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  1. So, as I’m going through hundreds and hundreds of weapon sounds - redoing them one by one, I’ve still discovered a couple if errors (luckily just very few), which will be fixed, of course. Very happy with the outcome of the sound overhaul, so far. Every single gun sound in Heroes Unleashed gets some new love, and I think you folks will like the result. 🙂 I’ve also experimented with third person recordings (for that hollywood sound add-on talked about earlier), but I just cannot bring myself to like it enough, especially for the efforts involved. Feel there’s more important stuff to s
  2. Fixed now. Sorry, apparently Dropbox changed their link system (again).
  3. RSB Editor also requires some .Net framework and a VB runtime, IIRC.
  4. There’s a sizable scene of Russian Ghost Recon players. Sadly they tend to mainly stick to their own sites and forums and rarely come to visit us here at GhostRecon.net. Maybe you can get them involved? Used to have a number of bookmarks but can’t find them.
  5. I hope this doesn’t mean you give up? Remember: Ghosts never surrender! 🙂
  6. Chudy, I have to tell you that I cannot wait to see this mod! Please give us some teasers on the way, something to make the mouths water even more while we wait. I have a hunch that this thing is going to be absolutely awesome! I’m excited like a kid before Christmas! 😊
  7. They just keep on coming. “This game is still my favorite hardcore tactical shooter. Nothing has come close to beating it, not even ARMA. Yes, ARMA may have some extra gadgets and a few extra bits of immersion, but GR just has the soul it needs to keep it realistic yet fun and not overly realistic to where you might as well push a button to tie your boots. A recommendation right of the bat before I get to the review: The Heroes Unleashed mod really completes the package and definitely makes it close to real. If you do get this game, definitely download it. Close quarters battle is alw
  8. Many thanks for your feedback and nice words. I very much appreciate this, and it always puts a smile on my face to see how much the game and mod are enjoyed by members of the military. That is the biggest compliment one can hope for when developing / modding a tactical realism shooter.
  9. Nuff said. (You should know who John Romero is.)
  10. Figured you might like this, Jack. 🙂 I will not go the same route as you with DeCENT. I’ll try to maintain the original sound design, first person recording with very little echo / roll, to keep it more suitable for both indoor / CQB and outdoor / long range engagements. Will probably just add a little more snap and punch. Thinking about doing a separate “hollywood” sound add-on with more bombastic firefight effects that may be right up your alley, though. 😉
  11. Meanwhile, it looks like we’ll cross the 35 GB mark for installed size, and HU keeps growing fast. We’re still a long way from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s 200 GB, though. 🙂
  12. Visual effects overhaul done (for now). Weapon sounds overhaul underway. Over 1,200 sounds to go, so this may take a while. Next stop: other sound effects. Guess the helicopters will have to wait. 🙂
  13. It’s been more than a month. Fair warning, folks! 🧐
  14. An oldie but goldie, not to be missed for the brilliant commentary alone...
  15. Yeah, turning everything off helped me, too. In fact, I turned off the entire game, launched good old Ghost Recon from 2001, and never looked back. What a blast! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. 🤣
  16. But if the bullet travels faster than sound, hence “supersonic”, shouldn’t the physical impact be felt (and heard) before the sound arrives?
  17. Finally got around to try your Supersonic Bullet Sound mod. Just a thought, but shouldn’t the supersonic crack be heard AFTER bullet impact? When I listened (and looked) at your sounds, impact and crack appear to be simultaneous.
  18. Just noticed that none of the characters blink. Thought it might be a file name problem, but there are no blink textures at all. 🤔
  19. Got side-tracked from heli scripting (thank god) and did a quick manual section for add-on mod descriptions, as suggested by die7 (thanks mate). There’s over 80 add-ons currently, and I just created a couple more and jotted down a few ideas for new ones. BTW, while I implemented an add-on mod to restore a faster single shot / semi-auto rate of fire for all player weapons (as some people voiced their problem e.g. with CQB), I wanted to give you guys this little nugget of info on HU’s standard RoF, especially for those who think it is unrealistic: HU’s (v1.0) default weapon trigger res
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