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  1. Wow - this bodes well for the future of GR titles, indeed! Now let's just hope that GR4 will do its name justice!
  2. Make sure your "demolitions-01.kit" contains demo charges - this is the one that will be auto-selected if you check the demo requirement in IGOR for the mission. Respectively, "demolitions-02.kit" is selected for AT requirement.
  3. Please bear with me while I introduce an analogy, here. Let's try to compare the ability to mod a game to the concept of open-source software - and no, I am not proposing an open-sourced game or game engine - I just want to focus on the potential of freely expanding the existing feature set of a software title through third-party developers. By now, all of us have come in contact with open-source software, the Firefox browser, Linux etc. - and we have seen what can happen when the united forces of independently thinking people are unleashed upon a software project: It suddenly develops the potential to grow far beyond its original goals - it gains the potential to excel in its class. If you keep a product completely proprietary, it can still achieve excellence - under one condition: You have to get everything perfectly right yourself! You have to know exactly what your user base wants and be willing and capable to fulfill this demand. But there is a catch - not all of your users want the exactly same thing! You cannot make all of them happy with one solution, their wishes are diverse and sometimes even contradict one another. And here's where the limitation of proprietary products kicks in: The developers will focus on the "majority". They will call upon the market researchers to find out what the potentially largest customer base would want, and then they base their development efforts on simple math, in an attempt to do the economically responsible thing. Wrong! There is a major flaw in this school of thought. If you ask people what they want, they tend to name things that they know, that they have experience with - things that they are used to. If you ask many people and then use statistics to find out what all of their demands have in common, you additionally limit this list to the lowest common denominator. What you end up with in this way of determining your customer profile is the sure-fire way into mediocracy. Yes, you can sell a lot of product to the masses - initially. Until they find out that there is nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing unexpected in the product - until they find out they got exactly what they asked for, but nothing more. At this point the proprietary product is stuck in an "average" existence - it's "good enough" for average people to buy because it's new, but it lacks the one thing that separates the true classics from the remaining stream of products: It does not stand out in the crowd! But if the product is open to modification by others - if it's open-source / offers a good set of modding tools - here's where the independent developers / modders come in. All they need is a solid base to build upon and a product that has the potential to evolve into something they dream about. If they are given the right tools, there is no limit to what they will do to realize that dream, and - lo and behold - in the end their dream may turn out to be just what the "majority" of customers wanted, but just did not realize. In case all of this does not make my opinion perfectly clear: YES, GIVE US MODDING TOOLS! ALL OF THEM!
  4. You could try GameRanger - there are always some Ghost Recon games going on, but you should at least have your Ghost Recon application fully updated to v1.4 (all patches are here). And, again, please consider buying the expansion packs, as most online games require both Island Thunder and Desert Siege to be installed. By now, their price is extremely low and they are really worth every cent.
  5. Want to feel really sad? Try on for size... :'(
  6. Kolt, my serious suggestion for you is this: Get yourself an early Christmas present! It is definitely worth it!
  7. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make the donation - a credit card and email account are all it takes. Unless, of course, you consider the consequences of having a credit card - after all, those pesky credit card holders are the people that brought the world economy down to its knees!
  8. There is also the "Advanced IGOR Guide", which is part 2 of the set. It can be found here.
  9. I had mine in the mailbox today! The packaging is very well done and the DVDs are just amazing! Everything shows a great attention to detail, and with the uniquely comprehensive compilation of content this DVD set is an absolute MUST for any serious Ghost Recon fan! Thanks so much, Rocky, for putting so much effort into this remarkable collectors item!
  10. Happy birthday, Rocky! And always remember: "It takes a long time to grow young." - Pablo Picasso
  11. Sounds like good news, thanks for the heads-up, Punisher!
  12. Sounds about right to me and fits in my 'rule of thumb' (12 players x 64 kbit/s = 768 kbit/s).
  13. Thanks, guys. Didn't have time to look into the maps in IGOR yet. The lack of levels / rooms explains the problem. What a pity they're not usable for SP missions, they look very nice!
  14. I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks for dropping by, Blake!
  15. "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot (1819 - 1880)
  16. *Theoretically*, you could host a small MP game on a 56K modem... but reality requires a bit more. As a rule of thumb in my experience, I'd say go with this formula: Minimum should be 32K per player, so let's say you have 4 players total, that would be 4x32K=128K. For 8 players this means 8x32K=256K and so forth. (BTW - all values refer to upload speed.) But it also depends on the kind of MP game (TvT, Co-Op mission with many enemies etc.) and the map. To more comfortably host demanding MP games/maps, you should at least double those values to min. 64K per player (e.g. min. 256K for 4 players). And please keep in mind that participating players should also have appropriate bandwidth. Even if the server is on 10MB upload, if you have many dial-up players that may still lead to serious lag or even crashes. Additionally, what can really eat up bandwidth is full-auto weapons fire (especially with tracers), and lots of grenades, rockets or other explosives. And last, but not least, ping response times of each participant play an important role, too. Hope this helps.
  17. What did you just say?!? Blasphemy!!! We shall see about that!!!
  18. Thales, have you found any way to fix those problems with the commandmaps? This seems to be a problem in the map models themselves, doesn't it? Or could this be fixable within the .env files through CMPieceBitmapNode / CMBasePlanningLevel / CMOffsetX / CMOffsetY?
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