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  1. Tinker - u dog! u had my number last night. Well played that man.

    Good games all anyway. Sorry for opfor/spetznas TS channel to put up with my colorful language again.

    We only wished we weren't split channels when Tinker managed to knife you that time :)

    I was mostly ######, as usual. I'd struggle to hit my own thumb with a hammer. I'm not sure about the reintroduction of running, it caused a lot of confusion (I guess people didn't see the forum notices) and, as Samurai said, 'good luck with policing it'. One person's idea of abusing it may not tally with another's. At least with crouch only there's no subjectivity involved.

  2. You should be able to get DS easily enough, probably the easiest way is buy getting GR Gold pack, available via google probably, for a few pounds. If you have any problems finding it let me know as not having DS and IT will severely restrict the amount of mods you can play.

    Got a copy of DS from Play Trade for a few quid so all good to go with some mods now. Not that I have even finished the campaign in [GR] yet. I gave it a quick play last night and realised for the first time that I could select the specialists that I have unlocked in completing 9 of the campaign missions so far. D'oh! I love the fact that this game still makes me jump pretty much every time I get killed.

  3. Yeh good games, nice to see a new squad in there too.

    I just need to remember and remind new folks of the two prime rules so we don't end up annoying regulars with spam nades etc.


    It got pretty busy in there didn't it? 11 v 11 at one point I think which was cool. To be honest when our team got the nade spamming warning I felt we were receiving quite a few 'throw and hope' ones too and I'd just died at the end of one :( but I think it's a good rule to have and to reinforce as it does help to enhance the crouch only game.

    Still loving the white camo - we look like a squad of painters and decorators from a distance.

    Hating the fact I am still so inept in most games - I have got to improve my reaction times :wall: I also suffered COD4 sod's law a few too many times last night - i.e you're checking one entrance to your position and the exact moment you turn away to check the other entrance someone appears at the first entrance and pops me :blush:

    Nonetheless and despite all that whining I had a good night's gaming. Cheers!

  4. I play a lot of COD4 these days and the big deception is that is that they are more and more hackers with punkbuster undetectable hacks like these video shows...

    I have been hopping around a few diff. servers trying to get more experience in this game and I have come across a few. It's a real shame but I guess any popular online game suffers in the same way. Don't understand the mentality myself - even if you top the s/b and no-one clocks that you are hacking there can't be any satisfaction in it surely?

  5. Good games Friday. To my amazement I topped our team's scoreboard in our first game on Bloc but soon started playing to form and propping up the board - still really enjoyed myself nonetheless. It did end up a bit silly at the end as I was solo against Elvis and Slain in Domination - reminded me of the Georgians picking a fight with the Russians :o

    Hopefully will be free again this Fri to play and I'll look at getting a copy of Armed Assault too to check that out.

  6. We tend to play Arma on other days of the week (and even before we drop in for the CoD 4 nights) and since as a group we played the hell out of CoD 4 for quite a long time most of the people who play on a Fri/Sat find that 2 nights a week is just enough to keep people interested without getting bored.

    Floyd did ask me if I played any other games when I joined for Friday's game but I think I crashed at that point. I might have to have a look at Arma - all I have really played lately is COD4 but then I only built a PC suitable for playing in July so I can see I have a lot of catching up to do compared with those who've had the game since release.

    Is there any reason it's only done on a Fri/Sat night? Are you all busy playing other stuff on other weeknights or is there any chance of getting a Tues or Weds session?

    If there enough interest in putting on another cod night, then I’m sure we can come up with something.

    Would be great to give it a try but guess we need a min 4 per side to make it worthwhile?

    How can we go about giving it a try - decide a convenient night and promote it on the Fri/Sat games?, neither of which I can make next weekend as am away on hols :(

  7. Not necessarily directly on topic but I would like it if the scoreboard at the end of the match categorised people's points between Gun Kills, Knife Kills, Grenade Kills, Air Kills and Perk Kills. Would be interesting to see just what proportion some of those topping the boards get from means other than straightforward gun kills.

    I also think the scoring in TDM is weird in having 10 points per kill but no penalty when dying. This does incentivise the kamikaze approach IMO and often times I have seen board leaders have as many if not more deaths than kills. I guess awarding -10 pts for a death is tricky (and would make levelling for new players much harder) but I think being killed should carry some kind of penalty.

  8. I am not trying to be offensive or glib with what I am about to say, as I can be infuriated by spawn campers, nade spammers, martys, and last standers myself.

    But there is a counter tactic for every tactic and all is fair in love and war.

    I have played a lot more of this game in the last week or so, pretty much to the exclusion of any other title and I have to say I am coming round to this point of view. I still don't like some of the perks but that's usually because they are the ones that kill me but I am learning to love the game for what it is rather than curse it for what it is not. Mind you, helicopters and airstrikes in FFA still seem a bit daft to me :hmm:

    I had thought Martyrdom was just a cheap way to get extra kills so I decided to try a couple of rounds with it as my Perk3 but I saw little benefit to my KpD ratio which kinda disproves my theory.

