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  1. Tinker, A great BIG "thank you!" for your advice. It worked flawlessly. No more owl hunting for me, and I get a set of great maps to play with as well. I have to say that without fail, this community has responded to every conundrum I've had with generosity and with enough details to get the job done correctly the first time. It's a terrific place. Yours, Kyle
  2. I've recently installed the Sum of All Fears porting mod, and I'm happy to report that I had no issues with the program doing its job. But I have had to deactivate the mod due to some very serious sound problems it was causing. Some sounds were completely absent, such as explosions, non-suppressed firearms being discharged, and so on and so forth. Other sounds became super dominant. Whenever anyone in my squad took a footstep the sound effect was replaced with the sound of a suppressed weapon firing. Very annoying. More annoying was starting up the first mission of the original GR campaign, and hearing an owl endlessly hooting at full blast volume. It's a good thing for that bird that I couldn't locate it! These bugs also persist in playing back previously recorded sessions. Too bad, because I was really looking forward to playing SoAF in GR. I doubt that I'll play it otherwise. My fingers are crossed that some headway is made in fixing this conundrum, and I'd be happy to playtest any future releases. I've had extensive experience in the past as a playtester, particularly for ForceMod III, a robust and worthwhile mod for Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. In fact, I was the only alpha tester for its first year of its extensive development. I guess my hyper-detailed assessments were enough to get the job done. Thank you for your efforts on this! Yours, Kyle
  3. The camera angle options when playing back one's exploits leaves a lot to be desired. There's the 1st person view, which is useful, there's the "stare at the middle of your back" view which is just about pointless as it blocks everything that's directly in front of the avatar, and then there's the "let's see if we get lucky with the orbiting camera" view, which is a little better than staring at my hairy back. I've searched to no end, but I'm hoping that there's a means to assign a camera angle that's similar to Gears of War. Now that would be useful. Fingers crossed although I'm pretty sure the answer's a big "Negative."
  4. Thales100, A couple of years ago I bought SOAF brand new, never opened, for $2 in the bargain bin. Haven't played it, but I'm happy that I kept it around, as I'll definatly install it to get it to work with the GR conversion mod. Thanks for the tip regain solid urban maps. Kyle
  5. Thales100, I didn't have the opportunity to read through the thread in detail, so I'm even more excited about all of the insertion possibilities. Infiltration did a lot of "firsts", but one of the things that felt a bit limited was how one started a mission. There were few options towards approaching the main mission area. The exceptions to this, were, however, exceptional (bad pun intended, part of the baggage of having me around, I'm afraid). There's a very large urban map that actually had Black Hawks that one could ferry onto, if one so chose. You could hop off onto different rooftops to snipe, or rappel down into the main objective, which was a bank. Any chance that we could spectate the matches? I'm very new to GR, so I'm not familiar at all with MP, especially since my focus has been totally devoted to the SP experience. If it's possible to spectate, could you supply the relevant information here, or through a PM? By the way, are there any missions/campaigns that you would suggest that have an amazing urban environment for me to try? The more entereable structures the better, as I abhor missions that end up being a rail shooter. If AI do well, that would be even better. Thanks! Kyle
  6. Another question for the newbie? He must like all the work we've done around here! Well, I hope that's how you're responding whenever you're seeing another post made by me! I've downloaded a mod that promises to get rid of all the fog that appears in DS and IT, but before I install it I have some aesthetic concerns... I don't want the fog to be lifted if the mission is supposed to be genuinely foggy. I see this as a completely separate issue from "fog" that's applied due to engine limitations that are probably no longer a limitation due to players having much better graphics cards. So, I guess what I'm asking for is this: Is there a way to get rid of engine-limitation "fog" while keeping real fog for missions that are supposed to be foggy because it's due to weather effects? Oh, and if engine-limiting "fogs" are lifted, does that mean that the AI will "see" further? If that's not the case, then I don't see much point in getting rid of the engine-limiting "fog" as that will give me a huge advantage over them. I do ask some tricky ones, don't I? Thanks in advance. Yours, Kyle
  7. Wow! This looks GREAT. Multiple insertion methods is a real plus! Can't wait for its release. Cencom might have to wait till I'm done with this baby!
