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  1. This sounds a bit like the randomly generated tile-based terrain system that I proposed for Blackfoot Studio's in-development Ground Branch game. I imagined a system of hexagon-shaped tiles, each supplied with its own range of terrain features, and vegetation. The game would semi-randomly select from a range of tiles, semi-randomly rotate their faces, select them so that terrain elevations and their features would seamlessly match, and then spawn the AI and player. The local AI (which could very well include civilians), would hopefully be able to read terrain, measure the value of concealment and cover, and, most importantly, know that certain structures and features were of prime importance. Their bot spawning/pathing/camping routines would be based on these variables, and thus be kept randomized, yet "smart." All of this would force the player to exercise well thought out tactics, because the player could never memorize spawn points and terrain/building placements and orientations. There's more on this here: Randomized hex-tile system thread, although there's more said about my suggestions above and below this posting (I got some high praises from those who read it). I am VERY eager to maneuver and negotiate on your variable-axis map. Can't wait!
  2. Yes, I totally agree. By the way, you misspelled "A.W.E.S.O.M.E." You left the last period off after the "E". Not that I'm a stickler for details, or anything.
  3. This "old gem" is still a beauty. As you know already, I've been doing some playing around with GRAW, and as immersive as it is, I still can't help but feel being "boxed in." Strange that, for I'm pretty sure that even the largest GR map I've ever played is covering less geographical terrain, but those missions feel much larger. And before anyone points out the obvious, "Yes," I do realize that GRAW is set in a claustrophobic urban setting. By feeling "boxed in," I mean more than just the visual design. Even with an AI enhancing mod installed, and even though GRAW's AI do a good deal more leaning than GR's, they need a lot more babysitting, and right now, that's sapping a lot of my enjoyment of the game. Who knows, I might figure out how to work around the AI's limitations, but the steps to get there just don't seem rewarding enough to get there. I'm just SO grateful for modders like Tinker. This is one amazingly gifted community, and the generosity of its participants is pretty breathtaking.
  4. Can anyone help me find a copy of this to download? I'd like to see if I could incorporate it with my "fly by the seat" combination mod of R.O.M. + Brettzies weapon pack v.6. The two seem to be working together pretty well, except that every weapon is now producing tracer rounds. Thanks in advance!
  5. Well, that basically explains why I thought I was seeing AmEyeBlind's German Flecktarn camo being worn by the Ghosts! Duh! Alright, I deleted "modcombi." Looking through the "local" folder, and there's no "English" directory or ANY directory other than the standard language ones. The mod didn't install itself correctly, so I downloaded it into a file I created called "ROM," moved that into the "local" folder, redirected the context.xml from "English" to "ROM," and it worked! I was very worried there for a bit, as when I jumped out of the plane, the city below became an almost solid sheet of blue-black forms. Happily, it wasn't nearly that dark once the parachute deployed, but it's still exceptionally dark. I bumped the brightness in-game to max, but even then, it's too dark. I went ahead and deleted ROM's textures, and pasted the rest of its files into Brettzies' v. 6 weapon pack. I was nervous about doing this, but I rolled the dice anyway. While I really liked ROM's textures on the Ghosts, I enjoy Brettzies mixed head coverings more. I'm happy to report that when I started a new campaign using Brettzies' .BAT, I was able to select and customize 2 of Brettzies' weapons for my kit without any (known) bugs. When the game faded into the plane's cargo hold, everything was super dark as with ROM's mod, but the Ghosts' skins were clearly Brettzies' work. As before, once the chute deployed, the colors became much more closer to normal. As far as I can tell, ROM's all important AI changes are still working. The first Ghost reloaded his weapon from behind cover, although I still wish that he would stay closer to me as he obeyed my Follow order. I may have all too quickly "created" my almost-perfect dream mod for GRAW. My fingers are tightly crossed that the rest of the gameplay goes smoothly, although there's one feature that's annoying the heck out of me right now: virtually every round fired, whether from enemy or friend, is a tracer round. Is there a listing somewhere that I could delete that would make those tracers disappear?
