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  1. Bogie, Here is the video I promised you last night. Sorry for being late, work got in the way!! Can you believe that!!! Miracle Havoc!! Plus of course the other stuff we spoke about!!!
  2. Hey RPG!! Awesome, will download tonight but unable to test till tomorrow!!! BTW, you may want to put a password so only the Beta testers can test out this map.
  3. 2,051 AI!!! You are MAD! Mad I tell you!!! I thought you mentioned a limit of just over 1700 AI?? Limits, we don't need no stink'in limits!!! Man, this is going to be one CRAZY map!!! BTW, now you're really going to forget where the AI's are at!!!!
  4. I never was much for missions where you had that excessive amount of AI rushing you all at once. But I have to say, I've really enjoyed this map for the very reason that you mentioned, Anthony. I had the infamous Vitale over two nights ago and we were just shouting commands back and fourth like we never had before, assuring that our check points were clear. Still died quite a bit with just the two of us, but very exhilarating and we did hold our own. Take care, Bogie I agree with both of you. The earlier maps were great in a linear sort of way. Later maps were created with all objectives open and players were able to go on there own or in groups and attack those objectives. Now this is more of a linear map after insertion with several dynamic spawn points along the way. These could easily be objectives in the future. BTW, the dynamic spawn points are very effective. So, we are back to the original way of playing the maps, but with the difference of a more realistic defensive aggressor. Not just in aggression, but in AMOUNT. Sometimes it feels like you have the whole darn battalion after you!! Because of this it really enforces team play which in my opinion is great!! Let's not forget about the vehicles as well, this is a great addition. It adds a diversity of threats. Now if we could just get the Havoc to emit flares, well that's another story!!! I believe there is room for both types of game play depending on the mission requirement. Sometimes you need to be covert until when or if everything goes to hell. Then there are times of Holy Crap, lets get outta here!! I really like the latter because its fast paced!!! It is more of a challenge and allows for another famous mantra, "Reload!! Reload!!! RELOAD!!!!" All in all these generation of maps are awesome! With the recent weapon MOD's (Brettzies) and customizable Brettzies weapon kit's, maps like this provide some balance for them. However, some of the Brettzies custom MOD's are to overpowering. Now we have to make the game more powerful. Thus the never ending seesaw of military engagements. Next we will have Nukes and Star Wars defensive systems, etc, etc.
  5. Bogie, You have once again surpassed your record and the GRAW 2 community salutes you for an outstanding job. We greatly appreciate the honorary mention!!! Look forward to your future maps!!!
  6. John, Good morning. Tested the map yesterday with TAW_Zero and Leff last night. It appears the the barrier issue was successfully destroyed (disappeared) without a trace. Boy that was some serious explosives!! Only saw one issue that may need to be fixed or players could exploit this issue. After destroying ADAT "A", the wall by it and the famous disappearing wall are destroyed. Apparently Trigger One is activated when passing the disappearing wall. Reason, Zero was able to drop down by the destroyed wall of the ADAT "A", get down in the area of the of the alarm without activating Trigger 01. It only activated when I crossed the disappeared barrier. This exploit could be used to position personnel before activating Trigger 01 thus ambushing the AI making it easier. Not sure if you find this acceptable. After destroying the Gate on the top of the cliff you are confronted with AI that you thankfully inserted in that area. However, should you be killed your spawn point is way by supply "A". Is it possible to create another spawn point closer to the current battle area? Then after you destroy the transmitter change it back to a point closer to the new action area. That is the only issues that I and the rest of the guys found. Other than that I think this map is ready for release into the wild!! Great Job!! BTW what is the final count on AI insertion??
  7. Bogie, I believe the three options are a great solution for different uses dependent on the power of the machine people are using. I think the night map is going to be a hell of a challenge. Look forward to the release!!!
  8. Good job John!! Will test tonight and see if it is OK. Get back to you tomorrow!!!
  9. Unfortunately it was not a one off. It happened on two occasions last night. Both in GRAW2 Vanilla and Bretzzies Ah come on Zero we know you are a "Glitch King!!" Actually I am glad you found it so John can fix it!!! Thanks again!!!
  10. Rad, Ditto what Rahnman said. AGB is COOP only as well so we never really get a chance to play other type maps. Hope you are doing well and if you every plan on making COOP maps, we will be right there for ya!!!