  8. I did a search on this, and the closest article I could find was this one: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...25&hl=grass But there it's talking about level of detail, which may be different from what I'm hunting for, which is: how can I extend when ground cover appears around me? My ATI Radeon PowerColor X1950 Pro AGP graphics card can certainly handle a lot more than what's being thrown at it now. Currently, it looks like the ground cover is faded into existence at about 25-35 meters, is there any way that I can extend this limitation? Thanks in advance for any help on this. Yours, Kyle
  9. Oops, I didn't intend to suggest that there should be 96+ variants based on all the different aiming aides that are out there. My thinking when it comes to these kinds of things is still pretty much hardwired to Infiltration, which allowed an enormous amount of freedom when it came time to customizing one's firearms. I'm totally in agreement that ironsights really aren't necessary if one's pursuing an Aimpoint or EOTech route, but that said, as far as I know, Aimpoint and EOTech aiming aides don't offer any magnification in real life, so it's more than a little odd that they do so in GR. In my opinion, if the AI can't take advantage of magically-magnifying Aimpoints or EOTechs, then the player shouldn't be able to either. Doubtless this will make the game more challenging, but such if that's the price to be paid for simulating real life factors, then so be it... One Infiltration mutator maker crafted a mini-mod that allowed the player to "zoom in" something like 5-10% with non-scoped weapons to simulate the "concentrated focus" during disciplined aiming. While I've downloaded this mutator simply for the sake of having my Infiltration collection complete, I've never used it. The primary reason being that when I used to actively participate in casual competitions of marksmanship with hunting rifles, I've never, ever, had a "zoom in" effect become triggered for me simply because I was concentrating really hard on hitting the target. If it doesn't happen in real life, and you're claiming to be simulating it, then why engineer something that never occurs to the faintest degree? Tunnel vision is something that doesn't need to be engineered, it'll happen in any shooter naturally whenever they're in a stressful situation and they become too focused on their target at the end of their ironsights or crosshairs. That said, I'm happy to hear that there's going to be a kit or two that will feature a LAW. I've seen photographs of real life suppressed firearms equipped with grenades launchers (if I can find them again I'll post links here). I guess that the reason why they're there is for the same reason that a person would want an anti-armor weapon while on a mission that requires a great degree of stealth: in case one needs it. Firing the anti-armor device will certainly blow whatever sound-cover one has, but if one needs to use it then one needs to use it. I don't know if the AI will misuse such a combo, and if such is the case, then the only person I'd equip it with is the one avatar I intend to use the majority of the time in a mission. I desire such a combo just in case my cover gets blown (a semi-often occurrence) and I'm starting to get overrun by Opfor. That 40mm launcher will be greatly appreciated then, that's for sure. Just asking. I'm certainly not the gifted author of this fine pack who can certainly craft his baby however he sees fit, I'm simply letting "Santa" know what this kid would like for Xmas. "Be careful kid, you'll shoot your eye out with that thing!" Again, I can't wait to try your pack out, and I'm looking forward to whatever updates you intend to share with us. Yours! Kyle
  10. The details on these are pretty incredible. The renders look like they're ArmA quality (that's a compliment in spite of how low BIS stooped by releasing an alpha build to the public). Although I'm very new to this scene, I'd like to add some observations in regards to some of the most common annoyances I have in regards to how kits are frequently setup: (1) Suppressed weapons frequently are not outfitted with a 40mm grenade launcher. (2) For some reason, weapons with C mags are never suppressed, or at least I've yet to see one that is. If there's a real life factual reason for why this is, then I can understand why such a feature is not made available to the player. But otherwise, it'd be very nice to have a suppressed C mag equipped firearm. (3) Most kits are absent an anti-armor weapon. It'd be great if most weapon types had a kit option to a LAW, SMAW (better), or AT4 (even better), or options for all three (the best). (4) Please make most kits available to specialists and non-specialists. I have a hard time coming to terms with the concept that the Ghosts are already an ultra-elite SF organization, yet there's only a handful of "specialists" within the group that have access to certain loadouts. Certain things, such as explosives, make sense to only be available to demolitions experts, but it seems to me that after that, things should be made more widely available. (5) Ammo counts frequently seem too low to me. (6) I don't know if it's possible, but if there's any way that smoke can be deployed via hand grenades and 40mm rounds that would doubtless be an immensely useful option. (7) Frequently, kits don't seem to be listed in a sensible order. If some kind of a pattern could be setup, so it's predictable what one's going to find as they sort through the kits, that would be quite a boon. Here's an example of what I mean: (a) M4A1/ironsights+hand grenades (b) M4A1/EOTech+hand grenades © M4A1/Aimpoint+hand grenades (d) M4AI/ACOG+hand grenades (e) M4A1/ironsights+40mm grenades (f) M4A1/EOTech+40mm grenades (g) M4A1/Aimpoint+40mm grenades (h) M4A1/ACOG+40mm grenades (i) M4A1/ironsights/suppressed+hand grenades (j) M4A1/EOTech/suppressed+hand grenades (k) M4A1/Aimpoint/suppressed+hand grenades (l) M4A1/ACOG/suppressed+hand grenades (m) M4A1/ironsights/suppressed+40mm grenades ...and so on and so forth... Having kits that also supply a PDW like a MP5 or FN P90 would be added icing to the cake. If such subtleties can be integrated into this mod, then there would be no doubt that I'd frequently be using it. These look great, and I can't wait to try them out! Yours, Kyle
