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  1. Hi John, Just ran through v1.4. I ran through all of the triggers (on the way to the bunker) in God Mode w/o killing any AI and cleared out the underground bunker as fast as I could. The waypoint markers disappeared as they normally do. Don't know what to say. Maybe it has something to do with the dedicated server? Cheers, Rahn
  2. Hi John, I played v1.3 with the TAW boys last night. We were not using the God Mode to do this and still saw that the markers did not disappear. It was weird though because we were able to complete the mission. The markers that remained lit were the ones for the underground bunker. I know that all three levels were cleared and saw the onscreen messages which said so. Don't know what to say about the God Mode. I DO NOT have speed mode enabled for the God Mode Mod. I tell players how they can activate it in the Read Me file. I only use God Mode to test your missions because not dying all the time allows me to complete the mission more quickly and gives me the freedom to focus on all aspects of the mission, not just staying alive. I do not feel that it is cheating in any way. For newer players it is a good learning tool that limits the amount of initial frustration. For players like me it allows me to test missions in a reasonable amount of time. I have not encountered this waypoint marker problem whenever I run the game in God Mode so I really don't see how it could be related to this problem. In fact, I have tested almost all of your missions with the God Mode Mod (in some form or another) and have never had this problem. If you think that the speed with which the objective is completed could have an effect then you may be right. When I played with the TAW players last night we had about 12 players who were all down in the basement. All three levels were completed very quickly. I will try running v1.4 with God Mode and see if I get the waypoint glitch or not. Thanks John! Rahn
  3. Hi John, I cannot say enough about the "WOW" factor in this mission. I love all the new things you keep bringing to this game! I gave you most of my feedback in the alpha version so I will let everyone else go "gaga" over all the new props, sounds, buildings etc. that are packed in this mission. AWESOME! Most of the problems that I ran into were in the underground bunker. In level A (first level) I found that I could not get the downloads from the computers by standing in front of them. Since there was an AI in front of both computers on that level all I could get to come up was a prompt to pick up their weapons. However, I found that if I stood in the hallway/room next to the room that the computer was in I could get a prompt to download the codes from there. Huh?!? So there is something strange going on there. The same thing happened when I was on the level with the train. As I went to the back of the train car to place the C4 there I was prompted to "Press X to open...." a door of some kind. Of course, there is no door there. I can only assume it was on the next level below/above me. I could also get that same prompt to open the door from the hallway that leads to where the train is parked. I tried clearing rooms down there with a GL and it created a lot of clutter with furniture blocking doorways and such. I'm not sure that the players would find clearing the furniture with explosives too easy since the rooms are rather small and nades have a way of landing where you didn't intend them to. It might be a good idea to lessen the amount of furniture in these rooms to minimize this happening. Other than that I could find nothing else to complain about, probably because every time I turned a corner I would scream "JOHN IS FREAKING REDICULOUS" whenever I saw a new prop or building or heard a new sound! Cheers, Rahn
  4. Just now saw this post and went to the download link and my antivirus flagged it. You may want to remove this link from this forum. Skwabie, could you give us a clean link for this? Rahn
  5. John, Just finished my big mid-term so I can work on the read me file for the sound mod, probably Tuesday night. Rahn
  6. Hi John, Bob's way is the way I wanted to use except for having the English folder in the local folder. For everyone who uses a weapon mod it is vastly easier to just drop the file into the sound folder. You could just put the sound folder into the English folder inside the same local folder and label it as the "standard" installation. Then you could have a caveat for anyone who has problems explaining the alternative method using a second local folder. That way it is very easy to begin with and players only need read further in the installation instructions if they have a problem. How does that sound? Rahn
  7. Hi Bob, The way that you have everything set up is ideal for most players. Sometimes, however, for some unknown reason some players have problems with the game crashing if they have their English folder inside the local folder with the mod folders. Don't know why this happens to some players but it definitely does. I usually recommend having a seperate local folder to keep the English folder in. John, I will see what I can do about putting together something for you but I am studying for midterms next week and don't have much time to devote to it. If you can put off the release of this mission for a week or so I might be able to get you something. Thanks, Rahn
  8. Jack, The method that you mentioned is really the method that I wanted to use because it is very simple and after the sound file is put in the players can keep running the mod the way they always do. I thought that using new batch files was a little too advanced for some players. At any rate if this works for you then the sound mod is still good and there is no need to scrap it. Could you do us a favor and ask the TAW players if who use the new batch files if they had any issues with this method? That way we can know if it was just an anomoly or if it something that needs to be addressed. Thanks, Rahn Beta Testers, I am seeing here that there are many of you who are taking a long time to test the mission. If you want to test it but don't have a couple of hours you can use my "GodMode" version of my mod. It will make you invulnerable with unlimited ammo so you can focus on testing and not on staying alive. Look in the "misc. files" under GRAW2 downloads. Cheers, Rahn