  6. Could someone confirm for me the kinds of changes that I should see if this mod is operating correctly? I uninstalled Brettzies weapon pack v. 6, and installed ROM 1.41. There weren't any other mods installed in the GRAW's directory. According to its instructions displayed during its automatic installation, I opened up context.xml and changed the term "English" to "mod", but when the game loaded up, I was not greeted by the customized load up screen (the one that has "Realism" in large scale font on it). I started up a new campaign, which took me immediately to the cargo hold of the plane that my team then skydives out of. If there was supposed to be a weapon-select stage before the skydiving, the game skipped it altogether. From my understanding, I should be seeing natural colors, and not have every visible inch dominated by the acrid yellow filter effect. Well, I still had the acrid yellow filter effect, and the AI didn't behave any smarter than before. Also, from earlier development shots that I saw, it appears as though the men's uniforms were switched to a Multicam variant, but the greenish and pinkish splotches certainly weren't on display when I was playing. Is this mod compatible with the latest patched version of the game, or...? I even thought that the instructions about changing the context.xml were in error, so I altered "English" to "modcombi", which is the name of the folder that's installed in the local directory. That didn't change a thing though, as the regular game loaded up anyway. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  7. To zeealice: I'm guessing that your call on the above is probably correct. Almost every time I had to reload, the game would CTD with the two mods installed at the same time. I can't blame AmEyeBlind for no longer desiring to mod a game he no longer plays. But I can certainly appreciate releasing new content for a truly "classic" game. Without question, Ghost Recon is that. What's astounding to me is just how immersive GRAW's environments are. I can almost taste the dust and smog that's choking my avatar. Having just dipped my toe back into a game I hardly played, GRAW is frustrating to me due to how close the developers came to hitting the nail solidly on the head. What would be ideal, in my opinion, is a mod that enhances the AI on both sides, but the friendly AI suffers most significantly from AI that's too spread out. Time and again, when I get "owned" by the enemy AI, it's almost always due to them being able to overwhelm me with fire that's concentrated because they don't have 25 m. between them and their comrades. Even though I haven't tried it out yet, when I read about what Vth_F_Smith was trying to accomplish with his Realism Optimization Mod, the more that I wish that it would've been incorporated with Brettzies' splendid work. I didn't realize just how focused GRAW-modcombination-RC-1 was on strictly online play. I think that the next time I get a decent opportunity to play, I'll give Vth_F_Smith's last release a solid run. But in the meantime, you can bet that I'll still be dreaming about an ideal Brettzies' + Realism mod combo.
  8. I just suffered a third CTD error trying to play with Brettzies' weapon pack v. 6 with your mod at the same time. While Brettzies' v.6 is installed, I'm launching your combo-mod. What's strange is that when I started a new campaign, I wasn't taken to the kit-adjustment screen. Instead, I was immediately spawned in the cargo hold, from which I then dove out of to the city far below. After I was killed, I noticed that I could reload the earlier save, from when I was playing v.6 by itself. I was pleased to find that I spawned on the viaduct, and that I had my customized SCAR-H and loadout. intact from when I first launched the game using Brettzies' v. 6. The game was stable for about half an hour, but then the "stacked save" errors started appearing, causing me to CTD. Too bad! Currently, I'm debating what to do. AmEyeBlind, could you be so kind as to give me a more detailed list as to the AI adjustments that were made with your combo-mod, such as do they follow more closely than before (if so, I can't notice a difference), or are their attention and skill levels more appropriate, or...? Also, could you be more specific as to the ammo-reassignments that you made, and their impact on the gameplay? Are they noticeable? Do they feel "less real," or...? I'm sorry to hear that there would be a lot of changes required to the files in order for v. 6 of Brettzies' work to function properly. My utter lack of background knowledge would certainly hamper my capabilities to concoct anything in a timely manner. Uh...are you planning on the integrating the two together, or...? Had to ask! And of course, hope!
  9. A good question. One which I asked myself last night, but over on this thread: My link Having played GRAW for the first time in years quickly reminded me of one of the features that I disliked most about it, such as having your AI comrades consistently way too far away from one another, and from you. There are a couple of "combination" mods for GRAW that I'm aware of that make mention of AI adjustments, but out of the two, the only one that I know of that had designs to alter the AI spacing was Vth_F_Smith's Realism Optimization Mod (a.k.a. "ROM"); it's thread is here: My link. His goals expressed in the first thread are very worthy ones. I don't know how many of these were addressed by the time of the mod's last release. What I do know is that I love Brettzie's v. 6 of his weapons pack, and I did overwrite the pack's settings with the TLS Balance Mod, and so far, I have no complaints with said mod's alterations of Brettzie's initial settings. That said, I strongly feel that there should be a combination mod that certainly addresses the AI issues, as well as incorporates Brettzie's latest release (with the TLS Balance Mod integrated as well). If I get some recommendations on how to do this, I'll certainly try with experimenting with my own compilation mod, but I need some guidance first.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that only one mod can be used at time! Thank you for your recommendations. There's a mod for v. 6 of Brettzies weapon pack that adjust the weapons' capabilities, extending the round penetration capabilities to more of the weapons. Has anyone tried it yet, and would like to give some feedback on it here? Here's a link to it: My link
  11. Will this automatically work if I have v. 6 of Brettzies weapon pack installed, or is there something simple that I can do to get it to work with it, or...?
