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  1. Bogie, That map was incredible. Excellent ending!!! Challenging with the added helo's!! It definitely added umph to the ending!! And the narcom transmissions at the completion? WOW!! I don't want to give it away so everyone can have a chance at seeing it!! Appreciate all the work you put into this one!!!
  2. John, The map worked GREAT!!! Nice Hello additions!! The extract is now much more challenging. Before it was just a walk in the park. You mentioned three Helo's. I got to see only two... Ready for release!!!! "Fly, be Free!!" You guys may be to young to remember that one...
  3. Going to test out tonight !!! Will give you our two cents after that!! Can't wait to try this one out!!!!
  4. Bogie, Sounds great!! Was kinda wondering what happened to this map!! Last we saw was 1.4b!!! I know you have been busy with the regular rigors of life. Thanks for your extra time in pleasing us!! So where's the map already!!
  5. Sightreader, That is a typical GRAW2 crash. Unfortunately nothing can be done about it. John, Will test on the dedicated server tomorrow as promised. Thanks!!!
  6. John, Very nice. Unfortunately I am out of town till Tuesday. I can Beta test on Wednesday if you can hold out that long... Can't wait to see the changes!!!!
  7. John, Played the map last night. Excellent to play the map in reverse!!! The Map was great as far as FPS. Had 35 and above!! Excellent placement of AI. Had to look for a while to get out of the initial spawn. On the first start there was a guy shooting us from inside the cement stairway where the mule is (left of the mule). You could see the tracers emanate from the stairs but no AI!! Had to 203 several times to kill him. On the second run we did not experience this issue. Very strange not sure what happened there??? Recommendations: Need more AI when going to extract. It is just a causal run with no challenge. Reality is that Ghost just destroyed the objectives. The Mexicans are going to be ticked off!!! Need to make the extract more challenging. Fly in troop chopper to bring in guys in the distance. Spawn guys from the extract point onward! Maybe even a havoc to shoot the hell out of us. If you place a Havoc or two, how about a power station objective that we have to EMP. Narcom would of course advise the you need to extract. Then a minute or so later have Narcom advise that you have to destroy the power station before you can extract!! Kind of a "extract, "oh crap" then "extract" scenario. Once the Power station is destroyed it does not allow the Mexicans to track aerial threats and send in the fighters to destroy the airborne Havoc(s). The Map is pretty open, could use a few rolling tanks and panhards. The FPS was very good so I do not believe this should cause an issue. The point where the objective is on the roof and you have to go up the ramp behind the build would be a great place for mines!!! Ok enough, I'm rambling again!! I think we've just got to the point where we really could start to use more challenging scenarios. However, I think the limitations in GRAW 2 is going to squash this concept. See what you can do John. Hopefully you can come up close before GRAW blows a gasket!! Thanks again
  8. Bogie, This map was awesome and as some have responded, it has brought back memories of GRAW 1. This map area was HUGE!!!! Fraqing incredible and thus allowing room for many challenges!!! Furthermore, it seems that this map has brought out some of the Ghost that were AWOL (Davros and RPGHard ) We tested the map a couple of days ago , but just had time to respond today. As RPGHard stated some of the AI were totally unresponsive. I could walk right up to them and actually bump into them and push them around. Here are some of the area's we noticed: C5 G2 - by the tram train E4 Area H by the ADAT As far as some recommendations ("Shesh, what does AGB want now!!" ) More AI (Go figure, huh?) Troop choppers in the distance so they are not easily picked off Rolling tanks. (Lord knows the map is definitely big enough) Leave the HAvocs!! (Because of the tree cover, taking them out is more challenging!!) Davros mines!!!! More panhards As mentioned this map is quite large and with that the challenge should raise to a higher level. This will not only immerse you in the map but totally enforce teamwork!! As much as you will want to maintain the AI level to about 300 or so, I think this map will require much more AI due to its size. Maybe RPGHArd could shed some light on how he got 800+ AI on his Hangar 18 map now that we were able to get him back. Not saying we need 800, but maybe 799 Just kidding You do not cease to amaze us when it come to GRAW2 COOP missions. Using old GRAW1 maps is a fantastic nuance. I can only image the potential difficulty in the conversion. As I mentioned in a previous post in JohnTC02 map thread. We really appreciate your efforts in keeping this game alive and continually challenging our skills!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Bogie, This sounds like the BOMB!!! Can't wait to try it out!!!!
