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  1. So, I'm here mainly to sing the praises of HU's Campaign alterations. Every mission so far has an introductory cinematic that is extremely well executed. They are IMMERSIVE and to-the-point. In short, they get your head into the world and into the action quickly; they're elegant. It's worth playing these Campaign missions just for them alone. Most of my screenshots are from the cinematics. Some of the missions also have ending cinematics. When these are present, they're as well done as the new introductions. Splendid. The combat intensity is really ramped up. The AI is not only smarter (once they're aware of enemy presence, they will HUNT you and your men down), but what they wear is a clear indicator of what they're capable of. This adds another layer of information that's now rightfully important to gather. I've had a few encounters where I got the drop on a group of patrolling enemies, and I had to quickly decide whether or not I should take out the more lightly armored men, or go after the ones with the bulkier gear. In the default GR, this was a matter I never had to consider. I have some recommendations for future releases. Most of these are "cosmetic" but I have no doubts that they would also deepen the sense of immersion into the game... (1.) Add bullet whizzes, snaps and cracks for when they fly near their targets. Arma III has a couple of enormous sound mods that do a superb job of putting this into action. (2.) Add reverb/echoes to gunshot sounds and explosions. (3.) Give the default Ghosts camouflages that have more colors in them other than coyote brown & gray. Multicam, or a fictional derivative of multicam, would be ideal. (4.) If possible, supply a means by which the player can easily select the primary firearm and a secondary to each Ghost (via a scrolling drop down menu?). (5.) Fix the CTD-on-Loading issue for the Iron Mountain campaign mission. (6.) Allow corpses to be lootable. (7.) Intensify the burning effects when armored vehicles are destroyed. There should be intense showers of flaring particles streaming out of barrels, hatches, etc. that should last for several minutes. (8.) Make smoke grenades throwable (currently, they just drop immediately down at the "thrower's" feet). Also, I'm unsure as to whether or not the smoke cloud is actually hindering the enemy AI's ability to see their targets. (9.) Some of the missions seem to demand a more *precise* solution for dealing with the threat and/or achieving a specific goal. The one mission that most comes to my mind in regards to this is the one where the player has to protect the U.N. outpost that's near a rail bridge. There seems to be only *one* solution to actually pulling this off and it'd be appreciated if more options were available. (10.) Supply a "free camera" option when watching films. The player would be able to "fly" the camera wherever they wanted to on the map. Again, I deeply appreciate all of the hard work that's been poured into this astounding endeavor. Arma III's infantry-scale tactics are a far cry from what's available here. This game with HU nearly hurts my brain from the thinking I have to do. I love it!
  2. That's good news. Could this provide clues to fix the other maps that don't reload properly?
  3. Last night I tried Iron Dragon through MISSIONS, and not as the first part of the Campaign. Loading the save of the Iron Dragon mission led to a CTD, exactly as if I had played it as part of the Campaign. I guess that I shouldn't be surprised. I didn't know if the Mission version was as heavily scripted as the Campaign version - I guess that it is. Prior to this, I've played the maps, but only as part of the Firefight game type. I haven't had any issues (so far) with loading up a Save that was made for Firefights.
  4. Yeah, but Real Life throws WAY too many diversions at me. I have an 8 yr. old and an 11 yr. old and they interrupt me every 2 minutes or so. lol Makes reloading a necessity.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that I'm not the only one having Loading/CTD issues with the Campaign. Oh man... Bummer! I was really enjoying the changes that Apex had made. It was pretty exciting, especially when one considers that it was only the first mission out of a whole series of them! The convoy of troops, the new placement of enemy AI, how they react and respond... Man! Well, as negative as this consensus is, there is one good thing that came out of it: how the community came out and generously offered help. In my years of coming here, I've never been left disappointed by the GR community, and I'm very grateful for that. It's a great feeling to have. THANK YOU again guys! So, I'll keep my fingers VERY tightly crossed that some more development-TLC is poured into getting the campaigns' Save/Load/CTD issues resolved. It'd be a shame if they couldn't, as the tremendous potential truly is amazing to comprehend. Who knows, maybe it can even be figured out how one can loot items from fallen corpses. If one's going to dream, dream BIG I say! I've recently given up hope on Arma III, to the point that I uninstalled it. The scale of Arma's battlefields are very enticing, but ruined by how pathetic the infantry AI still are. It's challenging for me to comprehend how after all of these years of technology advancement, AI has yet to be produced that even meets what was created over a decade ago... I'm talking about the AI found in GR, Rainbow 6, SWAT 3 (stunning work there!), and more. It convinces me that game producers keep aiming for the lowest common denominator. Titles such as the ones I stated above are true gems that deserve every bit of polish that they can get. Again, thank you for your help. I'll be keeping a very close eye here in the hopes that substantial improvements are made to the stability of the campaigns. The rest of HU is already amazing - and I'll be sure to keep playing whatever I can of it.