  9. Hi Jack, Did anyone else have the same problem you mentioned? Rahn
  10. Hi John, I tried V1.1 and had no problems whatsoever. The prison objective was good as was the Draggon Wagon objective. I saw the waypoint marker for the elevator as well. Love the elevator by the way! Looks good to go. I played on my own server on hardcore. Cheers, Rahn
  11. Hi John, Great Mission! I really enjoyed the new sounds! Here is what I came up with: 1) Terrorist Leaders - The elevator worked great. The walls need some of that "excellent" wall paper though. . The normal stair entry to the upper levels of this building was blocked off and for a moment I thought that the door needed to be opened or blown up. It confused me a little. After a bit I found the elevator to the top floor, which I thought was very well done and liked working the building from the top down. I think that the players will need to have some kind of cue that they need to take the elevator though since this is a new feature. Maybe a sign posted somewhere close by that indicates where the elevator is. Maybe Spik@ could make one up for you. Either that or you could have a sound that says something like "Hmm .... Looks like we need to take the elevator". I wonder how difficult it would be to create your own sound files? After I completed this objective I swung around to the SSW and there was a 2 vehicle depot there which opened and the two humvees moved to positions which would protect the building I just cleared. So the trigger for those guys happened too late. 2)Humraam A & B - I loved when I came around the corner to this objective. I immediately got blasted by a 50cal. Sweeeeet! (That's all I have to say about this objective, I just couldn't help myself!) 3) Weapons Depot - Great Sounds! The containers were really cool! It doesn't seem very realisic though to have an enemy waiting in a sealed container. Maybe you could put one of your ammo/weapons boxes in there too. You have one of your small wooden huts outside and to the left of the main gate for this objective. He didn't trigger until I was right next to the railing in front of him. Because of the small gap in the time that the AI spawns and then mounts the gun it is real easy to take him out if you are close to him when the door opens. I think you should trigger this guy when the ghosts are a little farther away. 4) Prison - AWESOME BUILDING!! Great objective! There were still no sounds for the keys or for the documents though. Were you not able to find anything for these? I also thought that it was strange to have enemy AI behind locked cell doors. Maybe you should leave these doors open or something. Also, after blowing the objective on the bottom floor AI just appeared in cells that I had already checked. The prisoners ran to the extraction objective without any apparent problems. . That is all I could find. I also think that there is lots of room to put all kinds of sounds in the game. Even though you put some in, I was expecting more. I like the Laptop music but thought that putting the same music in three different places was too repetetive. The morse code beeping was fantastic and the gate sounds really made a big difference. I am wondering how difficult it would be to record your own sounds. The prisoner objective made me think that it would be great to make the rescue more personal by making it be a well known player. You could have a nameplate next to the cell that says "Radiator" or "JohnTC02" and then when they are rescued you could have them thank the players using a real recording of the actual persons voice. I think the players would really like that. I'm rambling. Another Great Mission John! Cheers, Rahn
  12. Hmm, that sounds interesting. Can't wait to try it ..... good work John! Rahn
  13. I don't have 3d max . sorry. Rahn
  14. Hi John, I ran the mission and had no problems hearing the redneck comments or any of the door sounds. Works great!! Rahn
  15. Yeah, I would just put the test mission in with the rest of the download. Everyone knows what to do with the bundle file and it saves having to do another download for it. I would also try using the new batch files and see what happens. If there are lots of problems or you have to answer a lot of questions then you have your answer and know that it will be best to do the renaming manually. I would send this to direwolf (I gave you his email address) and enlist the TAW boys for this and see how it goes. BTW, now that I know the code for renaming the files through the batch file I have already included renaming the custom_levels folders as well. It makes things a lot easier, as long as I remember to run the files as an administrator. But I had to do more than just a little code writing to get this to happen. And you are right, each player will probably want to configure his files a little differently and there are many possibilities. We'll see how things go. If you are feeling a little discouraged then don't be. It's always difficult to lay the ground work for doing something new, but this is just the next step in the "evolution" of your missions and it will add a lot. Like I said, it will be like playing GRAW3! Cheers, Rahn
  16. There are some tutorials for getting weapons in the game. Look in the GRAW2 downloads under miscellaneous files. Rahn
