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  1. Ya I have lots of fun with you guys yesterday too bad that it crash on a very fun part...it's ok so I will change the name of the bundle for the next update cause I decide to make one more due to the fact that I saw that some area were poor from AI there for I will make more trigger area and add more snipers on transformers as well a request from my buddy Zero_G...it will defenitly passed the 1000 AI .... Just to informed you that I've sent a pm to Whiskey cause I want to do a mission with his 'Market' map from GR1 that should be the next one I do... Tks Viper Rpghard Sounds great!! We are probably going to test again tonight as Friday is when we usually have more members due to the beginning of the weekend!!! Your Welcome to join if you happen to see us playing. Also good to here that you found a new map!! We're always looking for a change in scenery!! We we had more map makers in the fold. GRAW2 seems to be getting very popular again of which I am glad. There are not to many tactical first person shooters coop multiplayer (dedicated server) type games out there!!! Now there's a mouthful!!!
  2. RPG, We had a great time testing the map with you last night. Loved the placement on the snipers on the transformers. Very ingenious!!! I know that the server crashed last night, but rest assured it was not because of your map. The server went through an IE update and crashed hard. I had to wait for Clanwarz to repair the server. It was fixed a couple of hours later. Extremely difficult map which is how we like it. Great job!!! One request: Would you be open to naming all the future revision of the maps & filenames similar to coop_killzone_v1, v2, etc. It makes it easier to see what is exactly is loaded on a dedicated server. It also helps the player to see what revision of the map he needs to join the server. If you can it would be great. Thanks!!! Keep up the great work!!
  3. RPG: Great job!!! I loved that you removed the teleport and went more to an objective event!!! Sorry it made more work for you... It just makes for better realism which I think is what we are all shooting for. All of you developers have put so much time into creating your "map babies" and then you get us beta testers to through in the pooped diaper!!!! Can't wait to try this version out. Going to try to get the AGB group together for tonight!!! Maybe we'll see you on tonight as well... Thanks again
  4. RPG, Maybe it is best not to show the other objectives. Make it more linear that way people do not go out on there own in different directions to get the objectives. If possible the use of the teleport should not be used as it does not lend to realism. I think I would prefer a linear game play as opposed to teleportation. Put walls or fences to create a throat effect so you have to stay within an area!!! Place an objective that Ghost have to meet at a certain area before triggering the next event. Similar to a teleport but more manual and realistic... Don't call it extract but more of a regroup. That does happen in real life... Thanks
  5. Triplex, Everything that Bogie said, plus we also ran across a few sleeping AI. It is much better than before, but some are still there. Interesting enough if we left them alone in time as you go through the map they slowly become awake. I have some screen shots below so you can see where they seem to be concentrated at... Other than that and what Bogie reported the map is turning out nicely!!!!
  6. Rpg, Bogie did such a great job in describing all that we experienced last night!!! The only thing I can add is the actual server crash message from the Mule event. Tue Oct 13 21:59:39 2009 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypecustom.dsf(-1): cant find member: setup_grenade_ammo in type Renderer: threaded Physics : normal As Bogie described, this happen the minute he activated the MULE option. It is unfortunate because the MULE is such a nice option to have. Thanks again!!!
  7. John, Wow, I hope you feel better too... Don't worry about the map, migraines are horrible!!! Totally understand...
  8. John, We tested the map once again last night and all was fine. Unless you have any other issues we think this map is "Good to Go!!"
  9. Sightreader, Were you playing on a dedicated server or a client shared server? We have played this map several times through the different version and our dedicated server has remained stable. We get the typical GRAW 2 client crashes which are frustrating but other than that all is OK. Were you running any MOD's or plain vanilla? Most of the time we play the plain vanilla version to make sure it will work for the masses and the Brettzies MOD every once in a while.
  10. Hey Trip, We tested the map last night once again with about 6+ people on the server. Still have some dumb AI through out the map as I mention be fore but not as much as the previous version. Also noticed one thing that I hadn't noticed before. The informant, once you get closer starts to shoot you as you get close. You have to end up shooting him and then once you get to where his body lies you trigger off the completed objective. Bogie, once again was suffering lag in a certain section of the map. I believe he has already. Thanks again!!!
  11. Triplex, Four of us, including Bogie, tested the mp last night. There was definitely an improvement over the previous version. majority of the map for me played with 69 or FPS. Couple of times it when down to the low 30's. However, this is because I have a Nvidia card and I have Physics turn off. Bogie, which has a ATI card was still having some issues but it appeared mostly when looking through the rifle scope. I am sure that he will report here shortly and can better elaborate his personal experiences. I believe he will also elaborate on a couple of transparent walls that he found where the AI can shoot you but not the reciprocal. The Havocs were perfect!! I would leave them in if possible. Battling these baddies are great in an urban environment. It is difficult to shoot them down because of the taller structures!! I say keep them in. There is still a few "dumb" AI standing around, but better than before. Unfortunately we only had four of us. It would be interesting to see what would happen when you get about 8+ players simultaneously going after different objectives. We can check this out but not till Friday or Saturday night when we can get the majority if the team online. Once you get the dumb AI under control with resource management and the resources are not too stretched then the re-addition of a patrolling tank may be nice!! Lastly, in the journalist rescue sequence, weh only notice three AI preparing to repel from the transport chopper to the roof top. We believe there should be more than that. It just seems to easy to get eliminate the current adversary. Other than that we really love the whole rescue the journalist scenario!! That's about it for me... Look forward to your next revision. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!
