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  1. Nahhh, not a "fan boy." Uneducatated normie who has waaaaaaaaaay too many Real Life demands to track down and follow every little thing a developer does/doesn't do. I only have time to see the whole package. No time to dissect whether or not the blades of grass were done by the developer, or hired out from an online community. So if what you're saying is accurate, then I stand corrected in my assessment of what he's done/hasn't done on "his own.
  2. Jack, Been lurking your thread for a while now. Real life is kicking the tar out of me right with enormous demands... I'm sorry to hear of the technical issues that you're having to contend with. I hope that an easy/speedy solution is available. These uniforms look great. The last batch are PERFECT. The overall use of the tiger stripe patterning is nice. It's amazing how effective that camo patterning is in real life. I loudly applaud the usage of the color-matching baclavas. It makes a LOT of sense to have the Ghosts use these. Keep up the GREAT work, and THANK
  3. Yeah, Helios' hard work and commitment to quality abundantly shows. I told him that it blows my mind what he's achieved alone in comparison to what the Ground Branch team has accomplished, which I also own. At this point in time, Ground Branch's AI pales in comparison to what's encoded in Black Day now. A handful of the environments are still obviously under construction in Black Day. Please keep in mind that Helios' game is still in early access, and that those maps that are done/nearly done are captivating and convincing. There are a ton of maps, and the weather effects are o
  4. Jack, Since you are very kindly offering up the possibility of applying a camouflage of our choice to Ghosts, I'm hoping that you'll strongly consider creating uniforms with the US4CES woodland and arid patterns? Note that in said analysis article, that the US4CES OCIE pattern for vests and pouches worked optimally with the different camouflages. In light of the fact that the Ghosts are well funded, the OCIE pattern could perhaps be tweaked to better match the uniform's patterning that it is being worn with (that is, it would be shifted a bit more to the green for the woodland patt
  5. I hopped on this right away. Can't wait to try it. THANK YOU!
  6. Hey Guys! Please head over to Steam, and check out Black Day, a very robust sandbox for TACTICAL infantry-based gameplay, and oh-so-much MORE! It's hard to elaborate how AMAZING it is, both in terms of depth and breadth. One can EASILY have Ghost Recon style type missions in it, or Splinter Cell or even Metal Gear Solid. Sniper-only endeavors too. It's crazy. As hard as it is to comprehend, it's all being developed by one man, Helios. Look for my DETAILED review of it. It was posted on Feb. 6, 2019. Sometimes my links to Steam work, and sometimes they don't. Here's my
  7. I'm looking forward to trying this campaign out soon. My old system had MAJOR issues, and I've just finished building a new one. Eager is not the word for it. Everything, as usual, looks Topnotch. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your hard work and generosity! 👍😄👍
  8. I'm just very happy to hear that you're fine, and that nothing unfortunate occurred. Real Life can be a mega butt-kicker. I should know, as I'm currently crushed with work and Real Life concerns as well. Let's hope that Life soon gives us a well deserved and looooooooooong break! If Life ever gives you a break, and you're so inclined, I would love to see you return to STALKER, Call of Chernobyl. Those mutants you converted were/remain a major boon to the entire community. Before I go, I strongly advise you to try out RadioPhobia 2 for STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. The gra
  9. I'm very excited to see this. Having tried out your superb Cloak and Dagger addition to Heroes Unleashed, I anticipate only greatness. Thank you again for all of your very generous hard work. By the way, the videos you post are a real treat. I enjoy watching them.
  10. Wachter, I stumbled across this GREAT addon mod of yours for HU the other day, and have to say that it adds pretty much everything I was hoping for. Far more and different kits (I really appreciate using Soviet/Russian theatre kits), terrific new skins, and an AI that just keeps kicking my butt. The AI that you've supplied - very VERY believable use of tactics. Once they're on you - watch out! I was a little worried that all of my teammates had every stat set to the absolute maximum of 250, but with the AI in this mod, I'm finding it extremely challenging to get all of my men out aliv
  11. Hello, I'm hoping that someone here can assist me on getting some information on thales100. It didn't dawn on me till very late last night that the "thales100" I've seen references must be the same thales100 who I was interacting with extensively for STALKER Call of Chernobyl. He was in the midst of releasing some really amazing mutants for the game, and he just "disappeared." Through ModDB, I sent him numerous inquiries, asking him how he was doing, to which I never received a reply. We last communicated with each other in Nov. 2016. Needless to say, I'm very concerned,
  12. Love this mod Wachter - THANK YOU for your hard work and being awesome enough to share it freely with all of us. It really does ratchet up the sense of terrible danger enormously, and is well worth using. Please see my response to trying your sound effects mod out in the Heroes Unleashed thread. I have a question that I ask you there.
