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  1. [...] it's so much more than "just a compilation"[...]

    Phew, now that's a lot of GR goodness in anyone's book ^_^

    Should keep us going till next Christmas :santa::lol:

    Thanks a lot, Pave Low! :thumbsup:

    I have edited the opening post to include the feature overview. Please excuse me for not doing so from the beginning, but I feared it might have been too much to be tolerable. :unsure:

  2. No save of campaign or mission? Getting instant desktop...

    lesterribles, I am unable to reproduce your issue. Every quick mission I try saves just fine - the same for the campaign missions. Quick-save and normal saving both work without any problems here, so please provide us with more information.

  3. Congratulations on the public release!

    Thanks, Rocky - and all you guys - for the warm welcome! This is indeed my pleasure and I hope you all enjoy the mod! I "moved Christmas" a bit so there is plenty of time for the (admittedly massive) download, but nobody forces you to unwrap the present now - feel free to wait until the 24th. ;)

    Everyone is of course invited to post any feedback here and discuss the mod in general!

  4. Welcome to Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed!


    My fellow Ghost Recon fans,

    It is my honor to finally be able to make a contribution to our Ghost Recon family in the form of a new mod. I have been working on this "swiftly, silently, and invisibly" for many years, and now that the time has come for my mod to see the light of day, I am overjoyed to be able to give something back at last.

    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed is my tribute to the Ghost Recon community. The mod's aspiration is to honor the makers and fans of this great game, to be a token of appreciation for everyone who helped to expand the ever-growing Ghost Recon universe over the years, with their support, ideas, enthusiasm, and sociability. All of you made our beloved game the timeless classic it is today.

    Enjoy the mod!






    Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed offers a ruthlessly unforgiving tactical FPS experience by maximizing realism in every aspect of the game. Weapons match their real-life counterparts in accuracy, effectiveness, and handling. AI displays terrifying acumen in trying to outmaneuver you. Missions take place in open-world locations and are entirely nonlinear, with a minimum of scripted events and utmost randomization, for infinite replayability.

    Heroes Unleashed pushes tactical realism to the extreme, setting it light years apart from anything you are accustomed to in today’s ubiquitous action shooters. One shot can kill. There is no magical healing, fantasy gear, sci-fi enemy markers, handholding, or guide towards certain victory. It is just you and your squad, on your own behind enemy lines, with caution as your best bet to survive.

    Whether you choose to play online or alone, with friends or AI, Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed delivers a rivetingly realistic squad-based military combat you won’t find anywhere else.


    • Absolute focus on true hardcore tactical realism
    • Nonlinear gameplay, real-world physics, ultra smart AI
    • Huge single player and cooperative multiplayer campaign
    • Infinite replayability with hundreds of maps and missions
    • Massive arsenal of authentic weapons and equipment
    • Various international special forces multiplayer teams
    • Detailed 3D models, hi-res textures, realistic sound
    • Included add-on mods for personal customization
    • Cross-platform compatible for Mac and PC


    • Mac OS 9.2 – 10.x, Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (x86/64)
    • 1.0 GHz processor
    • 1 GB RAM
    • 128 MB graphics card
    • 30 GB available disk space (up to 40 GB during installation)
    • TCP/IP connection (for local network / online multiplayer)
    • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon (2001)



    • Absolute focus on hardcore tactical realism gameplay
    • Closer to real-world bullet penetration and wounding system
    • Improved overall opponent and friendly AI capabilities and behavior
    • More realistic weapon characteristics, handling, and ballistics
    • Intricate AI stealth / enemy detection and alertness routines
    • Overhauled realistic map environments (viewing and drawing distance)
    • Countless new high-resolution textures and more detailed 3D models
    • Boosted audio dynamics and scores of authentic new sounds
    • Nonlinear randomized SP / CO-OP mission and game type execution
    • Enhanced and extended Ghost Recon trilogy SP / CO-OP campaign
    • Novel random mission generator for SP / CO-OP on all maps
    • Dynamic mission weather change (precipitation, intensity, direction)
    • Comprehensive SP / CO-OP tactical score / rating system
    • Huge choice of 300 worldwide maps, available in all SP / MP games
    • Loads of authentic weapons and equipment items (more than 400 total)
    • Extra characters (more than 1,000 total) with many new attachments
    • Supplementary military and civilian vehicles (more than 100 total)
    • Added MP teams (Navy SEALs, SAS, Delta Force, KSK, Spetsnaz, etc.)
    • Many new and improved game types (100+ total for SP / MP combined)
    • Expanded SP team character appearance (varying character skins)
    • Additional marksman character for SP Ghost team and all MP teams
    • Innovative new weapon sight zoom effect (visible weapon scope)
    • Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) updated to Advanced Combat Uniform (ACU)
    • Reworked SP kits and MP unit and equipment restrictions setup
    • Revamped equipment kit selection menus (quick equipment browsing)
    • Cinematic mission intro & outro cutscenes for single player
    • Automated save game function for single player missions and games
    • Updated user interface (menus, HUD, command map, PDA, sounds etc.)
    • Optimized for current 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio HD displays
    • Tons of technical and gameplay fixes, adjustments, fine tuning, etc.
    • Customizable to personal preference via 50+ included add-on mods
    • Included development tools and essential modding information
    • Streamlined file / folder naming and structure for easier modding
    • Elaborate measures for compatibility and discrete modular content
    • Immeasurable treasure in game- and mod-related bonus content
    • Cross-platform compatible (same download for Mac and PC)





