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  1. Wow another map!! Awesome job John!! Will try to test this weekend...
  2. Ron, I feel your pain!! Server management is a challenge in itself!!! Vipe John, We at AGB (five of us) tested the map and everything was perfect. Did not experience any issues and yes, this time I stayed away from the MULE. We actually played the map with Rahnman's MOD v2.3 and it was still very difficult!! It was easier than normal becasue of the MOD but still challenging. Great job as always!!
  3. Yeah that seasoned veteran was a total numb nuts!! Totally ruined the game after playing about 45 mins!!! You would think by now he would know better!! Jeeessh!!! It was me
  4. Daro, you may have been a little angry when you wrote your post or English may not be your first language. It is a little hard to understand your post, but I will take a stab at responding to some of your comments. Please don't take offense if I post something critical. It is more constructive. My post on sleeping AI was not meant to deter from your original post. This was the first time we had tested this map and we placed our findings. There will be times that we will post similar issues as found with other testers I believe that all the ghosts should be at the extraction point to end the game. The "No man left behind" code. As far as killing all the AI on the map, I don't think that is necessary. However, remember any AI remaining alive will take up resources thus potentially creating the lagging/sleeping AI effect. There is always going to be a percentage or overhead to deal with in this case. The trick is to mitigate this overhead. Furthermore, the original GRAW2 coop games never had the amount of AI's that our current esteemed script makers are putting in. Again, GRAW2 was never really made to handle this complexity. The script makers have ingeniously found a way to enhance the game play at our requests but at a cost. And that is true, but we have to remember one thing. In the game we have usually four peoples in team it’s a good solution for team playing and linear conception of the game, but here are servers up to 32 players, not computers AI just intelligent players. How can you imagine 12+ players going to one, for example, depot point? 12 players 4 in team it’s 3 teams to one target? It’s a little too much for me . And at the end: I’m not map creator or scripting coder for this game, I’m just player, who play in GR since it’s show up, so everything what I said is from simply player perspective not code guru, because all yours (Jogn and Bogie) sweat and tears in programming and graphic making process is for us- simply players . Cheers, Daro. Yes, you are correct. Having several players going after one single objective may not appear to be a good solution. However, you would normally canvas the small section to make sure that threats that would eliminate your primary team are eliminated. Furthermore, my suggestion was to have several objectives in one section thus allowing a 12 player or 3 teams of four to complete the 1st mission section. I just made a suggestion that we follow a more linear or shall I say hybrid linear concept rather than opening up all the objectives setting off triggers everywhere!!! As far as 32 player servers, I really don't think GRAW2 would do to well with that on COOP maps. As far as TvT, Recon, Siege and Hamburger hill maps, there is very little or no scripting involved. Again, if i have in anyway misunderstood you, my apologize in advance... Thanks!!
  5. John, As you mentioned, you are probably towards the point of releasing this map. I believe we can agree that the reason for the sleeping AI is becasue too many of them are chomping on the existing resources. I have to say that on some of the AI, I would stand in front of them and they would not shoot at me. So of them did, but I am not sure if that was because the game was catching up to the point we were at. Because GRAW2 official game scenario was to play a more linear scenario, we are running into these type of issue when you expose all of the objectives at one time. Couple this with other objects like tanks and helicopters, it just pushes it over the top!! I remember Bogie having an issue similar to this on one of his maps and he had to remove the havocs becasue of the resource intensity. When we get to large maps like this and other maybe it might be best to expose the objectives in stages. I know people like the openness of the objective elimination, but I believe we are reaching the limitation of the game code. Thus a work around to go back towards the original theme. Exposing the objectives in a control staging might be the solution. To some degree you have already been doing this on your other maps. First you eliminate all the threats and objectives, then you go to the extraction stage. The key is to section the map and open all the objectives in that section. Maybe three or four. So if the Havoc comes out it only has to deal and monitor the Ghosts in that section only and not the whole map. This may minimize the sleeping AI and most assuredly enforce that all Ghost players must operate as a tactical team, which I believe was the original concept in GRAW2. I am not a map developer, so defer to you and Bogie if this makes sense. I know that you are pretty much to the end on this map and ready to release. But it kinda puts a damper on the difficulty when the game becomes more of a turkey shoot rather then a challenging threat elimination. Just my two cents... Well maybe 4 cents
  6. Hey there John, Well, we're back!!! Tested out the map tonight and ran across some real strange problems. Four of us were testing and all was going well until the Havocs started coming in. We had a lot of sleeping AI all over. Three of us had gone to the right and one went to the left from the church at the original spawn. All of the AI in the depot were sleeping except for one. We decided to regroup and tackle one objective at a time and slowly the AI started to come alive or catchup. According to Bogie looks like to AI graph may have some issues as we were seeing AI running in place. I actually saw one running at a wall out side the Depot. Bogie may report more on this!!!! When we got to the ending one or two of us got into the pickup truck and we were shot and the game ended. Not sure if that was the actual ending but it seemed rather abrupt compared to your usual ending. Maybe it was becasue we all died. Other than that the map was excellent. nice job on the layout and again, it is really nice to see a change of scenery!! Great job as always!!!