  12. Hello Folks, I've been exclusively playing [GR] for quite a while now, and I need a bit of a break. I've owned GRAW for a couple of years now, and only tried it for a few weeks. Doubtless, since then, new mods have been released that are "must have's" and that hopefully significantly elevate it from its original status. In this regard, I'm hoping to get recommendations to mods that maximize realism (round penetration in particular), AI behavior, weapon and gear options, and the like. Graphic-enhancing mods are at the bottom of this list for me. Also, if you would be so kind, could you tell me which combination of mods work well together (if it's even possible to launch multiple mods at the same time other than through activating one "comprehensive" mod)? Thank you in advance! Kyle
  13. If you're going to give Operation Flashpoint another go, then PLEASE do yourself a HUGE favor, and try out any of the mods (nearly total conversions, in my book) that have "SLX" in their titles. SLX, in and of itself, is a superb mod. Graphically, it doesn't "seem" to do a whole lot. It adds smoke trails to rounds from small arms fire, and when I say "smoke trails," I'm talking about ones that are faint, and quite realistic (if you've ever seen any of the sniper footage from Iraq, especially of Juba's handiwork, SLX's rounds are a near-match to those caught on film), canvas tops to supply trucks will now show bullet holes, catch on fire, with doors that actually open on the vehicles. With a little bit of reflection, all of the above goes a long way to deepen the sense of immersion, and can be quite useful. I can't tell you how often that I've gotten pinned down by incoming rounds where I've been clueless as to where they're coming from, and I just spent several minutes laying low staring HARD into the air around me, and then I'll barely notice the thin smoke trails. Yeah, a life saver if one's looking for them. Body movements are broadened, so that one's avatar can lean (sadly, AI still are unable to do so, but the AI in Ghost Recon rarely lean, so this shouldn't be much of a problem for GR worshipers). Rounds now produce a snap as they whiz by. Wind-susceptible smoke now affects AI, and I was so impressed by its effectiveness that it caused me to use the editor for the first time to alter missions so that I was equipped with at least a couple of cans of the stuff. And unlike Call of Duty, where the AI just stop firing at an area flooded with smoke, in SLX the AI will blind-fire into it. Moving under this concealment is still a MUCH better alternative than doing otherwise. But more importantly, SLX adds suppressing fire effects. And they're truly terrifying. Not only will the AI take advantage of them, but so will one's AI comrades. The AI will pin each other down, and then do their best to outflank the affected region. I would say that a very small minority of people who have tried SLX have ended up "hating" these effects due to the consequences of suppressing fire, but most, such as myself, loved it. If one has rounds flying one's way, then one's breathing and heart rate becomes more rapid, and it becomes more difficult to properly aim as the weapon's swaying due to the avatar's fear. If the rounds get REALLY heavy, one's body will, without notice, drop to the ground in sheer terror. One's mobility is severely truncated, but, honestly, this sudden drop has probably saved my life for a couple of minutes more than it has lost it. The heartbeat can become so strong that it's a challenge to hear anything beyond it, which only escalates the player's fear because if one's in a structure it's now more difficult to hear the enemy AIs movements outside/inside the building. Again, if this seems unfair, please keep in mind that the AI are likewise affected. One other major feature of SLX that's deeply immersive is "buddy aide." Injuries are much more realistically modeled, with a battlefield rarely being filled with the outright-dead, but rather with badly wounded men crying out for help, or to their mothers. I've been in firefights where the moaning and the crying of the injured is just a terrible and "real" burden to hear, even if one knows that those who are doing the sobbing are only the enemy. It's powerful, and makes me very grateful that I've never had to witness and endure such horrific circumstances in real life. These wounded men are bleeding out, and if one can get to them quickly enough, can be resuscitated to a degree (based on the severity of the injury, of course). Now, what's truly striking about the buddy aide is that the AI will render it to one another. And it's moving to see these men, however virtual, trying to rescue their comrades. And they're mostly smart about it too. They'll wait till there's a reduction of incoming rounds before they'll race to pull their buddy to an even safer area, to then administer first aid to them. The only drawback to the buddy aide, which some other SLX mods disable, is that they're too quick to retrieve a fallen buddy. Even though it's "gamey," one can deliberately injure an opponent till he goes down, and then just wait for a friend to try and rescue him. One can then blast the rescuer, and repeat. While such events do happen in the real world, the AI seemingly does not have the capability to know when to stop such rescue efforts, because their comrades are being used as bait. Still, one feels downright guilty engaging in this kind of disgusting tactic which most other games don't even come close to modeling. Any mod for Operation Flashpoint that has "SLX" in its title incorporates a good degree of the original mod's features, but usually with enormous advances to the graphics, with vastly updated models and textures. Make sure to read their Read Me's to see which features they've disabled by default (usually these can be reactivated by making an adjustment to the config file). I can't recall how well the WW 4 mod interacts with a SLX mod, but it's worth trying out. Let me know what you think of it, if you get the chance.