    • Campaign missions, single missions, and game types are re-scripted
    to improve realism, e.g. no reinforcements spawn out of thin air right
    in front of you, enemy locations vary each time a mission or game is
    played, there are no fixed (and subsequently predictable) scripted
    events in order to realistically increase randomness, and so on.

    • Game scripts now dynamically adjust the number of AI enemies and
    their placement on each map, depending on a map's size and where the
    player's (often randomized) starting location will be, in order to
    avoid the unrealistic situation of having you (and your squad) infil
    in close proximity of hostile forces.

    • AI awareness of your presence now takes such things as dead bodies
    laying around into account, so enemies will ultimately realize that
    they are under attack, if they repeatedly stumble upon dead comrades.
    Frequently being seen (or heard) by an opponent will eventually also
    spread the news of your arrival, leading to increased enemy alertness.

    • New game type scripting allows for dynamic weather conditions, i.e.
    by continuously adjusting randomized precipitation intensity on maps
    with rain or snow (within realistic parameters for map environment).
    Full-scale missions allow for weather conditions to change even more
    drastically over time, so rain could slowly turn into a blizzard, or
    the weather may improve and clear up altogether, etc.

    • Mission environment settings (fog range, color, opacity, as well as
    rendering distances etc.) are systematically adjusted and fine tuned
    for the most realistic and thereby most immersive visual appearance.

    • Spotting distances for AI characters are corrected on all maps and
    no longer provide players or their opponents with an unfair advantage.
    Just as in reality - if you can see the enemy, they can see you, too.

    • All mission locations displayed during briefings are corrected and
    shown with proper coordinates on new world maps covering the entire
    planet.  Local mission times displayed during briefings now correctly
    correspond to the visual environment of their respective map, namely
    light conditions, position of the sun, direction of shadows etc.

    • Textures are reviewed one-by-one for potential visual inadequacies
    and touched-up or, if necessary, recreated or replaced, to achieve the
    highest possible level of visual realism (thousands of high-resolution
    textures have been implemented already, but this is an ongoing process
    that will advance further with each update of the mod).

    • Visual effects like weapons' muzzle flash, tracer ammunition, bullet
    ricochets, sparks, blood spray, blood puddles, gunshot wounds, fire,
    smoke, explosions, debris, rain, water, creeks, rivers, oceans, snow,
    lightning, shadows, clouds, lens flare, moon glow, starlight, and so
    on, are refined and retextured for most realistic appearance.

    • AI characters are adjusted to exhibit more realistic behavior and
    capabilities, e.g. on the default "realism" tier there are no longer
    any enemies with super-human weapon accuracy to shoot the wings off a
    fly at a distance of hundreds of meters with a standard-issue assault
    rifle, and your AI team mates display much improved combat skills.

    • Enemies carry a much wider and more authentic range of weapons and
    equipment (non-player characters may now be equipped from a choice of
    several thousand uniquely different equipment kits).

    • Non-player characters will now default to firing their weapons in
    either full-auto or burst mode (provided that their weapon offers the
    corresponding trigger groups) to further alleviate their occasional
    display of unrealistically high shooting accuracy.

    • Additional new player, enemy, and noncombatant characters provide
    a more varied and thereby more realistic and immersive experience
    (in total, there are now more than 1,000 individual characters).