  13. AMAZING work Wachter! Your sound pack is VERY well put together. The sense of menace is overwhelming once one starts hearing those supersonic cracks - just "heart in your throat" stuff! THANK YOU! I did numerous keyword searches for thales100's sound effects mod, but have had no luck in locating it. I found a very large package of "raw" weapon sound effects, but as far as I can tell, these are source files, to be used in any mod, and are not yet setup to properly run in GR. Am I correct on this? If anyone does have access to a working download link to the sound effects pack
  14. Wachter! What I heard in the YouTube video was wunderbar! I'm still going to try your "supersonic crack-heavy" sound effects pack. I'm going to try that first, and then try thales100's (which I've even to download yet). It certainly looks like you did what I suggested to AR6's development team: add the supersonic crack to struck objects effects. I'm eager to experience it in-game. And Raven Shield doesn't have supersonic cracks, which is why I suggested to them what I wrote here. I'm pretty certain that both GR and RS use the Unreal Engine. The sound effects limi
  15. Sound Effects This game, like Raven Shield, desperately needs supersonic bullet cracks. Their total absence is glaring after years' worth of playing other titles that correctly implement their very terrifying and super immersive presence. It raises the tension in games to a whole higher level. Last night, I ended up on a couple of "war rekt" threads on 4Chan. There is a sizeable quantity of those recordings that demonstrate that one hears the bullet crack even as rounds impact nearby objects. The bullet crack is significantly louder than the sound of the impact, and, needless to
  16. Apex, Is there any way of giving the player more control over the tandem-mounted scope/Holosights system? What I mean by this, is that as it currently works, a player has no choice but to click once to aim with the Holosight, click once more to get to the magnifying scope, and then click once more to get back to the "from the hip" view. This "hardwired loop" is dangerous. There have been times where I wanted to immediately zoom out, and I couldn't. In fact, I was forced to zoom into a greater magnification before I could attain the less-magnified view. Could a quantity of c
  17. Hello Apex, I've been thinking about the setting up of weaponry, and its displaying by kit-order. Here are my thoughts for your consideration... (1.) Whenever possible, supply camo-versions of the firearms. Don't drive yourself crazy by offering a ton of different skins. Just come up with one camouflage pattern, a "universal" one, dominated by a range of grays, with hints of coyote brown and olive greens. (2.) Setup versions of each weapons system, and order them by the likelihood of their usage. This will save the players clicks, give them more play time, and reduce t
  18. Yeah Wachter, I hear you! The ACUs that Apex is using are significantly darker than the real thing, which is an improvement, as the real life ACU practically glowed in the dark! Terrible ######. Any of the more recent skins that I'm seeing would be a major step up, in my opinion. Going with a more mixed up "civilian" look isn't a bad idea, although the operatives could run the gambit, from the hardcore "pure futuristic tactical" look (with baclavas that cover the mouth), to a somewhat "friendlier" looking civilian type, tactical colored and equipped clothing. Having camoufla
  19. Cruising through various threads here, as it's been a while... OMG! The QUALITY of skins that are available are ASTOUNDING! Hard to believe that after SO much time that this community is still rocking out fantastic contributions on this scale. Humbling to see! Apex, these skins I'm talking about - I'd seriously consider having them integrated into HU. Wachter's and MrMoon's work just takes my breath away.
  20. I'm very happy to report that the GR Campaign, Mission 1 fix that Wombat supplied DOES work. You might want to consider folding it into the next release.
  21. THANK YOU once more for all of your hard work Apex! Supplying additional and alternate mods that work with HU is a very thoughtful bonus. I'm having issues with reloading Saves from the GR campaign, Mission 1. I'm hoping that a potential workaround from half a year ago will work for me. Possible fix here... Is there any way to improve the range of body movement in the game into something far more natural? I play Raven Shield a lot, and not being able to lean while moving is very frustrating. Fighting inside structures is already very hard in the game, to not be able to lean
  22. Wombat - you ROCK for making this uniform-mission-vegetation pack! Burner, ACU works well in environments that produce a light sheen - as it then more closely matches the more "reflective" nature of the ACU. But put it in an environment where that "sheen" is reduced, and its massive shortcomings come shining through (pun intended!). Some examples... All I know is that when the Zombie Apocalypse occurs, I'll be rushing for the Multicam, and hope that every cannibal I'll ever encounter is wearing ACU.
  23. From BlindSniper Is this observation strictly in relation to the caves-based headquarters' mission, or also in relation to the very first mission, Iron Dragon? I'm interpreting this statement as strictly applying to the caves-based mission. If so, has anyone else found success with BlindSniper's observations regarding the first Campaign mission, "Iron Dragon?" That dealing with the truck and its load of soldiers will allow for proper reloading of Saves made after they've been eliminated? I'm 95% certain that I did take out that truck and its squad befor
  24. Thanks for the nicely detailed reply Jose. I see. Engine limitation. Engine limitation. Engine limitation. Now that I know that a SDK was never released, and I look at all of the content that was STILL created, I'm all the more awestruck by it. Wow! The modding community just blows me away with its hard work and dedication. Yeah, seeing the Big Picture really humbles me all the more. Thank you for the information.
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