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  1. I understand that HU‘s enormous size can be detrimental, but I don’t want to rip it apart, because I‘d like HU to serve as an anthology of sorts, a comprehensive collection of assets serving gamers and modders alike. Lol, you thought that was about protecting intellectual property?!? Nah, I wish Ike allowed for much larger scripts, so I could properly tag, comment, and explain the whole thing. That’s why I started adding the dev notes text file to XTRAS, so other modders get an insight into the intricacies of HU, how it all works, how it could be expanded by others. There’s also script templates I added explicitly for others to use. SOAF‘s engine was slightly modified. Those values are non-functional in GR. Actor stats, like combat model, where a result of years of testing. I‘ll certainly look into everything you‘ve mentioned. Always happy to get some actionable feedback. Will try your combat model, too. Well, when you work alone nobody can let you down, except yourself. I‘m also quite insane, and a horror to work with. 🤪
  2. Glad I could help. Welcome to GR.net! 🙂
  3. 1) You mean add new characters to single player? Have a look at the many Skin mods in the download section to see how that works. If you mean for HU, there‘s currently no add-on for different SP teams, only equipment. Jack Wachter‘s mods Tertia Optio and Cloak and Dagger expand character choices for HU. 2) You could manually edit temporary files (*.toe files found in GR>Data>Save and GR>Data>Temp) to manipulate the composition and loadout of the player team. 3) AI backup and respawning are mutually exclusive in GR. There may be a hack possible, e.g. trainer / code injection, but it would not be trivial to do.
  4. Thanks wombat. 👍 Continued... The HU combat model is the result of a lengthy series of in-game trials with various weapons and types of body armor. Ghost Recon‘s damage / wounding system is somewhat rudimentary, as there‘s e.g. no way to fully represent different bullet characteristics. Armor piercing, round nose, buckshot etc. all share the same combat model values, and the same goes for different kinds of characters‘ body armor, so the combat model has to be a one-size-fits-all compromise. As for hitting feet or hands, I don’t think those wounds should be more lethal at all. After all, there’s limping and other wound penalties in GR for a reason. More new maps and map variants are coming. Some in the next update, more in the future. HU is still missing some of the great classics and a number of lesser known maps. It will take time, but I have about a hundred further maps and map variants on my longterm todo list. Realistic aimed RoF seems to be a matter of contention. Some find it to high, others think it’s too low. Have a look at HU‘s manual for some info why I did it this way and what the engine limitations are. There is no hardcore add-on mod, because HU itself IS the hardcore mod. The add-ons allow softening it down, not the other way around. You‘re right, some documentation of the „undocumented extras“ would make sense. But where do I find all this time required for all these things? Help! 🙂
  5. Top 100 best Steam games released before 2006, according to gamer reviews. https://steam250.com/old We‘re on 96th place and rising. Keep those GR steam reviews coming! 🙂
  6. Excellent points. Thank you, die7! 👍 The xl_ RSB were meant to be shared map textures, but weren’t implemented yet. For the update, they have been moved to HU dev resources XTRAS (among many other dev stuff leftovers in the main HU folder) to serve as templates. Those that got implemented are used exclusively by each map (no longer any shared textures), meaning that all RSB used by a map are found in each map‘s own folder, regardless of size. While this will grow total data size further, it also e.g. facilitates future retexturing efforts by avoiding texture conflicts between maps. The XL game type / map conflict is not a bug per se, it‘s the result of an engine limit for dynamic objects (characters, effects etc.) per game scene. Ike (GR‘s engine) allows up to 256 dynamic objects to be processed simultaneously. More than that and it will crash. Sadly, there’s nothing I can do about that. The only alternative would be to remove XL/XXL game types. During startup, the random mission generator (and other GTF) attempts to hide and teleport enemy actors away that are too close to the random player insertion zone. It’s a complex process where it dynamically measures hundreds of distances before deciding who to hide / teleport, in order to work on all kinds of maps, from small CQB settings to large open spaces. It takes Ike to its limits (that’s why mission launch takes so long) and doesn’t always work perfectly, but it’s probably the only way to script total randomness into the GTF. I have a couple of new ideas for this, but I’ve already used up the entire allowable script size (64 KB, IIRC) for the current GTFs. Don’t know if I could squeeze more into the scripts through further optimization either, as I‘ve stripped every aspect down to bare bones already (open the GTF in Igor and you‘ll see that even variable names are just short cryptic acronyms or single characters to save space). Tracers are found in non-suppressed belt fed or hi-cap magazine fed weapons like LMGs and GPMGs. Admittedly, I could hardly see them myself upon testing just now, and I‘ll have a look what can be done about this. Good point about reloading. I remember to have looked into this way back when, but don’t recall what held me back there. Got to run now, to be continued...
  7. There is this one that doesn’t require the expansions. But it's quite big (about 10 GB to download, 30 GB installed size). Its included Quick Start guide explains how to play without expansion packs.
  8. Ah ok. Perfect! Must set some time aside to play this bad boy. Looks mouthwateringly good!
  9. Many mods require the two expansions Desert Siege and Island Thunder, sadly not available through GOG (but you can easily find them elsewhere on the internet if you search for them). If certain assets a mod requires are missing (e.g. maps, characters, or weapons from the expansions) the game will crash when you try to load a mod mission (or game type). Let us know if this helps.
  10. Very cool. This mod needs to be in the downloads section, too. Jack, your excellent work deserves more attention!
  11. Why isn’t this in the downloads section?
  12. Couldn’t agree more. 👍 Beautiful post, Zee. Feeling’s mutual.
  13. It’s been a long time, so I’m not sure I’d read it before. In any case, I thank you very much for the link, Wombat. I ended up (re-?)reading all of their Ghost Recon dev team interviews. Quite insightful, and a nice flashback to better times.
  14. The big ideological tidal change that spelled doom for game quality was taking development decisions out of the hands of the creative intelligent people and handing them to the greedy primitive corporate bean counters, pencil pushers, and money mongers. Games used to be made for the people playing them, now they’re being made for the ones selling them. The whole idea of game development changed from „let‘s create something insanely great“ to „how can we trick the most fools into spending their money on the cheap-ass shovelware crap we churn out again and again“. That is why you no longer see engaging single-player or local network cooperative play, built-in dedicated server or even peer-to-peer mode, extensive mod support and tools - basically anything that may expand a game's longevity, because while all these features benefit the player, publishers feel they can squeeze more money out of you with their next short-lived shovelware, and then the one after that, ad nauseam. It‘s a sad sign of the times really, as stupid money (crap) rules over smart creativity (quality) pretty much everywhere, nowadays. Of course, there are still some brilliant indy devs out there, but “AAA” publishers have dragged the mainstream into the gutter.
  15. I have a gut feeling we owe this guy so much more than we will ever know.
  16. Ok, three guesses which one I‘d rank first. 🤔
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