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  1. While that is the case in some circumstances its not in regards to Conviction, that said I can understand why some would question it.

    kleaneasy, I hope you don't assume that I was suggesting anything to the contrary, and if my post might have lead to that impression, I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

    I was merely arguing on the theory of product postponement in general while trying to respond to CR6's as well as your argumentation. It was not my intention to imply any kind of accusation - let alone against any product and its policy in particular, and as I stated before and just to be clear: my personal expectations towards Ubi's future plans are quite optimistic, especially in view of the more recent development, e.g. the very positive signal to refrain from implementing DRM technology in Prince of Persia.

    Even if the unarguable history CR6 referred to may not give us too much to go on, it is my personal conviction (no pun intended) that anyone willing to improve should at the very least be given the benefit of the doubt.

  2. have you organised scripters for missions?

    Well, to a degree... I have one, so far... me. :)

    If anyone would like to join me on this endeavor I would of course appreciate this very much! It would be great to script missions for every current map (plus the ones that will be added in the full release), which would come to a grand total of far beyond one hundred missions. It is possible to do this alone, but I am also aware that it is a huge amount of work.

    Any volunteers? :whistle:

    My hard drive was getting full the other day so I took some games off including ghost recon and as soon as I did it I knew the GR gods would be unhappy with me and sure enough this happens.

    Can't wait to reinstall (for the umpteenth time) and have a go at this. Thanks for your hard work.

    Thank you, dporter, although I am of course appalled by your unimaginable breach of conduct! I very much hope that you have learned your lesson, young man, to never uninstall Ghost Recon, ever again! ;)

  3. Maybe I'm missing the point but isn’t that a contradiction in terms??

    Well, not really - and CR6 has a valid point there, kleaneasy, in that he refers to previous broken promises and inconsistent policies.

    Surely if they're prepared to churn out games so easily they wouldn’t hold a game back from release to do more work on it??

    The fact that a title is postponed - for whatever official reason - does not necessarily mean that there is actually any additional work invested in it. It could also just be a matter of marketing strategy, and some of the things Monsieur Detoc chose to share with the world in above mentioned interview seem to hint exactly in that direction:

    Explaining the company's long-term approach, Detoc said that Ubisoft is patient enough to allow its brands to grow slowly and let anticipation for its games build [...] "When we bring it back, there will be more anticipation for it," Detoc reasoned in an interview with Forbes [...] That's why, in a bid to build up anticipation, the company waited three years to release its most recent Prince of Persia game.

    I try to keep my 2ct on the "glass is half full" side of things, because I prefer optimism for philosophical reasons, but a purely empirical analysis would have to give CR6's opinion the better odds.

  4. Now and again i get an inscrutible system file being corrupted and deleted and the process of sorting it out is so complicated that a format and re instal is what i end up doing.

    Excellent choice, Poita - I do the same with my PC when it starts acting up.

    I'll just avoid the NY map. The others seem to run ok. I played through the CS Aztec map and it ran perfectly smoothly

    It is just a matter of scale - the New York map is technically like any other map, it is just a lot more complex (polygon count, etc.) and this makes it far more demanding on your hardware than e.g. "Aztec", which is quite simple in rendering terms. The "Islands" maps are even more taxing, because they are very complex and enormously large.

    All maps of Heroes Unleashed should work fine, as long as your hardware can handle the load - and to warrant that it does, you can adjust the graphics settings of the game to lower values when playing these maps. For example, having all options set to "medium" should definitely solve performance problems on modern hardware. Additional details on recommended settings for various hardware scenarios can be found in the mod's documentation.

    The ai seems to be a little more natural than in vanilla GR.

    Man there seems to be a massive amount of total work that went into all the content in this mod. Thank's to everyone involved.

    Thanks a lot, Poita! :thumbsup:

  5. First of all, relax, Poita - there is no way the mod could possibly harm your system. None of the Ghost Recon application's executable code is altered in any way, everything is done via official "soft" modifications - just as in the original expansion packs.

