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  1. This is related to the original questions, at least it doesn't deserve a new thread. Why are the Ghosts (unlike Rainbow, again) limited to one type of armor and camouflage?
  2. That's kind of what I figured. Hadn't considered the weight thing though, but it seems logical now. I hardly ever would have needed the pre-planning in missions, occasionally perhaps, but rarely. One reason I asked about this was because I thought the real-time commands might have been Ubisoft's first attempts at making the Tom Clancy games more "accessible" (=mainstream). But maybe the system has its roots in something else, after all Raven Shield and its expansions (made by Ubisoft) did include the pre-mission planning interface.
  3. After the GRAW and Vegas games, I no longer trust Ubisoft when it comes to making tactical shooters. If this changes however, I would have no problem with a new GR. But why Ubisoft? Sure, they own the rights to the name, but not to the game(play).
  4. Thanks for replying. What I was hoping was that those design decisions might have something to do with realism, and as such someone with knowledge about the US military might know something about why those decisions were made. But perhaps they were implemented merely for gameplay reasons.
  5. ...related to the differences between the [Ghost Recon] and the original Rainbow Six/Rogue Spear: -Why is the equipment assigned in kits instead of being freely selectable? I can understand this is the case with ordinary military units, but this is after all SF. -Why is there no planning involved in the missions (except for the real-time "planning")? I posted this in another forum but got no answer.
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