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  1. While this little snippet of information hardly qualifies as a definitive reason to uncork the champagne just yet, it - at the very least - signals a positive change in Ubi's ways. If you look closely enough, you may even notice a completely new feat:

    Detoc said that the company has learnt from past experiences

    And I do not mean that in any sarcastic way, either - there are others that exhibit an almost complete inability to learn from bad decisions - this seems to be especially true for businesses that deem themselves in a somewhat untouchable position.

    Bolstered by strong sales and overall well-filled pockets, this move on Ubi's part could be interpreted as a surprising new sense of humbleness in the face of a more and more enlightened clientele for computer games. Not to overestimate this - but one might consider cutting them some slack while waiting for their next maneuver.

  2. Now now - first of all - let's not fight! Let's just agree to disagree on some issues! ;)

    (* I edited my previous post a bit to dim down my level of zealousness - sometimes I have problems remembering not to post while being overly tired or emotional. Sorry about that. >_<)

    It's far more likely another developer than Ubisoft will give you another game that feels like GR than it is they or RSE have any interest remaking their old product.

    This is a valid theory which I acknowledged earlier to be possible, Sup (you quoted the exact same passage):

    If no developer has picked up on this sentiment yet, it is of course unfortunate for us not to have "our game" profit from more current technologies - but I have a feeling that it won't be long now before someone grabs this opportunity and makes a run for it. As a loyal fan I wished it would be the original makers, but if it is not to be, I would not mind moving on too much, as it is the spirit of the game I admire more than the name on the package.

    There is no need to hammer this point home, as we all can only theorize about any future plans Ubi and RSE may have - but if you look at the leading article of this forum you will notice that we are doing wish lists here. After all, the Holidays are coming! :santa:

    Peace? :flowers:

  3. Sup (et al.), this thread is not meant to become a battleground of arguments between GR and AW aficionados - please look closely at the thread's title and description:

    Give Me Back My Old Ghost Recon, Rejuvenated! That's All!

    If you share this sentiment, come in and shout it out!

    In view of this thread's subject: Why bother trying to convince me - or people like me - that other games that we all know are just as good or better? I tell you right here and now:

    Hell will freeze over before I change my mind!

    Yes, I have purchased a copy of AW, and AW2, and further Clancy games. Yes, I have bought other games that for a brief moment in time looked remotely like worthy successors. Yes, I've played them, and yes, on hardware that can handle even Crysis in all its visual glory! Yes, I own a console - and no, I would not want to play a tactical shooter on it, just look at my name - I am a modder!

    Re-read my thread introduction and follow-up and tell me - do you honestly think it is a matter of informing me?

    I am not usually fanatic, but I am a Ghost Recon fan. It is not because I am unaware of alternative tactical shooters - it is because for me - currently there are none!

    * I edited this post a bit to dim down my level of zealousness - sometimes I have problems remembering not to post while being overly tired or emotional. Sorry about that. >_<

  4. Sorry Sup, I don't know how, but I must have overlooked your post until now! :hmm:

    Isn't that what a sequel should do? Take the original idea and grow it into something that is 'better' (if we quantify better as being enjoyed by more people?)

    I agree with the former part of your statement, but I wholeheartedly disagree with the latter. Yes, in an ideal world, a sequel should be an improvement on the original (although, we all know that this is not always the case), but I have to object to the theory that mass approval alone equals quality - and quality is my sole measure of improvement.

    But does our small niche market really have any entitlement to RSE/Ubisoft taking their game backwards just to please our bizarre tastes?

    Backwards? Well, I guess it is a matter of perspective, but some may say that this is exactly what has happened until now. As for our bizarre taste - should wine connoisseurs be content with drinking sugared water? I previously theorized about the aspects of mass-approval in another thread - although under the discussion of economic aspects of modding tools in modern games, I think you can derive my reasoning in this regard from there.

    Please do not misinterpret me - I do not want to disparage other games, I want to accentuate the qualities of one game, in an attempt to explain its right and reason to exist among all the others. Naturally, it could all be boiled down to taste, which will always be a matter of discussion - but I think everyone can agree that diversity is a good thing.

  5. Also I'm adding a download link to a .zip with .max files of all the maps I created. You can add this to the ghostrecon.net downloads section. I'm giving this to the community of map builders here as a gift to help people who may be new to map building and other people that may want to add or edit what I've created. Everyone has permission to use these files and edit them.

    What a great deed! Thanks so much Punisher - this is true community spirit, and it is very much appreciated! :thumbsup:

  6. Well, Davros, thanks for your efforts, but what do we need a petition on another web site for? Pretty much everyone concerned can be found right here at GR.net, and if the responsible parties are interested in our opinion, this is probably the first place they would look for it.

    This thread's purpose should not be to put blame on someone, neither to only look grudgingly in to the past just to summon enough anger to openly revolt. This should be a place to voice your passion! Sure, I am disappointed about many things that happened - or better - never happened. There is a plethora of reasons to be sad or even furious about. But above all - there is one reason to be happy: Ghost Recon exists!

    Somewhere in the fogs of history there was a game developer that said "You know what? I bet there's people out there willing to think while playing an ego-shooter! Let's come up with a game that they'll like!" - and being a brave young developer, he threw caution to the winds, laughed wholeheartedly at all the nay-saying "marketing experts" and began to make plans for a completely new genre of games - the realistic squad-based military tactical shooter.