  10. JOhn, Just noticed the new version. Was busy all weekend building a new system. Will try this map out tomorrow night. Sorry for the late response...
  11. John, We tested the map last night and it was excellent. Nice placement of AI. They were all over and we were getting shot everywhere. We loved it!!!! Considering you have only 270 AI It may be best to fortify the objectives a little more since the mexicans know we are going after it!!! Here is one example: While going for the first ADAT if you could position more AI in these areas it would be a nice fire fight. The should be positioned in a way that you can only shoot them as you get closer to the ADAT. That way you must rely on team work to take all three out!! This is just one example. Placing them high and far enough back to add to the challenge. The trick is to place them in a manner that you can not shoot them prom other potential locations. Though I know but maybe placing them behind objects or placing objects to obscure their location. Yes, I know AGB always want more AI!! I think Bogie has that mantra down packed!! We did notice this AI with the rifle protruding from the wall at the very first building second floor. May wan tto push him back and tot he left a little. Other than that it was fantastic... We really appreciate you and Bogie and your continuous efforts to challenge us with new maps and missions. I know I have said it before, but again, if it weren't for you guys GRAW 2 would have gone the way of the Dodo!! Guy's, keep up the great job!!!
  12. Radiator, Good to hear from you. Hope all is doing well. We at AGB would be happy to test the map out. Can you please email or PM me the password for the file. Thanks!!!
  13. Bogie, While you were on our server it crashed with the following error: First time we saw that in a while!!!
  14. Hey Bogie, This map was most EXCELLENT!!!! We really enjoyed this urban map!!! Close quarters and many areas for AI to hide. I loved the point where the AI was on the cat walk in the building to the far end and shot us outside through a window! Now that is REAL!!! Strange enough we did not experience any issue with the guy through the cat walk and or the guy through the wall. Nor did we experience any lag. This is after playing the game twice! Maybe dedicated servers are different in that way. As far as lag one of the first things that we look for is players with a high ping rate. This inevitably will cause lag. Usually anything over a continuous 300 will cause lag for players as the game slows down for that player. That has been our experience... Non-dedicated servers or servers run on the same bandwidth from home will usually lag because of the small "pipe". This is one reason why we decided to go with a commercial gameserver. We would lag to the point of a slideshow. Yes, Goose beat me to the misspelled "Zeus" objective. Darn!!!! I guess you have two of us "spellcheckers" after you now!! One of our Ghost's mention about the potential placement of more AI around B, C & D 7 (Map Coord). Also at the extraction point the first time we had a hell of a firefight to get on the roof. That was awesome. The second time our Ghost's got smart and 203'd the roof from the lower roof at the base of the stairs. Maybe you could move the AI back from the stairs/edge of the roof so this can't happen and add more AI's as well. Its nice to have that last ambush at the rooftop. Once again, awesome job!!!
  15. Bogie, played the map last night and all went well. Did not experience any issues. We did notice More AI's in the palace. I still think you could use a few more!! They do not have to be snipers but regular shooters. It is still quite easy to get out of the palace with 8 people on the server. We did not experience lag per say. After the palace the extract was quite easy. I know the havoc was causing issues in shooting through mountains and hills, but maybe a couple of tanks on the extract would help. It just needs more of a punch!! Could really use a "Holy SH#T" moment somehow!!! I know we are probably tasking the limits of the game and you of course. One of us suggested some Davros mines after the ramp and before the entrance to the palace. Another MG nest by the entrance. How about some transport choppers coming in and dropping AI on the roof of the false extract after they destroy our Blackhawk. If you put a couple of transport choppers maybe a Havoc (provided it doesn't shoot through the Palace walls) to protect them we can't take them out that easily. Ok I am rambling.... Sorry!!
  16. Wow!! Lots of changes. can't wait to try it out!!!!
  17. John, Unfortunately the chopper still crashes the server. Also for some reason we experienced lag at the Icaro HQ. Three of us decided to go for that first while one of us went for the prisoner and FPS went down to about 13.