  6. gr via hu 1 That's what I named my play of the Campaign. It's shorthand for "Ghost Recon via Heroes Unleashed 1". It's not the name of the very first in-game Save. I have no control on what to name those Saves (I wish I did, lol ). So, that's what I titled my play of the first Campaign.
  7. From Wombat: I'm jealous! The campaign mission that I'm having the CTD issues with upon trying to reload is the very first one, "Iron Dragon," set in South Ossetia. I've tried reloading Iron Dragon by using the Quick Save as well as restarting the game and reloading from the game's every-2-min. auto-Save. Both approaches led to CTDs.
  8. Considering then, that I deleted my first installation of HU, and it contained the game Saves, then said deletion also addressed Wombat's advice. Running off of the new installation of HU, with the two missing files installed. I created a Save at the first mission's start of the default GR campaign, and then I Quick Saved. I had only one Ghost on the map (me), and after I was killed I tried Quick Loading. The game informed me (as usual) that the movies were not going to be saved, and that the loading of the mission would commence, then CTD. Here's the Ike log... I hope that it's informative, and leads to a solution. The upgrades to the default GR mission that HU provides are amazing!
  9. Thank you for the files Jose! I downloaded/installed them per your advice. I'm copying over the fresh download of HU now, and it's going to take a while. I didn't realize how HUGE it was: 15GB+...! I'm trying to find where Ghost Recon keeps its Saves so that I can delete them per Wombat's advice, but I can't find it. Google's no help either. I own the Steam version of the game. Could someone direct me to it?
  10. The campaign CTDs regardless of the Save that I try to reload. The Quick Saves fail, the every-2-minutes auto-Saves fail, and the Save I make at the very start of the map fails. All of them show the Loading Screen, but then when it's ready to launch, it CTDs.
  11. I downloaded HU again, this time from ghostrecon.net, just in case ModDB's listing is defective. After I acquired it, I decompressed it, and did a keyword search for the two missing files, " opposing_force_120" and "opposing_force_1000" --- no luck. Neither of those files were found. I searched for those in case they were accidentally misplaced in the wrong folder, but they're missing altogether. Assuming that it's these two missing files causing the CTDs, does anyone have these two files that could (hopefully) be provided here? If so, please inform me where I need to insert them for the Campaign to function/reload properly.
  12. Thank you Wombat50 for your help. I tried to load the mission from an auto-save that was created at the 4:00 mark. The loading screen appeared, and right as the mission launched, it CTD agin. Here's the text from the Ike log: It's failing to find opposing_force files and having an error downloading effects. Should I download a new copy of HU, and reinstall it, or...? I read in HU's promotions how it significantly altered the campaigns - and that's no understatement! With the very first mission, the changes are almost immediately noticeable and VERY welcomed! It makes me want to find a fix for the CTDs all the more desperately. Again, thank you for your help!
  13. Playing the default campaign for the first time using HU. It keeps CTD every time I try to load from a prior Save. Also, the game seems to be auto-saving every 2 min. - is this due to how HU is setup? I don't ever recall the default GR doing auto-saving. The type of Save I try to reload from doesn't matter; Quick Saves, the Auto Saves, etc., always CTD after the scenario has been (presumably) reloaded. Any advice?
  14. Are there any plans to update the camouflage patterns for the uniforms? Something along the lines of multicam...? http://multicampattern.com/ The ACU-style had extremely unfortunate "glow in the dark" qualities to it. It's hard to believe that it even passed out of R&D. This article does a GREAT job of illustrating its enormous flaws. I swear that several months ago I saw a listing for a mod for HU that replaces the camo with something else. It was late at night when I came across it, so I was too exhausted then to remember it now.
  15. HOW I didn't catch this is BEYOND me. lol Thank you!
  16. I'm hoping that someone can help me out with this awesome GR mod... There are a number of weapons where the magnification doesn't work, in spite of the fact that the weapons' models and icons show an ACOG system mounted atop of the weapon. Some of the firearms I'm having non-magnification issues with are: SR 25C SCAR-L 16" SCAR-HCQB 13" MP5A5 SU231 Mk 18 M4M68 ...and more... Is there a quick fix that I can download for such non-magnifying weapons, or a config adjustment, or...? Any detailed help will be GREATLY appreciated!
