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  1. Hey John, Will test tonight!! nice to see you still at it!!!!
  2. Our group is looking at playing TvT or HH one day a week. With that said i wanted to turn of the ability to use GL (Grenade Launcher). i hear that it pretty much ruins the game. Does anyone know how to do it with out using a MOD?? I have seen server in the browser with NO GL in the title. Would really appreciate the help!!!
  3. Hi Zero, you may have to look for the frogs, some of them are up in the trees as well. Those are the most deadly because you never really think of looking up. Also, some of the frogs don't blow up. They are the real deal but it just gives you the paranoia of looking and fearing the frogs. I think Bogie mentioned that 60 or so out of the 110 frogs are IEDs. Yeah we saw the same when we tested last night, but not 60%. The sleeping AI were mostly encountered on the far left side after exiting the tunnel. Bogie noticed them and is probably going to remove them. For us it was more like 10%-15%. Strange that it was that high for you guys. How many people were playing at the time? We had about 6 to 7 last night. Could be that as everyone went in separate directions activating many AI at once. That seems to be a issue with big maps and non-linear gameplay. I know that Bogie is working on this... I thought at the beginning it was rather intense. As mentioned we had about 6-7 players onboard and it took us about 65 mins to complete the mission playing vanilla weapons. You guys must be much better than us in that regard. How long did it take you guys? Just trying to get an idea... I did find the end rather easy and Bogie is working on it to try to make it more challenging. Unfortunately with this map when coming to the end there are no choke points due to its size and adding a Havoc seemed to crash the server. I think Bogie will come up with something to surprise us. Yeah that is what one of our forum designers came up with. It is rather Alienware looking!!!!
  4. This has become a rather frustrating bug. Strange as it may sound when I was running Vista and the Beta version of Windows 7, I had no issues with the door. When I upgraded to the full version of Windows 7 and reinstalled all my programs, I have not been able to see the door let alone C4 it. As a matter of fact when I can walk through the proverbial door and move forward in the mission until someone else that can see and C4's the door. Upon the door's destruction my game will CTD. Even if I do not enter and located totally away from the door the game will crash as well. I have ruled out a server issue as others do not have this issue. Removing the game and reinstalling does not fix the issue Placing only the maps that my server is playing does not help either. Turning physics on of off - No help During install installing Directx 9 or not makes no difference. Not really sure what else to try. Has anyone experienced this issue before and have you been able to fix it? Thanks in advance!! Motherboard: EVGA nForce 780i SLI FTW CPU: Intel Quad Core Q9550 Memory: 4 GB Video Card: Evga GTX 260 Soundcard: Soundblaster Titanium OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
  5. John, Bogie is right, we tested it last Saturday. My apologies for not letting you know earlier . Great map!! Looks like it is ready for release. Ready to put it on The Barking Spider!!!
  6. Gee!! What would I do without my friends!!
  7. Wow!!! Top Secret Going to have to send in MI6!!! John, We beta tested the map last night. Very nice redo of the snipers map. Both you and Bogie are really doing great with these maps!!! I had one issue when trying to get to the "EMP" objective. You have stairs with a railing on the right side leading up to a ramp, but no railing on the left side. I think you are going to have to but a railing or blocker on the left side as I fell off and landed on a balcony and could not get out. Nexus had to "UNWILLINGLY" shoot me!! Bogie was looking for me to "HELP" as well. BTW I think Bogie is going to post something on transparent walls or building as we got shoot by the Havoc. Below are some screen shots of the moment:
  8. Ahhh... Not really sure, but I think we just got spanked by the Forum Witch... "Thank you Ma'am, may I have another!!!"
  9. John, About six of us played the map last night. Really awesome change to an original!!! One thing we noticed was about 35 mins into the game, after passing the bridge some of us went to to the left part of the map and some when to the right, non-responsive AI where just standing there for about 2 mins or so. Then they all came alive. Other than that it was a fun map. We were really getting irritated by the Havocs not staying long enough for us to shoot them down , but as Bogie mentioned, the scenario is playing out well since we are getting ###### off!!!! Leave the Havoc's as is.... See you next year!!! Viper
  10. John, We had a real weird one last night. There were about five of us on last night and about half way through the map one of us (Revenge) crashed. He tried to get in but kept crashing trying to get into the game. He tried another server and was able to get in. So at that point I decided to abort and exit the game and tried to come back in. I was getting the same crash error as Revenge. Right about that time another member crashed and when he tried getting into the map he also crashed trying to get into the map. Here is the error all ok kept getting: Viper714 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 Unhandled exception - access violation C STACK: graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? graw2 (???) : ??? kernel32 (???) : BaseThreadInitThunk ntdll (???) : RtlInitializeExceptionChain graw2 (???) : ??? ??? (???) : ??? SCRIPT STACK: data\level\level.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded Other than that everything seemed to work OK. The only two left on the map were Nexus and Bogie and they finished the map. The server changed to the next map and we were all able to join once again... Not sure what to tell you about this one, it has me scratching my head Well, maybe that's my chin...