  11. After Rocky's generous help for my very first post, my confidence is high in terms of acquiring some more useful advice. I've combed through numerous threads trying to find out exactly what I need to know, but frustratingly, I seem to get mostly bits of useful information here, and little bit there, without getting a sense of "the big picture." I'm hoping that this thread will do exactly that. Just so you have a better idea of where I'm coming from, my primary experience with the tactical genre was the astounding Infiltration total conversion for Unreal Tournament. Happily, Beppo, a key player in making Infiltration the groundbreaking experience it was, is now hard at work on Ground Branch. That said, I'm losing my patience waiting for Ground Branch, and I decided to give Ghost Recon a try, and boy am I happy that I did so. Still, I want to make the single player campaigns as much like Infiltration as possible, and that means the follwing: (1) AI that's as cunning as Infiltrations online players were. That's a tall order I know, but I'm looking for the utmost in AI, with the emphasis on them using smart tactics, which includes using concealment and cover, as well as having believable combat skills. Pecking someone off at 600 meters with an AK should not be an option for these guys. (2) Flexibility in setting up one's kit, right down to fine tuning all the doodads and gadgets on one's firearms. (3) Stamina loss/regeneration is directly proportional to the amount of gear that one's carrying. As magazine's get emptied and discarded, one's load should lighten, which means that one doesn't tire as quickly as before, and one's stamina recovers more promptly. Here's what I've found in the hours I've spent combing through GR forums in regards to the above: In regards to the AI, one mod stands out like no other, MissionHX. But my concern with using it is where do I prioritize it, since so many campaigns/other mods have been released which boast of how they've improved the AI. I don't want to make MissionHX the #1 priority if a certain campaign has, without question, better AI than what's supplied by MissionHX. So, if there's a campaign/mod that beats MissionHX's AI adjustments, could someone please tell me what it is so that I can have it in the #1 priority position? This leads me to other questions as well. Let's say that CentCom has The Best AI, do the adjustments that it makes always crossover to affect the AI in other campaigns, mods and the default game? One of the reasons why I ask, is due to what I've experienced thus far with weapon kits. I currently have active, but in a lower priority, the IDF mod, yet none of the kits are showing up when I play CentCom. Now CentCom has a higher priority than the IDF mod, so does that mean if I play the IDF mod in a lower priority that the CentCom weapon kits will be available as well as the ones that were engineered for the IDF mod? So, does that mean that I need to elevate IDF's priority standing to see its kits active while I play CentCom, or...? I've installed the Oruzhie mod, which supposedly opens up kit selections to include Eastern Bloc firearms, but I've yet to see a single offering in GR in this regard, but perhaps this is due to the ultra low priority that I gave it? Does GR have a ceiling for the number of kits that can appear in the game, or...? I don't mean to bombard the scene with questions here, but I've yet to find a thread that directly answers the kinds of questions that I'm seeking answers for. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Yours, Kyle June 28, 2008
  12. Rocky, Thanks for your very prompt and generously detailed response to my query. When I read what your solution was, I thought, there's no way that it's just that simple, because none of the mods were there when I went a started up the regular GR campaign. Lo and behold my surprise that in spite of my disbelief, I went ahead and tried what you suggested, and happily, it worked. Thank you and please pay no attention to my embarrassment. Yours! Kyle June 27, 2008
  13. Hello All, First time post, so please be gentle on me! I'm not new to the concept of modding; I've made/contributed towards a few myself in fact, but I'm at a loss as to how to do so for Ghost Recon (PC). I've done several searches on this forum, and obviously, I must not have picked the correct keywords to search for... This is my situation: I've downloaded/installed a fair number of mods into my "Mods" directory. I've gone through and activated and prioritized them so that the mods I desired the most are at the bottom of the list. I quite the game after activating them and then restarted the game so that they'd work properly. When I go to start a campaign, the only one that's listed is the very first GR campaign. The campaigns for Desert Seige and Island Thunder are not listed at all, nor are any of the other mods that I've installed such as Centcom, No Easy Day, amongst a few others. Shouldn't these mods be readily displayed somewhere on one of the game's main loading screens? And if so, where would I find it? Do I have to ensure that only one campaign is activated at a time, because it's my strong impression from my research that one can have numerous mods in one's list; the trick is to remember that the mods listed at the bottom of the list will overwrite file entries made by installing the earlier mods. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this. Just don't tell my wife because she things I'm perfect! Thanks in advance! Yours, Kyle June 26, 2008
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