    Just as the developer had predicted, the game was a tremendous success with the exact group of people it was targeted for, and soon reviewers from far and wide started to give the game a nickname that honored its entire concept in three simple words: "Thinking Man's Shooter"

    Not only did the game go on to collect Game-of-the-Year awards like there was no tomorrow, it also put the young independent developer into a shining spotlight within the gaming industry, which in turn lead to the usual consequence - he was offered a lot of money in exchange for giving up his independence. Nobody should blame him for accepting, as this deal probably settled him for life.

    But let's get back to our game. Although it may be far from obvious in today's society, but apparently there are still people keen on using this unique human ability - thinking. Strange to many, there even seems to be the possibility of thinking being fun - why else would there be a demand for it in such a leisure activity as computer gaming.

    Alas, the times they are a changing, and thinking tends to be less and less "en vogue" with the young folks in gaming. At least - this is what everyone and their uncle keep telling us. I am definitely not willing to accept this future, and if you are willing to give me even more time to explain myself, I shall, in exchange, provide you with my reasoning.

    game 1 |gām|


    1 a form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.

    A game is by definition something that requires active participation - it cannot be mindlessly consumed. It is also characterized by its inherent requirement of being decided by a variety of qualities - most of which can only be applied with a conscious effort from the player.

    If you take the thinking out of the game you end up with a form of passive entertainment - very similar to watching television - you just stare at the colorful pictures while saliva runs from your open mouth. This simply cannot be the future audience for game developers - unless they want to drop their current job descriptions and move to Hollywood. (Oops... am I offending anyone? Sorry about that - I really didn't mean to!)

    In their own self-interest, game developers - at the very least those that do their job out of convinced passion - will always have to cater to the conscious mind of the player to a degree, and it is only this degree that can be argued about. And for those out there convinced of the commercial non-viability of strategy and tactics in computer games - whatever genre - I can only suggest a trip down memory lane.

    The scope in which this industry has moved on from Spacewar! cannot simply be summarized with "better graphics", it is a more or less steady increase of complexity, a far deeper involvement of the player - or better: the player's mind. Before this fact is forgotten and we concentrate on nothing but the latest shading technology, maybe we should remember the reasons for the console market crash of the 80's:

    There were several reasons for the crash, but the main cause was oversaturation of the market with dozens of consoles and hundreds of mostly low-quality games. Hundreds of games were in development for the 1983 release alone, and this overproduction resulted in a saturated market without the consumer interest it needed.

    Now I can almost literally hear you think "Wait a minute - this is dark stuff! Where is the passion this guy talked about earlier?!?" - well, here it comes:

    While there will always be the market-researching due-diligence-performing wanna-please-everyone developers that churn out one "successful" average game title after another, there is also always a chance for the one guy to row against the stream, to do something different - revolutionary even - and end up surpassing all less adventurous competitors. This is how the great classics of computer gaming came into existence in the past, and this is how it will happen in the future.

    Our favorite shooter originated from this mind set - it broke the rules left and right while storming up the hill to the halls of fame, without ever looking back. No one can take this game away from us now - it will always be there. I don't mind the aged graphics and all its other limitations - to me it is sheer excellence! And I am very glad to see that I am not the only one, that so many share this opinion.

    If no developer has picked up on this sentiment yet, it is of course unfortunate for us not to have "our game" profit from more current technologies - but I have a feeling that it won't be long now before someone grabs this opportunity and makes a run for it. As a loyal fan I wished it would be the original makers, but if it is not to be, I would not mind moving on too much, as it is the spirit of the game I admire more than the name on the package.

  7. Sorry, I just had to start a new topic, because I feel very strongly about this, and I think some of you may feel the same way! It is all well and good to talk about every single feature that may or may not make it into the latest family member, but my main concern is this: Will the bloodline of the King be revived? Will there be a direct descendant?

    Will he, who was once great and started all of this - this web site, this community - be the biological father of the child, or will we see just another adopted son? I do not know the details of what has been announced by the obstetricians Red Storm and Ubisoft, I only heard the rumors of the EndWar family line being involved, of a potential mixup regarding the parenthood. But maybe all of these are just tell-tales, and once the truth is revealed the land can finally reunite under one common rule.

    I, for one, am desperate for a new ruler truly deserving to bear the name of our King. I will swear my allegiance in an instant, I will bend my knee to the new Lord - but only if I will be able to see the unmistakably bright eyes of the father in the son's face, only if there can be no doubt about the child's ancestry!

    And now, to be clear:

    Give me Ghost Recon or give me nothing! Give me all that it was, nothing more, nothing less - just pull it out of the past and push it into the present! Give me up-to-date 3D models and graphics, a new physics engine, modern sound, the latest AI routines, cutting-edge scripting capabilities - and use it all to simulate reality to the highest degree possible on contemporary hardware! And don't forget the most important thing: Give me all the tools necessary to mod the game in any way I see fit!

  8. First of all, relax - take a deep breath, gather your strength and senses, call a good lawyer, and then:

    - Sue her and her friends for "hate crime" against you and demand monetary compensation

    - Sue your colleagues for not helping and false accusations against you and demand monetary compensation

    - Sue your employer for not doing anything about it and demand monetary compensation

    If you let things like this pass over without an adequate reaction, you become responsible for the lamented state of the world (see my signature). You have my sympathies and I wish you the best of luck!

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