    If you experienced a system crash that made your system reboot instantaneously, chances are that you have a serious hardware driver issue. This could result from incompatible drivers or outdated driver versions - for example for your video or audio card. Another explanation would be corrupted or missing system files. But a mod like Heroes Unleashed simply cannot be responsible for the issue you described.

    Ghost Recon tends to crash to the desktop (without rebooting the system!), when it is unable to handle the computational workload in some way, e.g. there is more video memory required to load textures than the graphic system can provide. You mentioned that you turned down your graphics options to avoid this, but please be aware that the New York map is one of the most demanding in the entire mod, and I have seen quite powerful systems being bogged down when this map is running with lots of AI enemies present.

  6. just wondering are there real missions or just kill enemy?

    ie demolitions, tnak busting, recon etc

    As stated in the mod's ReadMe, the current beta version contains only a few full-scale missions (31 campaign missions), while most maps just feature firefight-style scripts, as of yet. But many additional maps will receive elaborate mission scripting in the final version of Heroes Unleashed (spring/summer 2009).

  7. (Update)

    Checked MOD Activation priorities, played from last SAVE in first mission using NEW GAME SAVE, NOT using F6 in Eager Smoke and encountered no problems.

    Played from SAVE in first mission. Played through Eager Smoke

    That's nice to hear, lesterribles. Have fun with the mod!

    Hey folks...for a limited time only...

    Dedicated Server up and running with Heroes Unleashed. Stop on by!


    Thank you so much, rossiski, for this great Christmas present! The holiday spirit truly is alive and well!

    "Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house..." :santa:

  8. Hello lesterribles,

    the IKE the guys are asking you to post is simply IKE, not the IKE crash log you posted above

    That's OK, Mig, lesterribles posted the IKE.LOG, too - it's at the end of the post.

    RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file mpwinter_shinto_shots.rsb

    RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file mpwinter_shinto_shots.rsb

    Loading map c:\program files\red storm entertainment\ghost recon\mods\origmiss\map\m02_farm\m02_farm.map

    lesterribles, it is likely that this is your problem: You have other mods activated that may conflict with Heroes Unleashed! Nowhere in my mod is there a call to "mpwinter_shinto_shots.rsb" - that texture is not part of Heroes Unleashed, nor it is required by any of the mod's components.

    As mentioned in the mod's documentation (a file named "PLEASE READ ME.TXT") it is impossible for me to guarantee error-free operation in combination with other mods. Heroes Unleashed contains well over 14,000 files and folders, each of which has been verified for compatibility with the original game and both official expansion packs. With a mod of this size it is likely that conflicts with other activated mods may arise, which seems to be the case with your issues.

    Please read the mod's documentation carefully and you will find this subject addressed in the sections "INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS", "COMBINATION WITH OTHER MODS" and "TROUBLESHOOTING".

  9. My experiences with this are similar - it just seems to be a very unreliable component of mission scripting, and while I plan to revisit that problem in the future, I gave up on AI placed demo charges for the time being and rely solely on the player to do the job in my current scripts.

    Even RSE seemed to be aware of the issues, as they avoided using AI triggers for that purpose in many (if not all) later missions (Mp1, Mp2), if I recall correctly.

    Well, I guess this leaves us with something to experiment on in the future! :)

  10. I'll be the first to nominate ApexMods - champagne stuff buddy.

    NO WAY! I'm the new guy! It's YOU people - the ones who modded GR from the beginning with one great mod after another - who deserve this honor, not me! Plus, I started the Hall of Fame so I cannot be listed! (It's in the rule book somewhere!) <starts searching...> :P

  11. Crashing on Campaign - Eager Smoke @15:31 repeatedly...

    lesterribles, I just played through the Eager Smoke mission twice - once on Veteran, once on Elite difficulty - again without problems. Maybe there is a problem with your Ghost Recon installation or your system in general. As has been mentioned before, it would be very beneficial if you provided additional details (IKE.LOG, your system setup, what you were doing when the crash occurred, etc.), so we can analyze your issues.

    Please have a look at the mod's documentation (ReadMe) - there is a troubleshooting section that may help you. And be aware that the mod's system requirements are a lot higher than those of the original game (minimum: 1.0GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 64MB video card; recommended: 2.0GHz prozessor, 2.0GB RAM, 256MB video card).

