 10. Hope it helps some folks to get GR running again.
  4. CHI vs AOG. Battle of GR Clan Giants.
  5. Yep, all his reviews are really well done. Great YT channel. Meanwhile, I remembered EasyCo did some nice HU campaign videos a while back. Here’s the first.
  6. Damn, missed this. Download link is dead. Any chance for a new upload?
  7. I don’t recall if this was posted before. A bit older (HU beta 9), but nice nonetheless...
  8. Let‘s start a new sticky thread for this, as there are loads of nice new vids out there.
  9. Spoiled? Seriously? Man, I‘ll have to take a couple of hours aside to comment on this. Only this much for now: There is a LOT to criticize about modern games, and how the bean counters dictate development nowadays. You think games used to be WORSE than they are now? It‘s been a rush to rock bottom for almost two decades.
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