  11. Bogie, We tested the map again last night!!! Other than the things we spoke about I think it is good to go!! I see Sightreader had the same issue with the Havoc that we experienced as well. Looks like you are correct about having to raise it up higher!!
  12. John, Excellent revision. Loved that you opened up to top of the quarry. It flows through a lot better. Totally LOVED the tank at the end!! Boy was that a surprise!!! We had only two issues on the map. Kinda hard to explain so I have attached video's to help with the explanation. After the destruction odf the first ADAT and the barrier wall, all seemed to work fine. Except when you walked up to the barrier wall the planks that were blown off mysteriously came back up at foot level restricting your ability to move forward. Very strange. See Here Unlike Rahman an his team, we heard the alarm. It later got muffled as well never really going out until the objective was completed. We had a different issue with the alarm. When trying to deactivate the alarm, you get the message to press "X", you do and nothing happens. You Move away and come back and the same message appears. You press "X" and again nothing happens. This happens over and over. Once you walk away and forget about it, it some how calls the objective complete. BTW even blowing up the alarm does not seem to help. See Here In contrast from what Rahnman experienced, the transmitter objective did show for us and I think TAW_RedDog destroyed it when the TAW guys showed up. So apparently the map plays different on a dedicated server. We didn't notice the glitch that Rhanman mentioned, then again AGB does not cheat, OH I mean look for glitches of that manner Rahnman: Way cool software!! No you are making me feel bad!! Other than these two issues everything seems to work great!! Oh the placement of the snipers WOW!! "Where the hell did that come from!!! ", seems to be the mantra for this map! Might be a good title too Excellent job!! Now you guys are really giving us challenging maps with all these AI's. BTW because of the high amount of AI's it is really difficult to remember where they are all at from game play after game play, thus the new mantra as well!!! I think it is difficult for you mission developers as well!!!
  13. You would think so ... but have you read the requests http:\\graw2.pbwiki.com -> learn to mod Everyone is doing it, why not you? I'm sorry, I am apparently too demanding. I got off on a tangent and for that I must apologize Both you guy's have put so much of your time and efforts into providing us a challenging and entertaining venue and I have overlooked your sacrifices Look forward to the latest release and will report on the map!!! Thanks again and have a great time with you family!!! They come first!!!!
  14. On a dedicated server no one was able to get through. John: We played with Rahnman last night and we gave him a couple of ideas to change on the map. He will be getting back to you on them. Especially the ending since the extract point is about two or so blocks from the actual end of the road and some AI actually reside there and are not triggered unless you go there. Too bad you could not get the tanks working as this would definitely enhance the map. Maybe a tank rolling up from the road followed by several AI's (the area mentioned above) would be easier.This would add to a nice ending, just when you thought it was safe to extract, WAM!!!! Also if you could put more snipers up on the cliffs especially in the area that is closed off, This would really pizz some Ghost's off!!! "DAMN, where is that coming from!!!!"
  15. Bogie, We tested the (Fallujah) map and DAMN!!!!! Let me say again, DDDAAAAMMMMMNNNN!! It was awesome. Did see some guys on the roof tops and up on the cliffs on the right side. Very NICE!! Just had some things to note: At the beginning of the map probably around the 3rd check point just before the tank comes rolling it we suffered some lag which brought the FPS down to about 15-17. It remain that way from about 5 mins or so then slowly started to clear up and played find for the rest o the map. The map seems to have a hazy environment at the beginning. Can't remember if it was like that in original version. If new, then maybe that added the lag. Otherwise not really sure. The rest of the game play was absolutely fierce!! The guys you added about 50 yards or so before the extract worked great. Had a couple of patrols spawn right in front of me, but considering the small area you have to work with, its seems acceptable. Extract zone at the very end could still use some umph!! This is the area when the fence ends and you have to run to the extraction smoke. This may be crazy, but how about laying that area with a bunch of mines for the Ghost to defuse (shoot them) and when you get about half way through it, Narcom comes it and announced airborne threats are coming in and we have to evacuate that area immediately. Have the jets fly overhead and place about two or three of those grand explosions from your missile map. The huge ones that blow up on the bridge. This would blowup all of the remaining davros mines in the area so if any ghosts remain, they would be no more. Change the extraction point to the top of the building, where I think it was on the original map, however we would have to C4 the wall to be able to get up there. Place a few AI up there to hamper our extract then end the map. Kind of the bait and switch routine. Would be a fantastic ending to a fantastic map Sounds crazy right?? That is how my devious mind works. Just a thought!! Unfortunately this adds more work for you. Wish I could help you somehow... If it is too much, then please know that we will be more than happy with what you have. This map is just CRAZY AWESOME!!!! Oh on another point, do you know if the Havocs can emit flares to ward off the Zeus rocket?? This would be interesting. Dav are you out there?? Hint, hint!!
