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  1. Great idea, If Ubisoft does that, then this Wildlands could be a huge hit.
  2. I am with you, It's just so easy to Ubisoft to do that, nothing compares to the first ghost recon. The first GR was the game of the year....This game? impossible, or almost impossible....Wildlands have great potential, they just have to look back on the past and remember the best game on the planet, THE FIRST Ghost Recon and the superb Multiplayer. They don't care about fans, just a blockbuster to sell millions to kids. Hope they make deep changes on Wildlands or this release will be Just another military GTA to have fun around.
  3. Great times on Xfire with the FWT Clan, Panther , Pharoh, Dragon, ferrao and many more...fantastic ladders, great results, great time with friends, God!! How I miss these days ! I am not sure if we came across some ladders or played together.
  4. Hello again , my team will be FWT Alpha .....waiting for my partner , anyway confirm one more name for FWT Bravo FWT*Aguia .....gona contact this night Panther,Pharoh and Ferrao resume team and names confirmed: FWT ALPHA : FWT*Fleive , FWT BRAVO : FWT*Aguia thx , guys,,,
  5. hello guys , im up for that , gona contact my big friends from FWT , Panther , Pharoh , aguia , ferrao etc to make a few teams , this will be fun ,,,,gona follow this forum maximum that i can so i dont miss this event. thx great work ,,,,,
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