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  1. Hi John, Just ran through v1.4. I ran through all of the triggers (on the way to the bunker) in God Mode w/o killing any AI and cleared out the underground bunker as fast as I could. The waypoint markers disappeared as they normally do. Don't know what to say. Maybe it has something to do with the dedicated server? Cheers, Rahn
  2. Hi John, I played v1.3 with the TAW boys last night. We were not using the God Mode to do this and still saw that the markers did not disappear. It was weird though because we were able to complete the mission. The markers that remained lit were the ones for the underground bunker. I know that all three levels were cleared and saw the onscreen messages which said so. Don't know what to say about the God Mode. I DO NOT have speed mode enabled for the God Mode Mod. I tell players how they can activate it in the Read Me file. I only use God Mode to test your missions because not dyin
  3. Hi John, I cannot say enough about the "WOW" factor in this mission. I love all the new things you keep bringing to this game! I gave you most of my feedback in the alpha version so I will let everyone else go "gaga" over all the new props, sounds, buildings etc. that are packed in this mission. AWESOME! Most of the problems that I ran into were in the underground bunker. In level A (first level) I found that I could not get the downloads from the computers by standing in front of them. Since there was an AI in front of both computers on that level all I could get to come up was a p
  4. Just now saw this post and went to the download link and my antivirus flagged it. You may want to remove this link from this forum. Skwabie, could you give us a clean link for this? Rahn
  5. John, Just finished my big mid-term so I can work on the read me file for the sound mod, probably Tuesday night. Rahn
  6. Hi John, Bob's way is the way I wanted to use except for having the English folder in the local folder. For everyone who uses a weapon mod it is vastly easier to just drop the file into the sound folder. You could just put the sound folder into the English folder inside the same local folder and label it as the "standard" installation. Then you could have a caveat for anyone who has problems explaining the alternative method using a second local folder. That way it is very easy to begin with and players only need read further in the installation instructions if they have a problem.
  7. Hi Bob, The way that you have everything set up is ideal for most players. Sometimes, however, for some unknown reason some players have problems with the game crashing if they have their English folder inside the local folder with the mod folders. Don't know why this happens to some players but it definitely does. I usually recommend having a seperate local folder to keep the English folder in. John, I will see what I can do about putting together something for you but I am studying for midterms next week and don't have much time to devote to it. If you can put off the release o
  8. Jack, The method that you mentioned is really the method that I wanted to use because it is very simple and after the sound file is put in the players can keep running the mod the way they always do. I thought that using new batch files was a little too advanced for some players. At any rate if this works for you then the sound mod is still good and there is no need to scrap it. Could you do us a favor and ask the TAW players if who use the new batch files if they had any issues with this method? That way we can know if it was just an anomoly or if it something that needs to be addresse
  9. Hi Jack, Did anyone else have the same problem you mentioned? Rahn
  10. Hi John, I tried V1.1 and had no problems whatsoever. The prison objective was good as was the Draggon Wagon objective. I saw the waypoint marker for the elevator as well. Love the elevator by the way! Looks good to go. I played on my own server on hardcore. Cheers, Rahn
  11. Hi John, Great Mission! I really enjoyed the new sounds! Here is what I came up with: 1) Terrorist Leaders - The elevator worked great. The walls need some of that "excellent" wall paper though. . The normal stair entry to the upper levels of this building was blocked off and for a moment I thought that the door needed to be opened or blown up. It confused me a little. After a bit I found the elevator to the top floor, which I thought was very well done and liked working the building from the top down. I think that the players will need to have some kind of cue that they need t
  12. Hmm, that sounds interesting. Can't wait to try it ..... good work John! Rahn
  13. I don't have 3d max . sorry. Rahn
  14. Hi John, I ran the mission and had no problems hearing the redneck comments or any of the door sounds. Works great!! Rahn
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