  18. John, Great job on the revision. Will download and try again tonight!!!!
  19. Bogie, It looks like the rest of the guys pretty much summed up what we experienced last night with you on our server. As mentioned before we did not get lag on the mortar/artillery fire at all. we were hovering around 30-35 fps. The only thing that was not mentioned but we discussed it last night was more more AI in the Cathedral / Plaza area. Could also use a lot more in the primary extraction point. This seems to me a good ambush area for the Ghost and really need more AI to challenge us from all area (behind and up high (RPGS's-ouch)) not from just the entrance. Considering the Mexican's destroyed our extraction chopper, this means they know where we are thus they have a plan to eliminate us with extreme prejudice!! This should be a massive fire fight!!!! We are probably going to hate life after this but we like the challenge!!! The plaza experience need more umph...
  20. John, Excellent urban map!! Here are some of the issues that we found! After the truck move you to the insertion point they are parked right outside the fence. On one occasion one of us spawned on top of the roof of the vehicle (I didn't get a screen shot). Then when the spawn point changed to inside of a building "Hyde" spawned in the middle of the air! At the end of the game the server crashed with the familiar blackhawk crash both times that we played!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sat Aug 15 00:07:55 2009 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\units\types\vehicles\blackhawk.dsf(-1): cant find member: _unit in type SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\worldmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\worldmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\level\level.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : normal ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sat Aug 15 02:04:38 2009 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\units\types\vehicles\blackhawk.dsf(-1): cant find member: _unit in type SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\eventmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\worldmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\worldmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\level\level.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : normal I think you are going to have to change the blackhawk ending once again. Here is a thought!! How about having a Blackhawk fly in but only fly around the extraction area while its gunner is shooting tango's on the ground (simulating of course as we would have already eliminated the tangos). I think Davros had an ending similar to this on his Compound map (BTW, where is Davros??). Then have two Littlebirds fly in and land. Each little bird would seat seven so two is more than enough for 12 Ghost's!!! Thoughts???
  21. John, Six of us tested the map last night and it was great. No issues at all. With all the choppers we had no lag either!! Very well placed tangos (Boy, there were a lot!!!). I Like it!! I think this map is ready to "Let Loose!!!" Awesome Job!!!
  22. Bogie, Here is our report after testing the map last night. Found three mines that were above ground and not buried. Found a missing textured wall on the outer west wall of the tunnel Here is the inside view of the wall which is OK When the aircraft come in to bomb the tank can you make them come from the opposite direction. Reason: the building is in the way for the bombs to hit the tank. If the aircraft come from the other direction or lateral to the tank then the bombs would hit. This is a realism issue. If you can't fix then that is OK. When you are in the tunnels a panhard come into view. What are the chances of having a tank come first and then the panhard behind it. If the tank starts rolling outward that would be cool too!! It would theoretically chase the Ghosts out. Could really use a spawn point in the middle of the tunnel after the panhard and tank is destroyed. When extracting If you could bit some more AI that would be great. It just seem like a casual walk to the extraction. This map is awesome. We really enjoyed it!! Loved the Artillery explosions on the bridge!! Especially the one that looks like a nuke went off!!! BTW when we played the map the third and fourth time with 4 or more people on the server we did NOT experience the crash again as mentioned in my previous post... It may be a GRAW thing... Awesome JOB!!!!!!
  23. Bogie, We have tried testing the map twice and on both occasions about 1 hr into it the server crashed with the same error: Sat Jul 25 21:34:53 2009 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 Out of memory allocating 553020 bytes Renderer: threaded Physics : normal ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sat Jul 25 22:26:28 2009 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 Out of memory allocating 829528 bytes Renderer: threaded Physics : normal Furthermore we have found a couple of mines that were not buried but above ground. I have a couple of screen shots of them. Will upload later. Also found that when going down the ramp while prone and you gun point up, you can crawl down. By the time you get to the bottom and point the gun down you do a "moon-Slide" back up. It is pretty cool but unrealistic. However I do not think you are going to be able to fix that one. May be a game issue. Still testing will report later....
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