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  1. hiya rahnman, got your pm, didn't realize any av would flag mediafire... have you got an email addy maybe i could send? i used 010editor which is a hex editor, it's been a while but remember it was the bytes that following "silencer_align" that determine the position of the attachment, they obviously should contain x, y, z coordinates. referenced/compared the diesel of hk416 and scar-h to figure out which is which.
  2. so... back to graw2 again. always hated that the scar L has somewhat a wrong silencer attachment position, with it attached it becomes a short barrel essentially a CQC version. Took me lotta trial and error hex editing the diesel file but believe i got it, with the help from a few posts ("silencer_align"). dl link http://www.mediafire...29f7m1mt57mz2b0 file goes to \objects\weapons\scar_light folder or a bundle ofc. you can also edit the gui files so the weapon icon on briefing screen shows up correctly with it. screenies hopefully someone's still playing this decent shooter:)
  3. Hey Rahnman copy that. I gotta try MP sometime. Good to see this game still alive after so many years thought I was a lone wolf here.
  4. Bloody solved!! A name error in the weapons_data.xml file... <weapon_data unit="scar_light_sec" name="scar_light_sec"...... wrote the red part "scar_light" without "_sec" which caused the error. The mod I tried got the same error tho, not alone here;p
  5. Hi fellow GR players! I believe it's my first post here. I played GRAW2 about 2 years ago, and now I'm back because the modeling of guns in this game seems very good, and the M14 EBR in brettzies' mod is just fabulous. Been doing some tweaking myself, just finished adjusting the draw distance, wasn't entirely perfect but works. Now I'm trying to add the SCAR-L and M4A1 as a secondary weapon, by referencing Brettzies' sig552v1 and sig552v2. Everything works great, except... whenever I do a resupply on a mule vehicle, the spare ammo mags in the weapon goes to 0! (i.e. I have 20 rounds left in the mag, and 4 spare mags. Hit resupply, I end up with 20 rounds in the gun and no spare mags at all.....) Rechecked everything again and again but just can't figure it out. I also tried rahnman's mod, which has many primary weapons available as secondaries, but it suffers the same problem. It seems the only mod that's golden in this department is Brettzies' mod, but I just can't figure out what edits I am missing? Thanks in advance....any help is appreciated!
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