  17. John, LOL!!! Believe me having custom sounds in the missions is going to be awesome and EVERYONE is going to LOVE it! I agree that more beta testers should chime in on this. I could be that they are just not used to looking in this forum for new topics. Why don't you post something about it in the beta testing forum and provide a link that includes what you sent me along with the "new_mission" bundle file that has the sound of the creeking fence and the redneck dude. I am sure that everyone will see it then and try it out. There is no need to feel that this is not going to be popular with the players or that it won't be well received. The only debate will be which way is easiest to implement. I'm sure all of the TAW guys will want to try this out and direwolf will be able to help them with the installation. I'm sure he will be able to give you great feedback on how much difficulty the players had. If the TAW boys do well with it then you can be relatively sure that most other players will as well. They have players from all over the world. In fact, you may want to send direwolf an email with the link and ask his guys to try it out. Don't worry John, this is going to be GREAT! Rahn
  18. Hi John, I downloaded the test run and had no problems getting things to work. I'm not so sure that using the rename function inside the batch file is a good idea, however. Direwolf is a computer guru as are most of the modders who are posting here. I believe that a majority of the players will be able to get the sound mod to work but that if you use this method there will be many who will not. Here are some reasons why: 1)There are many players who are not computer saavy and who will not understand what it is you are asking them to do or, if they use a system other than Win7 will be able to correctly input their filepath into the batch file. 2)There is no provision for a person who likes to run both weapons mods. What if they like to run Brettzie's and mine. What do they do then. Will they need another local folder or another batch file? These questions are not answered for them in the ReadMe file. 3)What if a modder comes out with another weapon mod or an existing one comes out with a another version? Then you may have to revamp your sound mod to keep it and the batch files current. So even though this way of doing things is better and easier to actually use it is definitely more difficult to get put in place correctly. I can forsee you having to answer loads of questions from frustrated players who can't seem to get it right. The reason I wanted to rename the local folders manually is because almost all users of weapon mods are used to this concept. Also, there is no need to burden people with extra batch files and (God forbid) the possiblity of having to edit these files correctly. I can tell you that when my mod came out I had to routinely spend 30 minutes with new TAW players who couldn't seem to follow directions or spell correctly to rename files. Don't forget that many players do not speak/write English that well and any complicated directions/processes can easily be misunderstood. So my opinion is still the same. Having them drop some new files inside the sound folder of the mods, paste a new local_Regular_Weapons folder, rename them, and run the game from the same batch files is the safest way to go. The method mentioned in this thread is definitely better but will not be implementable by many players. I think you should stay away from this method. So if it were me I would stick to the first method and then maybe have a folder inside your download that says "for guru's" which explains direwolfs method using the rename function inside the batch file. Cheers, Rahn
  19. Oh, I didn't realize you could do this. Sounds great then. Send me a sample download and I will test it out. Rahn
  20. Hi Guys, I like the use of the batch files since it precludes having to raname the local folders. This all sounds good to me. The only problem that I can forsee is if a person has 2 weapon mods in his local folder. Since there are 2 mods regularly in use you may have to have 3 local folders and 3 batch files. One for regular weapons, one for Brettzie's mod and 1 for my mod. Although, I really don't see the need for a seperate batch file for a weapon mod. Players will already have these batch files. All that is necessary is to put the new information in the sound file of my mod and Brettzies mod and just use the existing batch file. I can't see any way that this would cause any problems whatsoerver. People only use these mods to play singleplayer. If they use them on a multiplayer server they would have to turn off the anti-cheat so there is still no problem. Then all that you would need would be the seperate batch file/local folder for the regular weapons/coop mode. So all you really would need in your download is a single batch file/local folder set up and then the sound folder for the weapons mods. Hope this makes sense. Rahn
  21. Hi All, I think this explains it rather well. The main thing to realize is that in order to get the sounds to work you have to have information in your local folder. This info needs to be in the English folder (local/english/sounds) in order to work with regular weapons. That works great if you only play coop but if you like to play multiplayer (tdm, hh, seige, etc.) then servers will not let you in because any information inside your local folder will cause the games anti-cheat to block you from logging in. The solution to this is to rename the local folder to something else (anything will do) that the game doesn't recognize. If it doesn't recognize a folder then it will simply ignore it. I have found it best to rename the folder something that reminds me what is actually inside. That is why John recommends calling it "Local_regular_weapons". There can be no confustion as to what is inside. If you don't play using a weapon mod then that is all you need. If you are playing coop then make sure the folder is named "local" and enjoy the new sounds. If you are playing multi-player then rename