  14. Looking forward to this as it's certainly ambitious.
  15. Well, in that case, I forgive you then... Wow! If there's going to be a major overhaul of Operation Blue Glow, I'll likely temporarily suspend my playing of it since Rockall's arrival is just around the corner. Not to derail this thread too much, but the whole idea of a fictional island with one's enemies being made up of the "elite of the elite" is too exciting not to drool over. The whole thrust of it reminds me some of Sanctuary's superb Operation Flashpoint mod entitled "WW 4" (check it out here: WW 4 mod on Mod DB). A neat concept in the sense that he generalized weaponry and gear into an East vs. West concept that just works, and works extremely well. If you haven't tried it yet, DO so. You won't regret it.
  16. After reading through this thread a FOURTH time, I finally caught the detail above about having the team maxed out to five men instead of six so that the vehicle-error doesn't occur. I'll try the mission again with the above advice in effect till it's remedied in a later update. Even with the bug, if the first mission is any indication, the second mission is still going to be a real treat.
  17. Argh! Started completely over on the campaign. Completed Mission 1, spent my points, adjusted my kits, started up Mission 2, and CTD. I don't know if these are connected in any way, but for versions D and E the map is missing for the briefing. Any suggestions?
  18. Howdy Folks, Started playing this last night. Had a ###### of a time getting through Mission 1 on single-player till today. Tough, but what a challenge! Thank you for it! That said, I am having an issue with Mission 2 loading up: the loading screen comes up, but then the screen goes black, hangs for a couple of seconds, then crash to desktop. I checked the version I had installed, and it was version "d." So, looked for a patch, downloaded and installed it to version "e," reloaded the last save to Mission 1 so that I could start Mission 2 "clean," and it still CTD on me. Do I need to restart Mission 1 completely to avoid the CTD that occurs with Mission 2, or...?
  19. I don't have any clue what the mission parameters are for the above image with the tank, BUT if the Ghosts are assaulting an area known to have a high concentration of enemy tanks, and I saw a six man squad, and EVERY SINGLE MAN was armed with an explosive can opener, I'd be soiling my undergarments. Not that I have much experience of that past the age of three years old, mind you. That said, I'm looking forward to seeing if your next masterpiece will get me close to living through some of the ickier aspects of being so young.
  20. Textures look amazing. My only point of criticism comes with the shine-reflection on the lenses of the tank: they seem too bright to me. I'd dull them down a bit as if some dust has accumulated on the glass surface, and perhaps break up the "solidness" of the angled reflection-stripe with some undefined shapes within it. I'm exhausted right now, and my mind is mush, so I'm struggling to generate the words to adequetly convey what I mean. I hope you get the gist of it. Let me know if you don't. In any case, the shots are irresistible. Thanks again for your efforts and for sharing!
  21. That's enough to get one's guts all knotted up! Looking GOOD. That plant facility is more than a little interesting itself... Can't wait!