    • Every character features individual appearance (skins) including
    facial features, which means that you will no longer encounter two
    characters looking the same (over 1,000 individual faces and skins).

    • New weapons and vehicles are added for a broader and more realistic
    variety of military materiel encountered in the field (more than 400
    authentic weapons and equipment items, over 100 different vehicles).

    • Vehicle characteristics are adjusted for more realistic behavior.
    Their weapons correspond to real-world armaments with realistic weapon
    effectiveness, and vehicle handling allows for realistic movement.

    • All weapons are correctly designated, adjusted using their real-life
    properties (weight, ammunition capacity, trigger group, rate of fire
    etc.), and feature authentic ballistics (range, penetration, stopping
    power, recoil, muzzle flash etc.) that take many technical details of
    each individual firearm into account (layout type, weight, dimensions,
    exact ammunition cartridge type incl. loading information, barrel and
    projectile geometry, empirical real-world external as well as terminal
    ballistics data), to provide players with the most realistic shooting
    experience (within simulation constraints).

    • Individual weapon handling is adjusted for realistic weapon control,
    e.g. smaller lighter handguns like pistols, SMG's, etc. now feel a lot
    more compact, allowing for much quicker target acquisition than larger
    and heavier firearms like e.g. assault and battle rifles.  Very bulky
    or heavy weapons, like e.g. anti-materiel rifles and general purpose
    machine guns, now require the shooter to crouch or even assume a prone
    position for their full accuracy potential.  Shooting during slow and
    deliberate movement is facilitated to more realistic levels, overall.

    • Manual (single shot) rate of fire of all handguns is now limited to
    slightly more authentic levels, meaning that e.g. frantically clicking
    the mouse button will produce a less ridiculous ROF, and AI characters
    can no longer shoot e.g. bolt action sniper rifles at 300 rpm.  Fully
    realistic single shot ROF cannot be implemented, because the game ties
    muzzle flash duration to current ROF (hard-coded), which in turn would
    render its animation even more immersion-breakingly unrealistic.

    • Tracer ammunition is limited to realistic applications, i.e. mainly
    used in belt-fed or high-capacity (e.g. drum, helical) magazine-fed
    machine guns, and loaded four-to-one tracer (i.e. every fifth round,
    in e.g. ammunition belts).

    • The muzzle flash of each weapon more closely matches its real-life
    size and appearance with corresponding firearms and ammunition types.

    • All weapons now feature authentic firing sounds which also exactly
    reflect the rate of fire for each weapon.  For example, when you fire
    an assault rifle with an effective ROF of 750 rounds per minute at
    full auto, you hear a staccato with intervals of exactly 0.08 seconds.

    • Weapon reloading sounds are reworked (within the severe limitations
    hard-coded in the game) to be a bit more realistic than the defaults.

    • Weapon models are more detailed and exhibit more authentic overall
    appearance.  Every single weapon texture has been manually reworked
    and refined for a perfect finish providing realistic visual features.

    • Weapon scopes feature accurate magnification levels and realistic
    field of view.  Weapons without magnifying optics provide no zoom.

    • Weapon optics are represented with more authentic visual appearance
    based on their real-life reticles.  Reticle textures have been created
    according to the exact design of their real-world counterparts.  Only
    weapons with iron sights retain symbolic default reticles.

    • Weapon scopes, night vision goggles, binoculars, rangefinders, and
    spotting scopes more closely match the appearance, field of view, and
    visual characteristics of their real-life counterparts.

    • HUD, command map, and compass / threat indicator are changed, with
    some elements removed, for a cleaner and less obtrusive look, and to
    allow a less restricted field of view.  Direction of incoming fire and
    enemy positions are no longer shown to improve realism and suspense.
    Hostiles in close proximity (within 40 meters) are still displayed via
    nondirectional threat indicator (optional).

    • NPCs (Non-Player Characters) and vehicles are no longer shown on the
    command map, and sensors are removed from the equipment selection to
    facilitate more realistic tactical play.

    • Nonessential UI elements like symbolic animations representing e.g.
    reloading, weapon switching, or opening doors, are removed to limit
    distraction and to maintain a higher level of realism and immersion.

    • Some audio-visual feedback (e.g. on-screen text messages and voice
    confirmation of kills) is removed / randomized to limit diversion,
    raise immersion, and to improve overall suspense and realism (e.g.
    without kill confirmation you can never be sure whether a distant
    threat has been eliminated unless you confirm the kill yourself).

