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  1. “... Being a gaming reporter and playing video games for a living sounds like a fun job. Breakpoint was the first game, just two weeks into the job, that felt like a chore. Breakpoint is 2019′s worst game, the sum of all gaming’s worst habits in a single title.“ Full article here
  2. This is all absolutely beautiful work, Jack! I‘m inspired, and may need to „borrow“ some stuff for HU in the future. Hope this falls under our „Sharing is Caring“ policy?🙂 Meanwhile, there’s still no download entry for Tertia Optio here at the GR.net download section. Rocky? 😬
  3. Man, I missed when it happened! But anyhow, we now have over 120,000 posts in the modding forums for original Ghost Recon alone, meaning that roughly every fifth post (out of over 600,000) on this site is about modding good old classic Ghost Recon from 2001. What a testament to the longevity of this beautiful game, and to the lasting enthusiasm it still invokes after all this time.
  4. The Ghost Recon Modders Hall of Fame will be updated shortly. There are still a few older omissions, and I’m happy to say that we have brand new contenders. Isn‘t it just unbelievably great that this list keeps getting new entries after two decades of Ghost Recon? I love it. 🙂
  5. Aaaaaaasrrrrrrrrrggghhh! Why won‘t you land, you stupid helicopter?!? Damn, it’s been a long time! 🤣
  6. And then there’s... the boofening!
  7. Another good one. „This game is a pure nostalgia trip. It takes me back to the days before I'd played a ton of shooters. Back to the times when I didn't really know what Call of Duty was, and my perception of a proper shooter was a title where Lieutenant Colonel Gordon's life was thoroughly and entirely fragile. One bullet has ended dozens of his adversaries, and one bullet may well be all it takes to end him in turn. Your squad is a persistent unit, like in XCOM. If a trooper dies, they're gone. Sure, you can cheat and reload the save, but where's the fun in that? Better to play the g
  8. Sorry to hear that. I feel your pain, my little MacBook is falling apart, too. Guess the times when Apple produced quality are long gone. Ever since Steve left us, it‘s been going downhill. Shame.
  9. So, everything working now? Hello? Buller? ... Buller? ... Buller? 🙂
  10. Yep. Here goes day three for a ten second Little Bird extraction cinematic. Even with my script template a single mission takes weeks to complete. Patience required. 🙂
  11. I had forgotten how much of a pain in the ass scripting helicopters was! Hours and hours of trial and error for a few seconds of flight. 😫
  12. Nice one. “Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon was the first game I ever played on the PS2. When I saw this on Steam I was worried my fond (11+ years ago) memories of this game would be ruined. The graphics are so pointy and sharp you could cut glass with them and the enemy AI is almost suicidally stupid at points. Yet despite this, my rose-tinted view was not disappointed, and I am happy to say I still love this game and it is an immensly valuable piece of shooter history. The tension scouting and slowly crawling through foliage to sneak up on an enemy position is still incredibly satis
  13. Dude, I just checked your collection of Russian insignia. Marvelous! When I see how much work you put into this detail alone, I know we can expect amazing things from your next mod! Respect!
  14. Keep in mind that you will loose all RSB properties (blending, sampling, animation, scrolling, AI transparency and surface tagging etc.) in the process, which you would have to add manually.
  15. Another brilliant one. „Up until today I hadn’t played this game for over 11 years. I originally had this game on disk with the two expansion packs, Island Thunder and Desert Siege. I had almost forgotten about the game until I saw it on sale today. At first, I was hesitant about buying it, thinking that it would no longer be as good as when I last played it back in 2006. Once I booted it back up for the first time in over a decade, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia from the games menu music, which plastered a big fat smile over my face without me initially realising. I then proceeded to
  16. Install Delta Force 1990 and activate in options, so mod options read: Desert Siege Island Thunder Delta Force 1990 In this order (top to bottom). Don‘t use other mods than that. You‘ll play Deltas in both SP and MP.
  17. Pretty much all effect textures will get a facelift for the next HU, e.g. muzzle flash, smoke, lens flare etc.
  18. This one sums it up really well. 🙂 „Immersion is a warm gun. Immersion is also crawling on your belly in a guillie suit, for 20 minutes, all the way across an entire map because one shot=one kill and it goes both ways in this game. I've probably played almost every military shooter out there, across all console and PC titles, all the way up to the most recent Tom Clancy's Wildlands. But this game.... Look, just buy it and both its expansions for dirt cheap, search out the Heroes Unleashed mod on ModDB. which is the 15 year long masterwork of one man, and then find the first and thir
  19. Just discovered this gem of a user review at steam, and there’s more treasure where this came from, so I think a new thread is in order. „♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, do you know what you're about to buy? Do you have any idea what is this ♥♥♥♥? "B-but I've p-played Rainbow S-Six and..." Don't even start. You think Rainbow Six is the unsurpassable work of Tom Clancy's history with video-games? Guess what, you're wrong. If you buy mother♥♥♥♥ing Ghost Recon, you're in for the ride of your life. Ghost Recon is the apex of Clancy's strategy shooters. Rainbow Six series was a mere distraction. In thi
  20. These are all playlists, for those of you who, like me, prefer binge watching GR gameplay over TV. 🙂
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