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  1. i think he said he loves you ryan cheers......
  2. 5 months, no post. thats sad. guess its time to say cheers......
  3. while alot of OFP scripts work in ARMA, alot dont. try it, if it fails then grab the comref and find a solution. sorry if it sounds blunt, but thats how it is with such a new title. OFPEC is a good source for OFP scripts and commands cheers......
  4. someone ask for another M16A1, lol. naked http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/2244/16kf4.jpg dressed http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/1553/162kn0.jpg never did fix it snow cheers......
  5. look at what sup said, with mod preference as any mod using the same name will overwrite the texture if its higher priority. also from memeory, loooooooong way back, it may come down to how the weap modder set up the file. most textures had a different extension for each map, so could be that too cheers......
  6. i got here by accident, meant to click on the grannysonwebcam.com link in my favourites and hit this one instead cheers......
  7. dan, your ava gives me headaches cheers......
  8. the fact of the matter still remains, there is nothing in the demo that shows a need for high end specs. if this was properly optimised then there would not be a problem. if peeps are getting such bad results without AA, imagine what this pig will be like with it. its not about personal taste, its about the devs getting it right cheers......
  9. are you guys playing the same GRAW demo as me, cause the AI is rubbish. opfor AI you can drop 2 before number three even thinks to look your way, and blufor AI have a nasty habit of run and gun fever. sorry guys, but i think the AI needs a lot of work cheers......
  10. whilst i had no problem running the demo, from what i saw there really should be no need for such high system specs. with proper model/texture limitiations and optimisation, GRAW should be able to run on lower end machines. by leaving it as is they have now slammed the door shut on people who cant or wont upgrade, which is effectivly killing their market share. settings for resolution and so on should be included in the product, an end user should not have to edit .xml files and stuff to enjoy the game cheers......
  11. two hundred.............two hundred............two hundred and twenty five............two hundred and twenty five match sticks. forty two matches in a box, forty two matches in a box cheers......
  12. ok, here it is. post 1000. this is where my sun sets over the horizon for the last time. i've met some great people here that i call mates, true mates. these people know who they are, so i dont need to bring names into it. GR has nothing for me left to offer, so there is no point hanging around to look like a bad smell. peeps have gone before me, and i always wondered why? simple really, you know when its time. to Rocky, i say thank you. your site has given me wisdom and most of all mates. for that i'm always in your debt. thank you. why post this in this thread, come on, i'm an aussie pure and simple. anyone care that i'm gone, who know's, and who cares. the peeps who know me know why, and to the rest, your time will come when you do the same. enjoy GR for all you can, and dont kill it by modding it. otherwise its an early death for you. to all here, stay safe first, and have fun. will i pop in for a look, not likely. will i post anymore, no. 1000 is it, always the number from day one. and now its here, and so be it. funny how things work out at times. anyway, enough rubbish i've spoke, so for the last time............... cheers......
  13. dekela

    Man Show Boy

    classic cheers......
  14. sorry to hear your leaving the fold muki cheers......
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