    • In-mission text chat functionality is severely limited, and other
    text feedback during missions is kept to a bare minimum, for a further
    increase in realism and immersion, through even less of those annoying
    superfluous visual distractions.

    • Rangefinders are no longer available by default to improve realism
    in unit equipment (in real life not every soldier carries an AN/GVS-5
    laser rangefinder).  The corresponding keyboard shortcut is renamed
    and now simply holsters your weapon.  Rangefinders are still available
    via the equipment selection menu.

    • The body damage model provides more authentic wound lethality (e.g.
    shots to the head are more likely to kill, while hitting arms, legs or
    abdomen has a higher probability to result in non-lethal wounds) and
    body armor more closely reflects real-life NIJ Standard 0101.04 Type I,
    II, and IIIA armor levels, e.g. characters wearing Type IIIA ballistic
    resistant vests (like most support experts) enjoy at least single hit
    chest protection against high-velocity 9mm FMJ RN and similar threats.

    This may sound like relatively weak body armor for special forces, but
    considering that all game characters (including non-player actors like
    civilians, rebels, militia, regular soldiers from various more or less
    developed countries) share the same damage model (that allows for only
    three different types of body armor to be defined), its setup is bound
    to be a compromise, with this being the most realistic one, overall.

    • Body armor is adjusted for each individual in-game character, e.g.
    an irregular wearing a t-shirt no longer exhibits any unusual bullet
    resistance, while a soldier with a bulky vest and / or combat uniform
    is very likely to carry some body armor.  In general, the bulkier the
    vest / uniform a character wears, the higher the type of body armor.

    • Combat loadout is altered to realistic levels for mission parameters
    and corresponds to Special Forces unit agility requirements, with TAT
    ABL and equipment weight approximating FORSCOM regulations to maintain
    total fighting load of up to 25 kg wherever possible.  Real-life load
    distribution across squad members (e.g. chain-linked LMG ammunition,
    anti-materiel sniper rifle rounds etc.) is taken into account through
    compromising individual load to compensate for simulation limitations.

    • Military units present in the game use authentic materiel fielded by
    their real-life counterparts, meaning all NPC and player characters in
    both single player and multiplayer mode feature a true-to-life range
    of authentic weapons, vehicles, and other equipment.

    • Overlap in equipment kits between soldier classes is increased (e.g.
    anti-armor weapons can be found in non-demolitions kits etc.) for more
    realistic unit variety and flexibility, extending tactical options in
    team setup, i.e. team size and composition.

    • Original (and obsolete) U.S. Army BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) and DCU
    (Desert Camouflage Uniform) are replaced with correct contemporary ACU
    (Army Combat Uniform) with UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern) of 2008,
    the year in which the game's campaign is taking place.  However, some
    individual characters, e.g. several unlockable Specialists retain the
    classic style BDU / DCU, and the old uniforms are still available via
    multiplayer restrictions, as well as through add-on mods included in
    the "XTRAS" folder located within the mod's main folder (please see
    the BONUS CONTENT section of this document for details).

    • The sniper class now offers two different characters in distinctive
    roles: A sniper with ghillie suit camouflage for solitary work and
    rural surroundings, and a marksman with standard issue uniform for
    teamwork and in urban environments to avoid the unrealistic employment
    of ghillie-suited snipers in team roles or urban areas, and to reflect
    real-world distinction of sniper and designated marksman roles.

    • All soldier classes feature additional character skins to provide
    more realistic varied team selection, e.g. so not all riflemen in your
    team look almost exactly alike, anymore (there are now more than 1,500
    different textures for over 250 individual player team characters).

    • Difficulty tiers and IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) settings have been
    renamed to underline their significant effect on simulation realism.

    • Many other small technical and cosmetic fixes and improvements are
    implemented to maximize authenticity and realism throughout.



    • The mod's campaign contains all missions of Ghost Recon and both
    official expansion packs combined into a trilogy campaign sequence,
    featuring all Specialists (except Desert-Siege-only Jodit Haile) as
    unlockable characters, each with appropriate uniforms and camouflage
    for all mission locations.

    • Every Specialist can be unlocked in more than one campaign mission,
    so if a player does not succeed at first try, there is still a chance
    to unlock the same Specialist at a later point in the campaign.

    • Specialists already unlocked prior to installation of the mod are
    unlocked within the mod as well (the mod uses the same database for
    unlocked characters as the original game).

