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  1. 2nd, I'm pretty sure that's impossible to pull off in the Ghost Recon engine. The best that can be done is to make custom reticules that look like the iron sights on the weapon. Needless to say, that's hardly the same as what you're asking about.
  2. Thanks to Prozac, I now have the Aug and Mark23 models. I still have need of the other models. If anybody would permit me to use their work, that'd be great. : )
  3. Excellent. Just what the doctor ordered.
  4. I do believe I mentioned the unrealism factor. Think of the funny!
  5. Just shrink the GBU somewhat and model it so that the Ghost is just running around with this gigantic piece of ordnance on his shoulder, which then launches straight off as a rocket. Hardly realistic, but it'd be a damn funny sight gag.
  6. When I tested this, I grabbed all of my multiplayer Rifleman kits and copied them into the rifleman folder in kits. I have 91 Rifleman kits, named mp_rifleman-01.kit to mp_rifleman-164.kit (I've removed a few, obviously). Some of them are named, for example, mp_rifleman-11plus3.kit (I needed to add kits between two consecutively-numbered kits, so I used that naming convention--plus1, plus2, etc.) After I'd copied my kits into the rifleman folder, I started a quick mission and found that my kits were badly out of order, and there were extra kits. For instance, the M16 has 8 kits, which should be rifleman kits 1-8. 4 appeared as kits 1-4, several more appeared around the 30th kit, then another four appeared around the 70th kit. Badly out of order, and extra kits. So, what quirk of Ghost Recon's engine am I stepping afoul of?
  7. Using 01 can cause problems? Or using 1 can cause problems? I have my kits starting at 01.
  8. Howdy again. I've only been concerned with multiplayer functionality in my mod, but a couple of beta testers asked me to make the weapons and kits available in single-player as well. I agreed to do so, but I have no idea how to control kit order. I read (in this forum, I believe) that it's alphabetical, but when I did a test with my kits (which are named in the form mp_rifleman_x, mp_demolitions_x, etc.), it didn't seem to work--I had kits out of order all over the place. If anyone could give me a quick how-to on this subject, I'd be grateful. BTW, I'm still looking for models.
  9. I hope you get an answer on this one, Tollen. I asked a similar question some time back and never got a response. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did. Oh, and BUMP.
  10. Thanks much. Double thanks to Parabellum for putting in all that work in the first place.
  11. I've made extensive use of Parabellum's GR ballistics tables in my mod, to excellent effect. There are several rounds I'm using that he did not calculate data for, and due to my inability to find the relevant ballistics info to do the calculations myself, I've had to simply approximate those rounds by altering the Parabellum's numbers for similar rounds, which is a lackluster solution at best. The cartridge I'm interested in are: .50 AE, 5.56 x 45mm subsonic and 7.62 x 51mm subsonic. Thanks for any help. : )
  12. Thanks, guys. : ) I'm not real surprised. It seems like Red Storm's programmers really enjoy hard-coding stuff like this. ::shrug::
  13. Is it possible to control how long it takes for a weapon to be reloaded? At first I thought that magazine weight might control this, but it seems that's not the case. I put an "accuracy trainer" pistol in my mod, but due to limitations of the engine, I had to force a slow firing rate by having a one-round magazine. That solution is functional, but increasing the reload time would be useful to make a greater penalty for missing. Thus, this question. Are there any wizards in the audience who have figured this out? : )
  14. Ahem. In that case, prepend "In multiplayer" to the beginning of my previous post. : D That's good to know, since I'm soon to try to make the kits in my mod available in SP, and I could see myself getting rather frustrated trying to figure out how to control ordering. Thanks for the tip. : )
  15. As far as I know, the easiest way to deactivate a given kit is to simply remove its entry from the relevant restriction file. If you want to deactivate a gun, remove entries for all kits which use that gun. Kit restriction files also come into play in ordering kits. The order of the kits in the kit restriction file determines the order they'll show up in in the game. At least, that's what I recall. I haven't tested that in a while, so I could be wrong.
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