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  1. I have Tom Clancy's Choronicles package. My question is: Game will not start, I click on the icon and Ghost Recon window comes up and nothing else happens. OS is Windows XP. No error message. Downloaded patches. Don't know what else to do... Smile and have a nice day. George :>) [Thread moved to Ghost Recon Tech-support forum (from GR:AW 1)]
  2. thanks again, it worked I just did not know how to bring this file up, now I do. Smile and have a nice day. George :>)
  3. Thanks, I really appreciate your input, BUT I can not edit the value. It would not allow me to do this, more help is needed, thanks again. :>)
  4. Hi, how can I change the color of my cross-hair. It is a pale blue and I can not see in some scenes, thanks.
  5. thanks for all your help.. It was "Follow" command, which I did not know how to do it. It was my spind wheel, I had to press down hard to make other command come up. Smile and have a nice day everyone..:>) [Merged into related thread]
  6. I downlaod Patch 1.0 - 1.5 Smile, it's contagious.. :>)
  7. thanks for the info. I forgot to tell everyone I'm using PC game. if so How do I get him to follow me??? Smile, it's contagious. :>)
  8. Hi getting into this game is great, but when you have a problem or a bug it makes you mad. I have reached the evacuate point and my team and I entered the chopper. But Lt Rosen does not enter, I waited for at least 5 mins. and still nothing happens. Is this a bug or I have a problem and I can not continue, need help, thanks. Smile, it's contagioius..:>) [Merged with existing thread (where that issue is posted about several times)]
  9. Hi, I'm new with this type of game were I control my team. My question is, how can I have my team member change his weapon in combat? He is carring three types of weapons and I want him to use a special one at this situation. Can anyone help, thanks..
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