    • Some Specialists' soldier classes are changed and adapted for a more
    versatile team setup, i.e. to provide a broader choice of personnel as
    well as weapons and equipment e.g. for demolitions objectives.

    • Campaign missions are re-scripted to provide a more demanding game
    experience with a maximum of realism and complete nonlinearity (which
    also means that original scripted events are removed for the sake of
    replayability / non-predictability and realism), as well as adjusted
    for unified look'n'feel, e.g. objective triggers and response messages
    are consistent throughout.  Additionally, any errors and glitches in
    the game's original missions have been fixed.

    • Participation in campaign missions no longer results in additional
    combat points for individual soldiers, and no extra combat points are
    given out in quick missions anymore, either.  All soldier stats are
    completely reworked for improved character abilities and AI behavior,
    so the combat point system would no longer have any effect.

    • All missions, as well as single and co-operastive multiplayer game
    types now feature a rating system to assess your tactical performance.
    Its multifaceted percentage-based score takes various aspects of your
    mission execution into account (completed objectives, team health and
    survival, stealth / detection by enemies), thus providing additional
    replayability through the incentive to maximize each score component.

    • Both missions and game types feature sequential auto-saving of game
    progress throughout single player gameplay, to save players from the
    immersion-breaking practice of spamming the quick-save key.

    • The in-game movie sequence is adapted for the new trilogy campaign
    (and the final campaign victory movie features a little bonus clip).

    • All in-game movies have been re-cut and re-encoded with corrected
    common widescreen aspect ratio for an overall more unified look.

    • Intro and / or outro cinematics are added to all missions depending
    on mission circumstances, i.e. if the briefing context calls for or
    allows insertion and / or extraction by e.g. boat, helicopter, etc.

    • In-game text is corrected with proper English title capitalization
    and modified for homogeneous sentence spacing, as well as a much more
    consistent wording style.

    • Difficulty tiers and IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) settings have been
    renamed to underline their significant effect on simulation realism.

    • Maps and missions are renamed and reordered for a more consistent
    naming convention and to provide logical sequence for single and in
    multiplayer mode.  The map sequence is the same for all game types,
    both single and multiplayer, and maps have the same numbering as
    their corresponding missions.

    • Single missions outside of the campaign are in a shuffled order by
    default to provide varying environments for all map sequence options.

    • Map names feature S / M / L (Small / Medium / Large) labels as extra
    information during map selection.  Multiplayer server setup features
    additional map information on the map selection screen.  In addition
    to map size and recommended number of players, the map summary now
    provides a variety of combat environment information (e.g. default,
    desert, or jungle territory; rural or urban setting; CQB situation;
    day or night; time of day; weather conditions).

    • An abundance of new maps, missions, and game types are added for
    both single and multi-player to maximize variation and replayability.

    • All game types for both single and multi-player games are completely
    re-scripted for improved gameplay and replayability, and to provide
    ideal compatibility with the mod's wide range of map sizes - from its
    smallest CQB locations up to its vast long range outdoor scenarios.

    • Among the new game types is Black Ops, a random mission generator
    representing classified military operations with countless possible
    combinations of mission objectives.  The Black Ops game type takes the
    game's scripting capability to its absolute limit to provide realistic
    random mission parameters for infinite replayability.

    • All missions and maps are unlocked for single player quick missions
    by default, to allow easy access to the full variety of the game.

    • All maps feature completely reworked map scripting that makes them
    available in all single and multiplayer game types.  Every map script
    is also modified to allow an increased number of enemies and a greater
    variety of enemy locations in all game types.

    • Many maps feature newly created UI elements like snapshots, briefing
    world maps, command maps, and command map briefing images, as well as
    mission briefing text.

    • All UI elements like menus, PDA, loading screens, HUD including the
    command map interface, mouse pointer, credits screens, etc. are fully
    redesigned for a fresh game look that not only offers an updated
    appearance while staying close to the base game's unique visual style,
    but also offers several usability and functionality improvements.

    • The command map interface is modified to display all other human and
    computer team members with authentic military rank insignia next to
    their names.  The player's character is identified as Captain, other
    human players as Master Sergeants, and computer players as Sergeants.

    • All command maps are recreated to feature a more homogeneous design
    and tactical grid coordinates that facilitate strategic team play.

