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  1. It's not just a issue with the Valve/Steam version of the game. The same problem occurs with the original versions once you install "Island Thunder" or upgrade to version 1.4. I know, it happened to me. But I might have good news: I because of another thread here, tried changing, once the game had ran (I had the same problem) the full screen false to full screen true in the XML file and the game ran perfectly! Apparently once the game has ran with the false full screen, the video card can "understand" the menu resolution, and you can then change it back to true. But back up you options file just in case. BTW the same trick works for Sum Of All Fears. In fact the downloaded options film works fine for getting SOAF to run for the first time. I have a feeling what happened was that the 1.4 patch somehow messed up the XML options file.
  2. If you are doing this because of the CTD at Start problem that had to do with the Fullscreen resolution of the Menus , I just tried changing the false to true in the XML Options file (the downloaded one which is a solution for the CTD problem) and the game ran perfectly in full screen mode! Apparently after the first running of the game, the video card can handle the graphics resolutiions fine. It's the first time that requires you to put in the downloaded Options XML file. After that you can edit the file back to full screen and run the game with no problems. However, backup the options XML file first.
  3. Sadly, there is a problem involving the menus in GR in which they display ONLY at 640 (no matter what the resolution of the game itself) that Causes a CTD at the start (some modern Video Cards have a problem with 640 resolutions) and has to be solved by downloading an options XML,since the game will not create a options..it crashes before that happens.,and this means the game can only run in windowed mode. Hey, I would LOVE to play GR and SOAF in full window mode, but unless somebody has a solution, it's windowed mode or nothing, and I am not the only guy with this problem. I am afraid that changing the xml file will only bring the CTD at start problem back. WOW! After backing up the downloaded "Windowed Mode Only" options XML file I changed the graphics option from full screen false to true and guess what; The Game Ran! I was really not expecting this to work (hence the back up). The trick , for those of you who have the CTD problem that was solved with the downloaded XML options file, is to put the file in the GR or SOAF game folder before running the game for the first time. Once the game has ran, apparently the video card can handle the Menu Resolution, which was the cause of the problem. I am really happy, because For Year this problem was one of those which was causing me and a lot of people to tear their hair out. It was one of those whose cause was almost impossible to track down. The Menus Being 640 Resollution was the last thing I would have thought of.
  4. Tried to download the options XML file but that link brings up a pop up and then I am kicked to the Filefron main directory and I cannot locate the Opitons XML anywhere on the site.
  5. The problem is that apparently the IT disc automatically updates to 1.3, or adds some programming that is in 1.3 evenif it is not an official 1.3 update. As state before, no problem with GR or DS, but once I add IT it crashes. And I can't even get to the first screen. The game just crashes after a breif back screen. There is also a tiny white square in the middle of the desktop before the dark screen as the game tries to load. There is no error message, which adds to the problem since at least whenyou get a error message you have an idea of what the problem is. BTW same exact problem when I try to Run Sum Of All Fears, which is pretty much just a mod of the Ghost Recon engine. I am going to give it a rest for a couple of days, and then maybe next week try again. Thanks for the replies, though.
  6. I have come to the conclusion that there is just something about patched 1.3 and 1.4 for Ghost Recon that some modern systems just don't like I have spent about six hours and a few bucks trying to get Ghost Recon and both expansion packs to run on my new computer. I am just giving up. Basically, Ghost Recon and Desert Siege run fine, but when I install the 1.3 or 1.4 patches OR the Island Thunder expansion pack (which i understand upgrades the game to 1.3 I get the a crash to desktop trying to start the game. I don't even get a error message. I get a black screen, sometimes the hourglass moving, and then it crashes out no error message, no nothing. The screaming clue is there is no problem until the patches or the Island Thunder pack is applies. Then the crash happens. This first happened using the Ghost Recon gold DVDs. I then did some experimenting and found out that the patches were the problem. I then spent a few bucks buying non gold copies of Island Thunder and Desert Siege, but in the end it did not help. I can play The original and the Desert Siege pack, but not the Island Thunder pack because of the 1.3 issue. I don't think it is a video card problem because, by exploring the forum here I found it happening on both ATI and Radeon cards, and what's more, whenever a specific card is mentention as the culprit someone posts that it runs fine on their computer using the card. It must be something else in the patches that some modern systems don't like. I would post the In game error log except there is nothing to post. Does anybody have any idea what the problem is? And No, I will not report this to UBI soft because it is a waste of time. They are not supporting the original games any longer. I think I have narrowed down the problem to some issue with modern computer systems and the 1.3 and 1.4 patches.Any rough ideas.? I am running XP SP3 with a 3gz duo core (is this possibly the problem) 4 gigs of memory and a Nivdia 86OO card with 512 gigs of memory. This is a serious problem ,and has been mentioned a lot in this forum. That is leaves no errors or clues is one reason why it seems to be so hard to solve.
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