  16. John, We just started to play the map and found an transparent wall below: Have to go to the left side and risk falling down..
  17. To quote "Achmed the Dead Terrorist!!" HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! Can't wait to try this out!!!!
  18. Bogie, It was great having you on the server with us last night. As we all told you this is one Freaking Unbelievable map. Over 1100 AI was just mind blowing. We were constantly shooting and all you can hear in the background was constant gun fire. I thought we were in Fallujah!!!! Holy crap!! And the FPS was high around 36-40 As we all discussed, need to do something around the extract area and maybe more AI's on the roof tops of buildings!! You probably need to look at the tank at the top of the hill as you mentioned it was not patrolling properly. Also some more AI around the Dam area as it was rather light. Have more of them come out of the pump hoses and such. Have more in the pump towers shooting us like fish in a barrel. We had a great time. You and John are really pushing the envelope with the GRAW2 engine. I don't think GRAW2 will ever be the same after you guys get finished with your missions!!! Thanks again to both you guy's for your time and efforts. This is getting wild!!! DAV: I think you are going to have to create more military hardware!! Mines were awesome!! What's next on your agenda???
  19. John, This is your best map yet and it played awesome!! 500+ AI was incredible. Wow, to say this map is a challenge is an understatement!! Too bad you had to close off the area around the water tower. That would have been nice area for a gun to fight. FPS was anywhere from 25 to 36. I even had some low 40's! Excellent!!! Quite a few panhards and Havocs!!! This is definitely a military fight. We tested it in Brettzies configuration, but tomorrow we will try it in vanilla. Should be much more difficult!!! So with all that said what else can we do with this map???? Since the FPS is right up there: We were thinking on some tanks, that would be really nice!! Considering this map originally had tanks it may work ok!! How about some Davros mines. How about a few just forward of the first spawn area and some mines in the valley area where you are going to extract and along the sides by the houses. And if you want some suicidal ideas, mortar fire in that same valley while trying to extract. Up until the point where you get past the extraction and kill the last tango, then shut it down So when did you say you are releasing this one???
  20. Bogie: I totally forgot about this map!!! Agree with John, glad to see this map released!!!
  21. Bogie, We tried it twice tonight: Had no issues with textures. We didn't experience what RPG did. Very Weird!!! All was ok except for the same dumb AI. I have several screenshots if you want but it is pretty much the same as before. Only two of us on the server last night and I was un able to place C4 on the ADAT, however Busta (2nd Ghost) was able to C4 the ADATS. Strange encounter last night around dumb AI on road of C4. An MG opened up on me an killed two of the dumb AI's!! Never saw that before. Could it be that the AI's are set as friendly instead of Mexicans? Sorry for the bad report, I know you weren't hoping for this...
  22. John, Already DL'd but won't be able to test till Friday night. Will give you my report on Saturday!!! Thanks!!
  23. Little confuse on the client / dedicated server definition. My assumption is that a client server is one that you start (say at home) as opposed to a dedicated is one that is from a commercial site. With that said the Barking Spider is a dedicated server and we would be more than happy to test out the latest version. Furthermore, we can schedule a time when we agree to log on and test the map in question. I can place a password, if necessary, to allow certain individuals to log on and confirm the maps integrity...
  24. Hey RPG, Good to see you back!!! Please count me and the rest of the AGB Ghost's in!!!
  25. Bogie, Tested the map last night and still having the problem with Dumb AI. Found most of them in the following area: B3, B4, A5, C5, C4, D3, C3, D2 (ROAD), & A2. ADAT B, three of us could not place C4 on it. It took a fourth Ghost to be able to place the charge. All the AI around the mine field work fine and so did the ones around the palace. The tank by D3, was bouncing weirdly but seemed to be firing both the 50 cal and shells fine. The Havoc did not show up as in the previous version The Chinook looked and sounded great!!! And the Limo and Lamborghini's looked sharp!! Glad to see the tank back at the palace!!! Once you get the AI working I believe this map will be very challenging!! That’s all for now!!
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