    • As all Ubi.com online services have been shut down by Ubisoft, the
    "Play on Ubi.com" option for online multiplayer is removed from the
    game's interface.  You can still play online multiplayer via (manual)
    direct IP connection or through popular third-party gaming networks
    like GameRanger (please see the LOCAL & ONLINE MULTIPLAYER section of
    this document for details).

    • Multiplayer server setup now allows selecting the availability of
    both equipment and military units through restriction sets, so the
    "AVAILABLE KITS" option is renamed to "CONFIGURATION" to reflect its
    influence on available military units as well as their equipment.

    • New military units are made available as multiplayer characters to
    improve balancing between teams through competitive camouflage on all
    types of map terrain.

    • The four standard multiplayer teams are U.S. and Russian special
    forces: U.S. Army, Company D, 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group
    (5th SFG) a.k.a. "Ghost Recon" (Blue Team), Russian Federal Security
    Service (FSB), Alpha Group, a.k.a. "Spetsgruppa Alfa" (Red Team), U.S.
    Marine Corps (USMC), 1st Force Reconnaissance Company, a.k.a. "Marine
    Force Recon" (Gold Team), and Russian Federal Security Service (FSB),
    Vega Group, a.k.a. "Spetsgruppa Vympel" (Green Team), each available
    in woodland, desert, and jungle camouflage combat uniform to even the
    odds of being spotted and approximately equalize body armor levels for
    Team-vs-Team and Player-vs-Player battles.

    • Further available multiplayer units are U.S. Army 1st Special Forces
    Operational Detachment Delta (1st SFOD-D) a.k.a. "Delta Force", German
    Bundeswehr Kommando Spezialkraefte (KSK), British Army 22nd Special
    Air Service (SAS) Regiment, and U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development
    Group (NSWDG), a.k.a. "DEVGRU" or "SEAL Team Six".

    • All multiplayer teams feature a new marksman character in the sniper
    class with standard uniform (woodland, desert, and jungle) for better
    visual integration into teams and for urban environments.

    • New multiplayer restrictions / configurations feature more authentic
    compilations of equipment based on both individual soldier class and
    selected military unit, which means that e.g. Delta Force demolitions
    experts have a different range of weapons and equipment available than
    Navy SEALs of the same soldier class.

    • Original multiplayer restrictions are renamed and labeled "Legacy"
    to be easily discernible from the new restrictions system.  They offer
    team and equipment selections more closely based on the original game,
    yet are significantly updated / expanded.

    • Several aspects of the UI are changed for ease of use and improved
    functionality, e.g. to fully display longer names of maps, missions,
    game saves, game types, multiplayer restriction sets, etc.

    • Many interface strings are adjusted to streamline miscellaneous UI
    elements and to reflect a variety of changes introduced by the mod,
    e.g. the existence of anti-armor weapons other than the M136 and their
    availability outside of the demolitions soldier class, etc.

    • The equipment selection screens are adjusted to correctly display
    up to 4-digit kit numbers and slightly longer weapon names.  It is now
    possible to quickly browse kits by click-and-holding selector arrows.

    • All equipment outline textures for equipment selection screens were
    completely reworked to reflect weapons and their attachments with more
    detail.  Additionally, all weapons with magnifying optics are marked
    with crosshairs symbols, and all grenade launchers, antitank weapons,
    shotguns, and demo charges are identified by corresponding symbols.

    • Symbolic iron sight reticle design generally differs between western
    (e.g. NATO) and eastern (e.g. former Warsaw Pact) weapons, as well as
    between (an expanded variety of) different weapon classes.  Additional
    weapon class reticles are implemented for anti-material sniper rifles,
    general purpose machine guns, full-power battle rifles, designated
    marksman rifles, light support weapons, compact designated marksman
    rifles, personal defense weapons, submachine guns with high-capacity
    magazines, standard submachine guns, machine pistols, and shotguns.

    • All used files have been reviewed one-by-one for possible conflicts
    with any other files in the mod, the original game and both official
    expansion packs, and - if necessary - adjusted, to ensure the perfect
    compatibility of all components.

    • Many other small technical and cosmetic fixes and improvements are
    implemented to achieve the best possible gaming experience.