  12. John, We tested this map a couple of nights ago. It was perfect!! The added choppers were great. It added a nice movie effect to the map. They were in the distance, dropped off the AI and flew away. It just showed that more reinforcements were flown in and you have to watch out. The added snipers everywhere were great. This is definitely and urban map and how it would be played. We had little to no lag. We are going to try it once more again tonight, but so far it seems golden!!! Great job!!!!
  13. Yeah... trying to deal with the tank playing Lone Wolf is a real son-of-a-beech without RPG or Zues.... You have rpg's with Demo 13 class and there are Zeus's on the map!! I think like 6 or so!!
  14. John, I agree with Rahnman on the extra spawn point, however we did not experience an issue with lag. As a matter of fact it was all quite well. Here is a couple of things we noticed during testing: Tank next to Hemmet and armor was not patrolling. Not sure if this was intentional? Same tank: we had an issue that the green marker would disappear for about 30 sec but then came back. Strange glitch. Everyone noticed this. Only two potential issues. We actually commented how you guys are getting really great in coding that these maps are coming out to the point where they are just about ready for release!! Great job!! Suggestions: Because this is an urban map it needs more snipers on rooftops and windows. This reminds me of the German & Russian war in Stalingrad. The Russians developed the tactic to seclude snipers in building in shadows. So the more you can place the better... Not because we have been spoiled with the newer maps with large amount of AI, but this map is HUGE!! With that we could use a lot more AI! When you have several people on the server the map goes quite fast. We ended up splitting up into two groups. One went left and the other went right. With that strategy it went rather quickly. Would like to see more vehicles during the quarter and three quarters of the map on both the left and right sides of the map. Not necesarily Havocs, but panhards and pickups. Can the pick ups do drive by shootings?? That would be interesting. Maybe some troop choppers (3) in the distance at the beginning of the map (2 diagonally left and right and 1 center). Not close to the beginning because the troops are easily shot off the ropes and the chopper can be destroyed with a 203 in the rear. This would be more for effect that your in for a firefight the further you move on!! have the choppers come in about 10-15 seconds apart. Loved the ending. I am glad to see that my request from the past was realized. It would only be logical that after you destroyed the enemies infrastructure that they would throw the kitchen sink at you when you were trying to extract!!! This was most excellent!! You guys are doing an awesome job!!!! Man, I love this game!!!!
  15. Ah, I was wondering when the next beta maps was coming out. It was kinda quiet around here. The only sound I could hear were those of crickets!!! Sounds great John. We will try to play it tonight if possible. However I think it may be more like Friday!! Thanks!!!
  16. Would you like it in a Box? Would you like it with a Fox? Would you like it in a House? Would you like it with a Mouse? Would you like it, Sam I Am? Would you like Green Eggs and Ham? That was great!!!!
  17. 16 MAPS!!!! I think that is more than enough. Wow!!!!
  18. RPG, Tested the map last night and we had the same issue of not being able to place C4 on the ADAT's. Furthermore, two of the four players that had RPG's were unable to destroy the adats. Only one of us was able to destroy the ADAT via an RPG. Very weird. The whole teleporting thing at different stages of the map seems rather strange. Not sure if you could change this as it does not really happen in the real world. For the house battles maybe place an objective requesting all the Ghost go to the house and when they get there then trigger the next event. Just a suggestion.
  19. "This is the big one Elizabeth!!" (as Viper holds his chest and leans backwards falling to the floor) This is going to be interesting!! No blue diamonds, hold smokes. I agree that the expletives are going to fly!!! Friendly fire run a muck!! AGB: "Oh we're so Sensaaative!!" BTW, leave the Screaming Keaton!! I love to hear the AGB commentary during game play. It's hilarious!!!
  20. John: We all had a blast last night on the map!!! As Bogie mentioned, the mover worked well and the new spawn point was much, much better!!! FPS was great and this was playing Brettzies customized for AGB by Rahnman. As far as opening up the top area that would be awesome, but I think this would put you behind the AI that you are trying to have us focus down the main pipe.
  21. RPG, Still cannot destroy ADATs with C4. RPG's did destroy and objective marker disappeared. Tank did not fall off cliff and it tracker perfectly. Some of the AI's spawn right in front of you and then you die. If possible might be best to have them spawn behind an object of some sort. Other than that everything else seemed fine!!! The begin of the map is totally WICKED!!!! Very challenging were were all screaming!!! 'What the hell!!" and other four letter words that i can't repeat here!! BTW saw you trying to join, we were playing Brettzies mod!! Just look at the info on the server browser and it will tell you what version we are playing!!
  22. RPG, We tested the map yesterday and had same issues with the ADAT's. We could not C4 them so we decided to RPG them. Well was was destructible via an RPG but the objective marker would not go away. The other ADAT's would not destroy via an RPG no matter how many time we hit them and thus the game could not go forward in the scenario. BTW we we playing the Vanilla version on GRAW 2. Also had the issue seeing the tank fall off the cliff. We had Bender in the game so he may have told you about these issue. Did't get a chance to report until tonight. sorry about that. will test 1.6 tonight.
  23. Thanks RPG, Will be testing tonight!!!! I have seen this happen when you have: <scan_for_cheats value="true"/> just change it to: <scan_for_cheats value="false"/> Be aware you will really have to diligently monitor your players for potential cheats!! BTW Bogie is a Hack!!
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