  7. John, I like the idea of adding spawn points after an objective is taken out. Sounds logical, but I wonder how that would affect a large group of player when they go after different objective. I guess you'll have to feel it out after it is released. Just leave B & C as is. I also think that once you add the spawn points and fix the little issues it is best to go ahead and release the map. It is a great map an I think the public would really be happy with it. IT has been a while since a new map was released and we really don't want to loose the small GRAW2 following that is currently out there. BTW you didn't mention about Valdez facing the wrong way, but I am sure your going to fix that. Thanks again!!!!
  8. JOhn, We tested the map once again last night. This time I took not of the spawn points and drew a representation of our findings. Please see below. The order that we took out the objectives were Depot, Antenna A, Antenna B, Intel, Alcohol, then I think Valdez. As you can see: From A to B is good Trigger 1, 2 & 3 B to C is also good Triggers 4 & 5 C to D is quite a trek. Triggers 6, 7, 7A, 5A, 7B, 18, 08, 9, 19, 8A Between these two spawn points you have to take out a tank, Antenna A, Antenna B, and finally get Intel. So when you die, and die you will, it is a long walk or run... And there were five of us on the map!!! D to E is a little long as well. It is doable but placing a spawn point in between would be better Testers were getting tired of the long walk and getting bored easily. Felt like we were playing World of Warcraft... Hope this helps. Some other issues we found were the floating texture again. Her are the screen shoots below: Also found that just forward of spawn point C on my map a panhard comes in and offloads guys. Probelm is they are facing the wall really for our firing squad. In this pic two are already dead. Samurai Suzy shoot them before I could get the full shoot. . Last but not least when we went to kill Valdez, he was also facing the wall instead of the opening where we were coming through. I didn't get a screenshot of of him as one of my teammates with a itchy trigger finger killed him Sheesh, that's enough ehh? Again , hope this helps!!!!
  9. I will check again tonight as i think i have some more volunteers. I think the same spawn point is in effect after destroying the depot and destroying the 1st and 2nd antenna. In was not until we took the intel that the spawn point changed. It's just along run. Thank god I have one of my keys mapped to run... Again, I will check it out again tonight hopefully. Maybe adding a couple more wouldn't hurt ... Goo to see Zero is on his game!!! Good job Zero!!! I believe you are correct. Just wasn't sure... BTW the fix to the server appears to be working. The server has not crashed due to memory allocation errors. Fingers are still crossed...
  10. BioTek, Would this change help on the client side as well?? Maybe we are getting all of the crashes that we are experiencing for the same reason??? Just a thought...
  11. John, We finally tested the map last night. Two of us took 4 hours!!! Holy smokes!!! The map was indeed difficult and the AI was very, extremely responsive. Great hiding places for the snipers. I found some artifacting in the game but I think this may be normal. It was not a funny texture just floating. I do think that you may need to add some spawn points becasue running from half way up to road from the original start spawn to the Depot takes forever and is tiresome. The same happened when spawning at the Intel structure and running all the way to Valdez. If you you could ad a spawn point at least half way from those two points then it would be fine. This may not be an issue if more than two people are on the server but either case if only two or three are on it is rather unnerving. Had a client side crash but it may be the norm. Here it is just in case. Crash in application version: 30899.3048 data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(-1): cant find member: hold_weapon in type <UE_ScriptExtension> SCRIPT STACK: data\lib\script_network\member.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\member.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\gametype\membercustom.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\identity.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\networkmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\networkmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\level\level.dsf(0) Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded Other than that the map was AWESOME!!! You did a great job in creating a totally new map and it is a great welcome. Here is the image. The artifacting is hovering above the ground at 45 degrees starting at the entrance of the garage.
  12. John, i coordinated with the server admin of my server provider and he has made the changes for GRAW to operate on only one core. It has been about 6 hours so far and no crash experienced. I hope to complete the testing of Sinaloa map tonight to confirm that the changes indeed fixed the issue with memory allocation. Will let you know. Kudos for the Sinaloa map as it was extremely difficult last night. The map looks great and it is nice to see a change!!! Really appreciative for all the work that you put into it. It really shows!!! Awesome job in reducing the size on your next map!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!
  13. John, i found something on the server memory allocation errors. Check here I have forwarded this to our server provider and they are looking into it. Hopefully this will work. This may help other users as well!!!
  14. BioTEK, Thank you for taking the time to figure out the issue and posting this message for the rest of us!!! I will send it to the server company I use and see if they can make those modifications. Will advise if they were able to do it and it it worked for us!!!!
