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  1. Ah!! All objectives are open.. NICE!!! Will try out and report...
  2. Bogie, Great to see you back in the saddle again!!! Will download and test!!! Davros: I tried ARMA 2 and really could not get into it. What has been your experience. not the right place to discuss so maybe PM me... Thanks!!
  3. All, I truly believe in encouraging all who are willing to make mission for the GRAW 2 community. However, I also believe that it only makes sense to use the Beta Testers available to test the map before releasing to the public. The GRAW 2 following is a a somewhat small community and releasing a map that has not been thoroughly tested will provide a bad taste in the mouth of the remaining public. I am not really sure about the civility or maturity issue that has unfortunately arisen, but the bottom line is that maps must be tested to provide a quality product to the community or at least some form of disclaimer. Rocky, Your website has quite a following and has been given the respect of providing a good product. With good reason in my opinion!! I really like your middle ground concept, but with a Beta Mod Forum in your perfect solution. That way the beta testers can view exactly what they need to see. I also believe we need to start this now before GR4 comes out. Whose to say that if we start out with a middle ground "hybrid" solution that it may evolve into the "Perfect Solution" model. Furthermore, this may grow into something much larger!!!
  4. John, We (4) played the map last night and everything went well except at time of extraction. All of us tried to extract and it would not end. I had to forward to the next map. Otherwise, great map!!!!
  5. John, I haven't dl'd this map yet, but if it is the same arroyo map, I think it could use some Davros mines!!!!
  6. Tested the map last night and everything worked ok for us. Unless you have some tweaks to do I think it is ready for release!!!
  7. Sightreader, You definitely have to eliminate all the AI in the area of the ammunition to proceed. Regarding your extract issue, How many people where playing the map? I had this issue on the previous version but believe it was fixed on the latest release. The reason i asked about how many is that when I had four people on the server we could not activate the extract. But when he had 10 people on the server it extracted fine. Again this was on the previous version though.
  8. That is strange. After multiple testing we never got a AI hive brain issue. Never tested the release map though. I think Davros Wiki may have something on the "aihive brain"
  9. Will download the new version and check out Thursday night. During the week is kinda busy but will try!!!
  10. John I do believe I was under the bridge as you described above. I think changing to a box so that everyone is at the actual extraction point so they will all see the Black Hawks fly in is best. More of an effect. You had the effect on Rahnman last night. I believe his quote was "WOW!! Three flying in." I did not get a chance to see the complete fly in sequence but the fly in sequence should be at least 10 sec, maybe longer with the music before the map ends.
  11. John, Both Rahnman and I tested the map last night. Everything worked well but only one issue. We were both heading for extraction and I got killed still pretty far from the way point. Rahnman got to the extraction marker while I was walking towards it and he triggered the choppers while I was still on my way to the marker. May want to check the code to make sure that the choppers are not triggered until all ghosts are on the extraction marker. The three choppers flying in looked AWESOME!!!!! All you need is some music and you're done!!!! Great job!!!
  12. Bogie, All the music that you have used is stock, even that heavy rock at the end of Recruitment Day map?? What type of music format does the game use mp3, ogg, mod, etc.? Just wondering if there was some way to customize that?
  13. That might be the case if we went over the wall at the beginning and we weren't suppose to!!!
  14. John, Sorry, I did not get a chance to try out the map tonight. All hell broke loose for me tonight. However, I will definitely try it Tuesday night.... Glad you like the music idea. I know that Bogie sometimes does this on his maps, I think it would be a really nice ending with the black hawks flying it from a distance. Maybe a soundtrack from the movie Crimson tide or a soundtrack from another movie.
  15. I second Rahnman's suggestion!!! It is a long walk, need a buggy!!!
  16. JOhn, Will test the map tonight!! Will let you know!!! BTW, did you add any music while blackhawks are flying in?? Just curious, I think it would make for a nice ending!!! Again, I have not tested it out yet....
  17. Stig, Played the map pre version 9 last night with 10 guys on the server. This time we did have the option to have a load out with the Zeus... Great job!!! Two issues on the map, see below.. At the start of the map you have the issue with the tank and trying to take it out. On the left side you see this cement wall that increases in height. The picture shows me facing the wall. If you try to walk on the left side of the wall (red bordered area) you bump into an imaginary wall. On the right side is the path to where the tank is at. However if you climb on the wall about 3/4 down (or up), you can fall to the left and now you can access the back area. It his was your intention, then maybe you can but some obstacles on the left side so the imaginary wall makes sense. If you did not intend this then extend the imaginary wall to encompass the rising wall. This area i have highlighted in yellow seems to be an issue. if you walk through this area and go over this little cliff you get stuck on the other side. Once you are over you should be able to continue as nothing is blocking you. Hope you find this helpful...
  18. John, I think that since the game is over and and the Blackhawk was triggered by all the ghosts getting the to the extraction point, have a squadron of Blackhawk's fly in like you did in the previous map (that looked so cool!!!). But before they get to the point of landing, maybe 50-100 feet away, Have NARCOM say "Great job, your going home!!" and end the map... Just a suggestion. That way the blackhawks do not cross that barrier and you get the whole idea of extraction.... Mybe add some victory music as the blackhawks fly in!!!
  19. Hi John, Tested the map yesterday with 10 people. Worked great for us. Avg FPS was about 35-40. Everything seemed to work great until the blackhawk showed up. The game crashed when the black hawk flew in (directly overhead) and began its decent. It descended about 10-20 feet and the server crashed with this error. You will notice that we played the map twice and both times we go the same error: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sat Jun 20 23:48:59 2009 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\units\types\vehicles\blackhawk.dsf(-1): cant find member: _unit in type SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\worldmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\worldmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\level\level.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : normal ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sun Jun 21 01:24:40 2009 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\units\types\vehicles\blackhawk.dsf(-1): cant find member: _unit in type SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\worldmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\worldmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\level\level.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : normal ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Other than that everything seems great. The AI is very tough!!! Just the way we like it!!
  20. Porter, If you have a EVGA video card then you can download there app called precision. It is used for overclocking your video card if you wanted too and report back the stats as well. Here is the link: EVGA Precision
  21. Triplex, I see that you put out a new revision to Harbour. We will try it tonight. We tested the map yesterday and found three issue one of which you already fixed. When testing the first time, their were four of us on the server. When trying to extract the four of us were on the extraction point and the extraction would not trigger. Had to manually change to the next map. The next time we tested the map we had 10 people on the server. The extraction worked perfectly. I know you mentioned on the newest revision, that you expanded the area for extraction. However, I thought it strange that it worked for ten and not four. Next, we decided to try to use an RPG to destroy the Chemical Tanks on the roof of the building. The tanks were destroyed but the objective tag was still in place. We had to place C4 of the destroyed tanks in order to remove the tag. Lastly, had an issue in trying to shoot one of the AI's in the tower!! You cannot kill the AI no matter how many trys!! See below That's all for now...
  22. Stig, We were not running a mod. The barking spider server is a plain vanilla server. Some times we play with thte Brettzies mod but usually for Beta testing purposes it is plain vanilla.
  23. Triplex, Tried the map tonight and all worked great!! I think it is ready for release!!!!
  24. Hey Triplex!! Great job!!! we will test it tomorrow night. I will let the boys know!! Great seeing you on our server last night. We're glad when map/script modders come online so they don't think we're just crazy!! Thanks again for the hard work!!
  25. Stig, We looked everywhere for a Zeus and none could be found and as far as the classes, none could be found. i think the dedicated servers work differently for some odd reason....
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