  12. Would a dedicated server be appreciated for the time being or are others thinking of quick user-created games?

    just DL'd the eq. to teamspeak, it's called teamspeex for mac. :) so im ready to go, should any one host a coop during the following days. :snipe:

    There is also GameRanger, a cross-platform online gaming service that let's you host GR games easily which are visible in a central lobby (it's free, but it offers voice communication only as a paid extra).

    The service itself is rock-solid, works through firewalls and routers, and there are always GR games going on. You would just need to announce a Co-Op game with Heroes as a requirement and wait for others to join.

  13. We need multiplayer time with this. Who's onboard for some coop GR, voicecomm goodness?

    rossiski, I would love to join you for some GR Co-Op, but I'm just far too busy with other things at the moment. Maybe you can join Rocky and Pave Low... from the looks of it I'd say they play quite a lot, lately! :D

    I have set up a "Game Room" over at my site (just click in my sig), but as the site is very new and still under construction there have not been any game entries as of yet. Meanwhile, there is a game room here at GR.net you should try posting in. It has been a bit quiet lately - but maybe that can be changed?! ;)

  14. Works fine now...

    Did not see "alpha", etc. when issuing orders, etc. when first installed. Have not been able to reproduce problem again.

    Love this game. Your efforts are much appreciated. Keeps me from playing "too much" Dystopia!

    I'm happy your problem is resolved, lesterribles. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to post them here or over at www.HeroesUnleashed.net, any time.

    Kleaneasy, I appreciate your efforts in announcing Heroes Unleashed at the Ubi.com forums very much and thank you for your support! It's nice to be mentioned at the official GR sites! :thumbsup:

    No problem at all more than happy to do what I can. I would like to get it on the portal but I'm not sure if we can get it on this side of Christmas now and I dont have access from home, if not I'll see if we can get it up in the new year :)

    A mention at the Ubi.com web portal is indeed an honor and I very much look forward to it, but don't stress yourself about this, kleaneasy! The Holidays are coming - time to relax and spend quality time with family and friends! Next year will be another great year for Ghost Recon, and I will appreciate a little "advertising" in January just the same! ;)

    Awesome man. Will definately be downloading this and booting Gr up over christmas.

    That's nice to hear! Hope you'll enjoy playing Heroes Unleashed, PALADIN! :thumbsup:

  15. Downloaded this last night, read the readme, this is honestly an inspiration man -- i'm as negative and whiny as hell about the gr community in general but it seems like you've really done something with merit. Almost makes me want to find time to make some real mods for Ghost Recon, seeing as it's one of my favorite games and i've never made more than a little wounds patch. You're honestly a real example of how the gaming community should show interest in a title, way to go man. :thumbsup:

    The mod plays excellently, way better than any compilations i've played before it. It comes across very coherent and cohesive, as if all of this content was made originally to fit together. Weapons are all balanced great, there's none of the awkwardness normally associated with compilations where half the guns are balanced entirely differently. It's great to have a single mod full of content i can point new people i introduce to GR to, too.

    Thank you very much for your feedback on my mod, Sup - it is one of the nicest compliments I could have wished for and I am really touched by it! Be assured that your words give me strength to carry on my modding work for Ghost Recon, and I very much hope that you will have lots of fun playing Heroes Unleashed!

    Rocky, I thank you for the great news article on your front page, for quoting Sup's kind words in it, and for linking to Pave Low's friendly post, listing the features of Heroes Unleashed (meanwhile I have also added the feature list to the opening post).

    Kleaneasy, I appreciate your efforts in announcing Heroes Unleashed at the Ubi.com forums very much and thank you for your support! It's nice to be mentioned at the official GR sites! :thumbsup:

  16. Wow... And you did ALL this all by yourself?

    Yep. But then again, I started working on this mod pretty much the same time I started playing Ghost Recon - almost exactly six years ago - December 24, 2002. So I had plenty of time... :)

    Of course, none of this would have been possible without the work of all the other great modders I had the privilege of implementing in Heroes Unleashed.

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