    I do love charging around indoors on Chinatown or Broadcast with a shotgun though - makes me think of John Connor in the original Terminator film.

    Have been playing a lot of TDM on a server with a 750 point limit and a 3 map rotation so it cycles very frequently. Amazing what a difference it makes to your scores when you start to get a decent knowledge of a map.

  9. Another old but interesting (for me) thread.

    I haven't been playing COD4 very long. I haven't been playing FPS games for v long either having only gotten into PC gaming 6 weeks or so ago. Thus it's no suprise to me that I am usually languishing near to the bottom of the score board on the games I do play - COD4, DOD:Source and GRAW2 (if I can find a server with decent ping) - and that I am happy if I can get a KPD ratio of above 0.5

    I enjoyed the games I have played on the Sparta/GR.Net server much more than the public ones I have joined for many of the reasons outlined in this thread. Last Stand & Martyrdom are completely lame ideas - ###### were they thinking introducing those? I hate the airstrikes and helicopter too (and not just because I will likely never be good enough to earn them myself.) Random grenade tossing (well I suppose it's not really random but you know what I mean) also gets on my tits especially if it gets you as you spawn.

    Camping is interesting as one person's definition of camping is likely to differ from another's. I have no problem with it and the most vocal critics tend to be those who are most likely to be the ones on a constant sprint around the map. The maps (admittedly I don't know them at all well yet) seem to be pretty good in offering multiple routes to the same point. As a new player I admit I will often sit in one place and try to take in my bearings and try to get a feel for the heavier traffic routes - I don't think I have the patience to camp properly though, I always get bored and go off wandering in search of action with predictable consequences.

    The spawning situation is strange. I quite like the idea of spawning in the theoretical safety of the midst of my team but in reality I am often at the immediate mercy of someone who slays me again immediately OR I get an unfair advantage as I suddenly appear to the side of a member of the opposing team who is completely oblivious to my presence and I can kill them without having to 'earn' it. I guess this probably evens itself out over the course of the game but at least with a clearly defined spawn area and multiple exits it is much easier to define spawn-camping if not eradicate it.

    I'm a big fan of friendly fire. Hmm, maybe I should rephrase that. I like games where FF is on. Yes, you get the odd ###### purposely TK'ing but they are usually dealt with swiftly. The one downside here is that sometimes the team identifiers do not show sufficiently quickly (or at all in some instances) and if you delay in order to be sure then you're likely as not to be killed by the other person.

    I'm only at Lv12 at present so I'd like to think that I might improve my KPD ratio as I unlock more perks and better weapons, etc. Unfortunately I think all that it will do is remove one more of the excuses I use to comfort myself as I face the 'Waiting to respawn' message once again.


  10. Well, I enjoyed Fri night's games again and played a fine supporting role for my teammates - propping up the scoreboard every ###### game that is :blush: I really ought to have a wander around these maps when no-one else is on so I have a vague clue as to where I am going.

    Classic grenade double TK on Forrester and AN Other at one point though :wall:

  11. My discs arrived yesterday thanks Rocky.

    I need to get a hold of Desert Siege to make the most of them I can see. I got GR on the revival release (not the Gold edition) and found Island Thunder for 99p used but a lot of the mods seem to require DS as well. Nonetheless, really handy to have them all in one place.


  12. Once you got into it TP, you were as lethal as anyone playing.

    I was particularly lethal on the occasion when I was in place to defuse the bomb but pressed the G key instead of the F key (at least I think it should be F) >_<

    I have been playing a lot of ArmA lately, but I do enjoy these 2 crouch only nights. The pace is fast (even though it has been slowed a lot) but the action is great, especially with 10 - 12 players.

    I liked the balance around 10 - 12. Whenever I have been on a public COD4 server it's usually been with shedloads of people and it just turns into a run and gun, grenade and airstrike explosion fest. I guess some people like it that way but for me it just does my head in.

    Is there any way to see who is chatting on TS whilst we are playing? Or do you all just get to know the sound of each other's voices?

  13. Another benefit if I am the only one on the server is that I might stay alive for > 10 seconds which will be a nice change >_<

    I couldn't even manage that! The only person on the server so I decided to idly empty a few rounds into a nearby car which promptly exploded taking two adjacent vehicles and me with it. >_<

    You couldn't make this stuff up ......................

  14. another way to do it is have your cod4 connect to the server when no-one is there, you can download then and there's no waiting for it to finish... (hope I frased this clear enough)

    Good idea - I might do that.

    Another benefit if I am the only one on the server is that I might stay alive for > 10 seconds which will be a nice change >_<

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