  11. Not true at all - NO "Man Project" is ever more than half done. Ever seen a tinkerer's basement? Not a single thing operational. A landscaper's back yard? A mechanic's garage? You get the idea... That was great!! I guess we're all cursed!!!
  12. Digger, First let me congratulate you on a great map!!! I agree with Bogie on the teleport option. It does get quite annoying and does not depict realism. Loved the Sigma 72 Galaxy reference. BTW, I am on the board of negotiators for the acquisition of the teleport technology. Must tell you it is not looking very good. BTW, Bogie, I thought you signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement regarding these negotiations!! Also as mentioned the running back and forth from one objective to another from one side of the map to the other several times was a little tiring. Felt like I was playing World of Worldcraft If you could somehow open up all of the objectives at once that would be great. Otherwise, maybe you could set up the objectives linearly so they can be eliminated efficiently. Because this map is rather urban, placing several snipers in hidden places, windows, shadow areas, etc. would be great!!! All in all the mission was great!! Please take these comments as constructive. We (AGB and the Ghostrecon community) in no way want you to believe we are not thankful for efforts in creating maps for us in the GRAW 2 community. Saw that you released version 1.3. Will test it out tonight and get back to you!! Thanks again
  13. John, We tested the map last night and here are our findings Players were able to shoot each other through the Hemett. Very Strange Mini-map does not totally concide with the actual landscape. Running through streets in main view but mini-map shows running through buildings Light fixtures that emanate light seems pretty bright At one of the spawn points I spawned on the fence. See below . Second tank patrols on street but then ends up on its side, but still lethal!!! Other than that the map was excellent!!!
  14. Triplex, One last thing, while playing Brettzies one of us picked up a m99 from the AI snipers you placed and it crashed the server... Sat Oct 31 00:07:26 2009 Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\units\types\weapons\bulletweapon.dsf(-1): cant find member: addon_data in type SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\script_network\weapon.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\huskinventory.dsf(0) data\lib\units\extensions\huskinventory.dsf(0) data\lib\units\types\beings\mods_human\huskonfoot.dsf(0) data\lib\units\types\beings\humanhusk.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : normal In conversing with Bogie, it may be because Brettzies not having an M99, so it does not know what to do when yo pick it up... You should not have this issue in vanilla. Vipe
  15. What a WIMP!!! Must be a Newbee Recruit!!!
  16. Triplex, AGB tested out the map last night and it was a great improvement. We only had two sections where there were sleeping AI. By the open air building (see the last two pictures from my previous post) and; the area around the Police Station by the statue / parking lot. If you need the screen shoot for the latter I can post it later... The only other issue we noticed was that during the saving of the Journalist, the second troop chopper that hoovers over the Informant's hut did not depart the area after dropping AI. We had to destroy it with a 203. Other than that everything was great!! The AI were relentless and vicious just the way we like it!!!
  17. John, AGB tested the map last night and everything appeared great!! Good FPS, Havoc was in a tight flight path and did not see it disappear in or come through the mountains!! The maps is good with the amount of AI. I think it is ready for release!!!!
  18. John, We expect to test tonight. Will let you know what or if we find any issues!!! Great job!!
  19. Agree with Bogie. At first I mentioned that you may need some Zeus's on the map, but he made a really good point that the way you have it really ups the challenge. In the end I have to agree. It makes you hunt for the AI with the rpg's or strategically place yourself in a position to C4 the tank without being suicidal. Another thing we noted was the night vision did not work at the being, but not really sure if you can do anything about that... Great job!!
  20. Sounds like a plan RPG!!!! Will wait for the official release to place on our server rotation!!! Thanks!!!
  21. Rhan, The smiley was ME with you guys throwing the maters!!!! I just thought is kinda fit perfectly!!! LOL!!!
  22. Those TAW guy's with their Brettzies Weapons!!! Just kidding Rahnman, I had to find a use for the tomato smiley!!!
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