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  5. [...]i'm gonna nominate everyone who has ever made any effort towards or taken part in the making of a mod. (this way everyone gets a shout out, past and present)

    thank you all. :thumbsup:

    Seconded! :thumbsup:

    But it would still be nice to post the actual names of all of these people to honor them, even if it takes some time (no rush, right?), and even if it means that we end up with a very long opening post. There is still plenty of space! :yes:

  6. As I already mentioned here, I think this amazing mod deserves a LOT more attention than it currently has! Being a complete and utter GR nut, I have played almost every mod ever released for Ghost Recon over the years, and Armenia SCARed is one that is stuck in my (far from stellar) memory.

    If you have not played Armenia SCARed yet, you really missed out on one of the (admittedly many) highlights in GR's modding history. Neither the relatively small 43MB download, nor the comparatively modest amount of campaign missions (3) will prepare you for its impressive depth of story line, realized in extraordinarily intricate missions (which will hold some surprises for you). ;)

    And as if that alone wasn't enough, the completely new maps, characters, weapons, vehicles, cinematics, screens, music... just about everything in Armenia SCARed is absolutely top-notch, too. This is definitely one of my all-time favorite GR mods, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any Ghost Recon fan! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  7. :<img src=:'>

    :notworthy: Tinker, that is just awe-inspiring and I cannot wait to see this gem released!

    You guys really are keeping the Ghost Recon dream alive, and when I see this - I am sure it will stay alive! It is people like you that keep the torch lit for a game that nobody expected to survive this long, certainly not back on November 13, 2001!


  8. Perfectly adequate if you are willing to settle for low to medium settings in current/future titles in the genre

    NoQuarter, I agree - this price point will hardly get you the cutting edge of tomorrows technology, but please remember that it is not always a question of being willing to settle for less, but being able to afford paying a premium for this privilege.

    And then there might be the occasional gamer who - although sufficiently funded - still decides to set a reasonable limit on expenditures, maybe in view of another, significantly larger picture - like corporations that turn to dust after years of exorbitant runaway spending on nothing but credit, and all the jobs that may soon hang in the balance. ;)

    It is easy to go out and buy the best by picking the articles with the highest price tags, but I think it deserves more respect if something "good enough" can be achieved for minimum cost.

    Salvage what you can from your old system

    A very good point! :thumbsup:

  9. All you (really) need:

    $34.99 SIGMA ORCA ORCA-B Black/ Silver SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail (sturdy, light, simple, functional, cheap)

    $19.99 hec HP485D 485W ATX12V Power Supply - No Power Cord - OEM (solid, more than enough power, quiet, cheap)

    $64.99 GIGABYTE GA-P31-ES3G LGA 775 Intel P31 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail (good quality, OK for overclocking, got everything (except FireWire), no need for PCI-E 2.0x16 - that's just marketing)

    $82.99 Intel Pentium E5200 Wolfdale 2.5GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor Model BX80571E5200 - Retail (45nm, low power draw, runs very cool, overclocks to 3.2GHz on stock voltage - easy)

    $99.99 MSI N9600GT 512M OC GeForce 9600 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail (stock-OC'ed to 700MHz/1.9GHz and there is enough headroom, great performer, runs almost every game on max settings, very quiet, low power draw, Linux drivers)

    $24.99 Kingston HyperX 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Desktop Memory Model KHX6400D2/2GR - Retail (enough for most apps & games, solid choice, does OC, cheap)

    $49.99 Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3250310AS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM (solid, fast, plenty of space)

    $20.99 LITE-ON 20X DVD+-R DVD Burner Black IDE Model DH-20A4P-04 - OEM (who needs LightScribe? if you find a cheaper one, go for it)

    $398.92 Grand Total (maybe less with promo / mail-in rebates)

    If you want to upgrade this rig later, just get a new (not too new - better to go for last-gen - it's cheaper and performs just as well!) SLI mobo and a second 9600GT (485W PSU will still be sufficient), throw in another 2GB of RAM, maybe a second HDD, and you're all set! :thumbsup:

  10. Even at the risk of getting banned - I HAVE to post this here (not allowed to start a new review topic).

    Armenia SCARed! Somebody please start a new review thread for this mod! I won't be able to anytime soon, but please remind me to write a review about this gem! When I first played this, it took me completely by surprise - so much depth, so many nice details, so much... Ghost Recon! And all of this in a relatively small download! Go people and play this! GO GO GO!

  11. If I only had more time! I remember Frostbite literally sending chills up and down my spine! This mod is so unbelievably impressive - anyone who owns a copy of GR and has not yet tried this: Drop everything you are doing and play Frostbite, right now! :o=

    (* Always wanted to say this, but never got around to it.)

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