  15. John, Three of us tested the map last night but unfortunately after getting half way through the map the server crashed. We started to play it again and once again it cashed. I am posting the server errors that we are getting but it does seem to be a GRAW2 error, unless something in the map is creating a memory leak. Not sure if there is anything that you can do about this...
  16. Bogie's purple walls were to hit of the evening... As Bogie mentioned this map is great and ready for release from what we saw. The sand bags did indeed task the physics but it was for a shot period only. I am sure that people with Nvidia Cards and Physics turned off they won't notice it. I would leave it as is... Awesome job John!! Very challenging even after playing BFBC2 at a fast pace going back to GRAW was a nice change. Hard to believe that with a slower pace, we were still getting killed!!! Definitely shows that your AI placement is excellent.
  17. John, I agree with Rahnman, I do not believe that the missions are to long. It was long for us because we only had three people testing it out and maybe, ah, we suck! If you had more people on the server I think it will go a lot quicker as they normally split into squad and go for different objectives. As far as the Havoc's if you can randomly select one havoc to stay until there mission is complete then that is fine. That would keep us on our toes. I was thinking about making the last Havoc remain because theoretically the Ghost are escaping to their extract and the Havoc would remain to GET ALL the Ghost because of their "pride". That was where I was leading with the storyline. However if you could also randomly select another Havoc prior to that that would be awesome as well!!! More AI, ah over 1000?? Ah "GO FOR IT!!!!!"
  18. John, We tested to map last night. Wow it took 3 of us and we finished it in 3.5 hours!!!! Holy smokes, Tangos were coming out of everywhere. I think they were even in our back pockets!!! Great map!!!! We all loved it. Only found two issues: In the yellow circled area one of our member's (Hyde) found that when killing a Tango in this area two other Tangos where (in the direction the he is facing) sort of sleeping. You would of thought that after he shoot one AI that the two in this area would have shot him . Right in this area (I think) there was an AI facing the metal fence instead of facing the other way. I was able to sneak up to him and easily take him out.... This is in the lower center of the map. Other than that everything else was great!!! Awesome job with this map. 3.5 hours Sheesh!!! This will go a lot quicker with more people on it. Oh and great sniper positions!!! One suggestion, Typically the Havoc's tend to fire on you and wimp out and leave. To make a slight spin, can you let the last Havoc stay until one can destroy it. It seems that the the rule of thumb is hide until the Havoc leaves. This will change it up a bit... I agree with the others in that I am glad you didn't trash this map!!!!
  19. Hi John, Sorry for not getting back to you. I was really busy for about two weeks and by the time I got home on the days I did get home, I was just to darn tired to get on the computer. My two week stint just finished so I will try to get the AGB'rs to help out and test out the mission tonight. Thanks!!
  20. Gorilla, Glad to see that you are finding the issues.. That's good!!! One thing, may I suggest in changing the objective from "Hole" to "Breach". It would make more sense and follow more of a military term. My fellow Military professionals, please confirm if my term is correct?? Thanks Looking forward to the new beta!!!
  21. Gorilla, You are doing a great job!!! Discouragement is part of the game, even in real life... It's all about getting back up on the horse and having the courage to move forward. From what I have seen so far, it does not appear that you have a problem. Keep up the great work!!! I believe GRAW2 has an issue with Physics. Because additional patches have not come out for GRAW2 and physics has changed since its release, GRAW2 does not like to co-exist to well. I have personally experienced it as well as heard this from other players. So using this as a gauge may not be the best option. I have told many a player that if you have an Nvidia card, go to the control panel on the desktop and "disable" the Physics option. Then all is well. This is not available in the ATI users world though. It appears that by removing many of the special effects that Bogie mentioned, we experienced a considerable increase in FPS. We seem to only experience lag spikes when you spawn in AI, but is it is for a short time. This is manageable so I wouldn't worry about it. We'll download version 1.2, but won't get around to testing it till Friday night... Keep up the great work!!
  22. Gorilla, Following up on Bogie's report please see the screen shots below of our findings on the AGB server last night: - Tango facing the building here. I was taking a screen shot right about the same time one of our team mates took him out. Hopefully you can find him. . - Another Tango looking the wrong way. Hell maybe he's a mechanic working on the truck!! . - Last but not least a Levitating tree!! Houdini, try this why don't you. Ha!!!! Other than that and what Bogie mentioned, congrats on your fist map!! It was awesome!!! Tinker: I loved the picture of the flying geese!!! Priceless!!!
  23. John, Leopardos is good to go!!! BTW we have had to remove corozon and alianza from our server because towards the end of the map, players can not join the server. Not sure if you can do anything about that??
  24. John, Downloading and will try tomorrow with the AGB team!!!
  25. John, What Bogie said!!!! Frame rate was great for me as well!!! Another great mission!!!
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