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  1. Hi guys Thanks for the welcome back ..... Its my fiftieth birthday on saturday (25th April) ...... once I have sobered up I will get my nose on the grindstone and get back into the mission modding. Like Dav suggested I will probably get my Castle mission finished first as I have already partially completed some of it. Catch you all in the forums .... Legacy
  2. hi guys Long time no hear (must be 3/4 months now) what have I missed ? I can see the forum is churning out lots of missions ..... well done all Hoping to get back in on the action again (if you'll still have a newbie scripter ) Bring me up to date an i'll try and get rolling Legacy
  3. Yeah, as Dav said .... it was just in there so I left it alone .... I don't understand the scripting as well as you guys, so I thought it had a purpose Legacy
  4. Hey guys Only just seen this one .... in my (very) limited knowledge of the scripting process can I ask a couple of questions and then offer a rather shaky suggestion ? Q1 when the vehicle reaches point B, how are you making it disappear ? Q2 How are you respawning the vehicle at point A ? I ask these questions because my solution would be to use the disappearance at point B as a trigger to spawn crew_2 at point A, so that when the vehicle respawned at A the crew would be automatically assigned to that vehicle. I could be way off in my thinking here (as it seems to easy to be true) but may be worth a try ? Legacy
  5. Hmmmmmm ....... didn't start shooting until they did ..... does something good / bad happen. Also, wasn't complaining about guy in tree .... I actually thought it was very good, must of taken ages to place him ??? I think most people would think it adds a new twist Legacy
  6. Dav Great mission took me 105 mins (lonewolf) and 74 kills to 27 deaths The mines had me a couple of times, and I spent best part of half hour finding one guy in a tree, and one guy behind a bush at the bottom of the map. No lag issues, just agree wuth bogie that hunting round for the last 1-2 AI is frustrating Liked the havoc ..... and the rockets firing I think you mentioned yourself that some of the AI appeared to be deaf, dumb and blind, I could have meleed some of them All in all ... very impressive, good feel to it (spent most my time on my knees hugging walls and trees). Will hopefully give it another go tomorrow night and improve my kill/death ratio Legacy
  7. Working on it now folks ...... just gonna download Dav's and give it a go, will have mine by Sunday ... ready or not Legacy
  8. Hey Guys I have just made a donation ...... not because I want access to secret forums or shiny badges etc ... etc (though they will be handy heh heh) but because I am constantly in awe at the way the site is ran, and the hard work and time that Rocky, Tinker and everyone else puts in to it .... take a bow guys By the way, I didn't realise I could donate ... maybe want to advertise the fact in a bigger box Rocky Legacy
  9. aaaarrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh just when I thought nothing else could go wrong this year........ the head gasket goes on the car ...... I am so p'd off with 2009 so far, that I am thinking of going into hibernation to get it over with. Better still, gonna lock myself away and get my mission finished Legacy
  10. Hi Guys Sorry been away tooooooo long ..... how is everyone ? and how are the missions coming along ? Will be back at my PC this evening with a lotta lotta catching up to do. First off will be trawling this forum to find out if I've missed anything Followed swiftly by some serious scripting ... and mission releasing Catch up later Legacy
  11. Bogie Great mish ...... me and my bro played for over an hour and still not completed (he had to be up early). snow..... SNOW ?, you must be having some pretty cr*ppy weather over there just now Spent a lotta time on our bellies ... (I gotta rash) ... who's idea was it to invent mines ? ....sadistic .... sadistic. Excellent fun ..... luvved it Legacy
  12. Its a good thing ..... weird ..... but a good thing Legacy
  13. Bogie What can I say ........ took me and my bro over an hour .... and only stopped coz he had to be at work in the morning ... still not completed .... Good Ai ..... my belly has a rash from too much contact with the ground. Loved it ... so far no crashes .... except of course Legacy
  14. Bravo Kk ....... Check out some of the forums for console only or Wii games ...... and you'll soon see that this is the best Legacy
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