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  1. May have solved the issue... Seems to have been an Ageia PhysX problem (of course, even though I'm not running any PhysX hardware). Should be cleaning house on Arsenic Lite tonight. Thanks again for all your help on this. AlphaHotelBravo
  2. No tools running, there's a chance that something laid down in the memory on the card, but... You're right, I'd be seeing problems all over the place. I'll check on my .net install... thanks. You've been great with all your follow-up and suggestions, I really apprciate it. I'll check back to see if there's anything else anyone else has thought of, and if I find a cure, I'll either post back here, or hit you on Fronturlaub. Thanks again! AHB
  3. Thanks for the suggesitons... I've done all I can think of... I can't get Catalyst Control to load, although all the Radeon drivers are the latest. DX is up-to-date. Even did a regiostry cleaning. I can still play other levels (abject_failure works great, it's roughly the same size). I do have a skin mod in place for the team members, but we've played the 'large' version at least 6 times, with that mod in place... don't know if that would have any impact. The skin works in the other levels just fine. Hate to even admit this, but I'm getting ready format to my HD with hopes that reloading the OS and all the ancillaries will cure it. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  4. Um, yeah... Bad news. Lite version doesn't load either, same error, even dropped my res down to 800X600 (which was painful, although not as painful as admitting it right now). Obviously on my end... going to uninstall/reinstall video, we'll see if that works. Any other suggestions? Anyone? AHB "Life is tough. It's tougher if you're stupid."
  5. We've played Arsenic Trihydride several times (well, started it, got about 2/3 through...), no issues. Recently, and no change other than adding and removing a few levels to and from the Custom_Levels folder, it won't load past splash screen (20 seconds of black screen first, totally normal) depicting the mission. I get this: Crash in application version: grpcrcl.35 Could not load texture because IDirect3D9::CreateTexture call failed. Direct3D does not have enough display memory to perform the opertation And then I get kicked out to WindowsXP. Again, have played several times, re-downloaded a "fresh" copy, even had friends who have been able to load it send me thier copies, and have played coop Ghost Recon on other levels in the interim. Doesn't matter whether I host or join, even starting a LAN game it kicks me out. ATI Radeon X1650 with 512mb, driver seems to be up to date, everything else seems to be running fine. Any help here? Dying to finish the level, and I can't get it to load anymore. AHB
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