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  1. Rocky Thank you for the reply...I solved the issue by following your uninstall procedure to the letter and all 3 cd's went in great and I got it all patched to 1.4.. Probably something I missed first time around,,But it's running sweet now...It's off to mod time as soon as I zip up a good base install. Thanks
  2. Got the origional GR and managed to install Desert Seige....But WhenI try to install Island Thunder it keeps asking me If I want to uninstall GR. I've uninstalled them and did the proper regedits but keep getting the same thing.Also I tried copying the cd to my hard drive and installing from there. A fellow on another forum has the same problem..I'm running 32 bit Vista and tried all the compatability modes. Any help is appreciated Could one of the mods move this post to the correct forum.Please
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