  22. I finally made some SERIOUS headway in getting the Riviera to "work." It's not perfect, but I'm willing to live with it if... ...I can determine that it is handling EAX sound properties properly. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding of EAX is that its primary purposes is to alter sound effects to create a more natural experience. For example, let's say that I'm in a courtyard, and my avatar throws a stone. When it lands, there's no echo. However, there is a nearby church that has its main doors open, and I toss the stone just inside its entrance. The stone produces an echo that's quite weak due to where I'm at, which is still in the courtyard. I then move into the church, and I knock over a wrought iron candelabra, and when it hits the cobblestone floor, it produces a powerful echo that reverberates throughout the main chamber. It's EAX that makes the subtleties of echoes possible, right? Without EAX, if I threw that stone in the church's main chamber I'd hear it land, but there would be no echo. Again, correct me if I'm in error. Now, Ghost Recon supports EAX sound, which I have enabled. I started up a firefight mission on the Island map. I made a quick rush to the cave and tunnels, and let loose with gunfire. The rounds ricochet with an echo. That means that EAX is being processed properly by the Riviera sound card, right? I had a host of issues to iron out with the Riviera, and I think that two programs finally did the trick for me. One, I installed Driver Sweeper, which is a driver-remover program that specializes in removing certain programs, such as Creative's work. I ran it several times after I "uninstalled" the driver for my old Sound Blaster Audigy 2, and it rooted out 20+ Creative files, and this was AFTER I ran CCleaner several times, which said that everything was working properly. Now, even thought Driver Sweeper rounded up a bunch of Creative's remnants, it could not remove one more Creative driver. No matter what, it would detect it, but couldn't remove it. I then installed/ran Advanced SystemCare, and it dug up 961 registry errors (remember, this is after I got the "all clear" from CCleaner!). I had it fix the issues. My computer starts up 4 minutes faster than it used to now. I then tried Riviera's latest driver from 2010, and it worked. Surround sound with the 5.1 speakers was FINALLY working now, although the interface supplied by the newest driver is extremely sparse, and doesn't even come with a sound test. Coupled with how there are complaints that the Riviera does NOT process EAX like it claims, and I'm still a nervous man about this product. Thus, my nervousness that it's handling EAX properly. I'm pretty sure that the echoes on the Island map are something that one can only hear when EAX is active, so it's vital that I get some confirmation on that, or, it would be greatly appreciated if someone here would direct me to a certain map that's loaded with EAX-only effects for me to walk through to see if I can hear key indicators that the Riviera is fully doing the job that it claims to. There's still some gremlin-noises coming through my speakers, but they are far less frequent than with Sound Blaster, only occur when the system is "idling" (that is, I haven't yet heard them during a game, or a film). The noises made are also not pain-inducing. Windows for some strange reason keeps "not detecting" the sound card, and wants to install it every time I start the computer up. But I'm willing to live with the above as long as EAX is working properly. Let me know if you think it is.
  23. Folks, I am happy to report that a kind gentleman from Turtle Beach's support department contacted me yesterday. He's been to this thread, and asked me to send to him some DxDiag reports. This I did. I had some strangeness occur to me yesterday as well. I'm going to post what I sent in my reply to the technician, to see what you think. Feel free to post your suspicions here. I can't tell you how happy I am that the tech reached me!
  24. Good questions, Wombat. When I check the Sounds and Audio Devices, I'm informed that there's "No audio device." When I look up the Audio tab, there aren't any matching device types regardless of the function listed. Their entry-windows are all ghosted out, and completely inaccessible. When I clicked on the Hardware tab, no sound card of any type is listed. What's strange about this is if I used a third-party driver, just like Turtle Beach's official one, it could not find a device, BUT what would be different from the results I got with TB's driver is that the sound card would be listed with a yellow ?, but again, this would only show up if the third party driver was used (which would disappear after reboot). Clicking on said ? would say that I needed to install the device. Which, paradoxically, was already physically installed. Trying to get Windows to install Turtle Beach's driver has proved impossible. I've tried it from the CD (directories are visible, but not the all-important .exe), and I've tried it from the 2010-downloaded version, and it too, is invisible to Windows. Tomorrow, I'll crack open the tower to see what I can find about the motherboard's model. We've moved a lot since we got this computer, and I'd be hard-pressed to find where the original Dell documentation is now. It's in a box, but oh, which one? With my luck, that box will be as invisible as Turtle Beach's drivers.
  25. Folks, thank you for the advice, ideas being tossed out, and digging around in your PCs on my behalf. What a great community!
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