  17. Hey Guys, It's been far too long, but I'm just dropping a line to say that I'm still alive. Right after I got the new custom computer running I had to kick it into high gear regarding a district-wide art show that had to be setup on May 12. Barely did it in time, and this was in spite of having numerous nights with my being awake and bleary-eyed till 2-3 AM. Truthfully, I still haven't fully recovered, as I then had to make up an enormous amount of time with my own two kids, and my wife who was essentially a single mother. Plus, I'm still trying to determine if my custom system is working up to par. To test it out, I've been making short excursions into ArmA 2, which is the most intensive title I own. But the issues I've had with that title is a whole different ball of wax, which I'm having addressed by the ever helpful and friendly BIS community. In short, every couple of days, I grow more sure that my system's okay... And this week I'm starting up a Human Geography online university course, so... In short, I'm hoping to get back into testing this excellent campaign by this weekend, if not earlier. I hope that you'll still have me in that regard! Have to run. It feels good to be "almost" back!
  18. Are the .xml's in charge of keeping track of keyboard reassignments? I pasted my old files over the newly installed ones, and all of my old key settings were gone. The Rockall and other mods are listed appropriately, although I only quickly tested Rockall out. So, it looks like I have to try and remember all of those again. Now, am I mistaken, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that GR cannot properly stretch itself out to the widescreen format. Everything's distorted by being wider. Is this true, or...? Thanks!
  19. Howdy Folks, Reinstalled GR, want to paste over backed up files, and I want to get back to testing Rockall again, BUT... ...I'm confused as to which files I should NOT copy/paste from the backup I made of the game's installation directory on my old Dell computer. Specifically, I do NOT want to overwrite any potential Registry values, as for me, they are DEFINITELY different from when I had GR installed on my old system. On my old Dell, the game auto-installed to Program Files/Red Storm Entertainment, but this time, it auto-installed to Program Files/x86/Red Storm Entertainment. Any advice on which files not bring over from the backup to the new installation? Thanks in advance!
  20. I tested out the LightScribe drive just a few minutes ago, and I discovered something REALLY weird. I (finally!) installed Ghost Recon, and played a default Firefight. Results? No high-pitched whine from the optical drive. I installed the one real "indulgence" I permitted myself with this build (and only because I found it on sale), ArmA 2 Combined Operations. Played a mission. Results? As above. Then I tried STALKER SOC again. Results? The high pitched whine resurfaced, but only when the game was loading, AND (this is the weird part), for however long the game was paused when Escape was first pressed on the keyboard till the time I pressed said key again to reenter the game, and for however long I was accessing the Inventory screen. Other than those occasions, there's no whine. So, I'm guessing that it's not really an issue with the optical device, but rather with STALKER's programming. To be fair, I'm playing STALKER with the "STALKER Complete" mod, but I'd be hugely surprised if said had any impact on causing the whining sounds. Any ideas? I have to say, this custom-built system is about 30% quieter than my old Dell one. And I'm really starting to like Win. 7. The "Library" feature is superb. I just wish that I could add a Display Desktop shortcut to the quick launch menu bar. Haven't been able to figure that one out yet.
  21. That high pitched whining it does, that would be grounds for an exchange, yes? I can't imagine that this type of noise, and at that level of volume, would be considered to be the "industry norm."
  22. From Roco*AFZ* As an educator, I deeply appreciate your point. Also as an educator, I deeply achieving a fine education through the least painful means possible. And thanks again All, for everything that has helped me to GET MY SYSTEM UP AND RUNNING! YES, Win. 7 is finally installed, I put a ton of my files from my backup on it, and I very briefly tried, in the wee hours of the morning, STALKER--SOC. At the start of the game, there was quite a bit of artifacting going on, with small rectangular "boxes" of portions of the screen dragging a little bit more slowly than the rest of the screen. Strange, but it seemed to go away after a little bit, but I'm still going to keep my eye on it. What has me concerned, though, is the high-pitched whine that I heard coming from my case. I'm very sure that it's the Lightscribe optical drive producing the sound, and I suspect, to a much smaller degree, that it could be the front-mounted LED case-fan. Sometime today, I'm going to have Julie have her ear close to the case so that she can help me determine what's making the noise. The annoyingly loud noise starts up primarily when a level's being loaded/reloaded, or a Save is being made. I was so tired, that it's hard for me to recall all of the applicable details. What think you?
  23. ACTUALLY there are more than two options! And I'm clueless as to the one I should have. Here are the non-RAID options: 1. without NCQ and Hot Plug functions (IDE mode) 2. with NCQ and Hot Plug functions (AHCI mode) The with-RAID options are detailed on the motherboard's disc, but after reading up on RAID, I'm pretty sure that it's not even really an option for me, with having but one SATA3 hard drive, correct? So, if that assumption is correct, which of the two non-RAID options should I go with? Thanks in advance!
  24. Gaaaahhhhh!!!!! I almost forgot, but the manual for the motherboard states that are two potential adjustments that could be made to the motherboard BEFORE installing Win. 7. One that has a RAID setup, and... ...one that doesn't. An alteration to the motherboard MUST be made, so, I'm guessing that since I have only ONE hard drive (and not part of a server), that I just want the non-RAID option, correct?
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