the file to "Local_Regular_Weapons" (or something similar) and enjoy the tdm action. If you are using a weapon mod like mine or Brettzie's then there is an added complication. The folder that you install for the mod will be located/placed inside the local folder alongside the English folder. The rub is that sometimes the presence of these two folders together can cause problems (who knows why, it just does) and cause the game to crash. So it it best not to have them together in the same folder. The answer is to have a SECOND "Local" folder and place the weapons mod inside of it. So now you have two local folders. One is for regular weapons and the other is for weapon mods (like mine and Brettzie's). They can be named: Local_Regular_Weapons Local_Weapons_Mods When you download Johns files for the new sounds instructions will be included for how to paste files inside the weapon mod folders in order to get the sounds working. You only need to do this once. After that you just need to choose which local file you want to be active depending on what type of weapons you want to use and what style of play (coop or multiplayer). If you want to play coop on regular weapons you change the name of "Local_Regular_Weapons" to "Local" and have at it. If you want to play coop with a weapon mod then rename the "Local_Weapons_Mods" folder to same "Local" (make sure the other local folder says Local_Regular_Weapons) and have at that. If you want to play tdm then name both folders to say "Local_Regular_Weapons" and "Local_Weapons_Mods" (so that there is no local folder active which will trigger the games anti-cheat) and log into a multi-player server. So the concept and it's application is actually very simple. You rename the folders based on what type of game you want (coop or multi-player) and if you want to use a weapons mod. Let us know what you think! Rahn
  22. Hi John, I was thinking about this sound thing at work today (my work does not involve much brain activity ) . I don't think this is going to be an issue at all. I don't even think I will have to release a new version of the mod. The only use for the bundled version is for servers to run. All the players use the local folder (unbundled version). You are correct in saying that the sound files in the players local folder will override any sound information that the server may have (bundled version). I knew this when I bundled the mod and did NOT include any sound files in the bundled version. All the sounds are located in the local folder that the players use. Knowing this it should be pretty easy to put new sounds in the game. All you have to do is take my sound files (which are EXACTLY the same as Brettzies files for his mod) and add to them whatever sounds you want (Radiator's files). Then you can list these sound files seperately as "JohnTC02's sound files" in the GRAW2 misc files section. All players will have to do is download them and replace any existing sound files they may have with the new ones (in the local folder). This can be done for both my mod and for the unbundled version of Brettzies mod. I believe that anyone can run either of the mods with a local folder override. The only time that players had problems was when they tried to use the bundled version and the game would not permit it. So any players that want to add the sounds would have to use the unbundled version. I do not see this as a problem since that is what most Brettzies players use and what ALL players of my mod use. Send me a PM and we'll work out the details and do a test run. Cheers, Rahn
  23. Hi John, I can take whatever sound files you want to use and then put them with my weapon mod and post a new version. Let me know if that will work for you. Rahn
  24. Hi John, Wow John!! This is a really great mission. I loved the garage door 50 cals! I was whistling dixie walking down the middle of the street without a care in the world and the door pops open and I get turned into swiss cheese!! I also like the opening doors on the fuel supply objective and that you were able to find a sound for them. Awesome!! Can you not find a squeaky noise for the smaller gates? It's kind of eerie when they open and there is no noise. I played this one on easy in GodMode on my own server and it took me about 45 minutes to complete. I had no lag whatsoever. The AI were lightninig fast. I had three issues. At the intel station when I walked up the stairs to where the lasers where run across the doorway, I could not hit the switch to turn them off because the bodies of the AI I had killed coming out of that same room were prevening it. I kept getting a prompt to pick up their weapons. The exact same thing happened at the fuel supplies objective. After I killed the AI in front of the barrels I could not plant on them at all. I had to wait for the body/weapon to disappear before I could complete the objective. Also, at the prisoner objective when I blew the 3 doors to the holding cells for the prisoners the door would fall right in my way and I could not step over it. I had to run around the building and come at the doorway from the other side. I loved being able to take the keys from the wall and enjoyed watching them disappear and thought the ability to open the cell doors was great!! Again though ...... no sound? Other than that I found nothing else except sniper fire (always in my back ........ cowards!!). These new buildings and props are adding a lot of new life to this game. Its almost like they've come out with GRAW3!! Now we need some hardy soul out there to give us some more interesting targets to shoot at. I'm tired of hearing Spanish all the time, LOL!!!! Some new sounds would be great too! I know that Radiator added a lot of new sounds in his Blackhawk Down project. You had to include them in your custom levels folder (I think) but they added so much to the mod!! Thanks John!! Rahn
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