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  1. is this going to be release to the public?
  2. are there any HK 416 weapons mods? i've used the HK weapons mods on the download section, but i was wondering if there were more?
  3. well if anyone has an idea or other pics of modern russian equipment, that would help....thanks in advance
  4. cool, my source says that this helmet is used for regular infantry, so those motorcycle-styled helmet is used for interior troops, here are some pics... http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/7355/1000300gt3.jpg
  5. IGOR isnt working right now from me, i was wondering if anyone would be interested in making a modern russian soldier?
  6. its already listed as a mod in the game, its the same problem, i still have 6 guys instead of the extended
  7. lol what i meant is how did u get the mod to work, cause im having the same problem
  8. yes i have the gold edition....is there a program that runs with Igor that u have to install?
  9. well it doesnt work on vista, but i have a brand new laptop with XP....its the same model as the last one i had and IGOR didnt work on that either (its a dell D620 if that has anything to do for it)
  10. C:\DOCUME~1\Chris\LOCALS~1\Temp\242a_appcompat.txt it says this is the problem....i dont have a mac, but this is a new computer and new discs and i was wondering if it was a bad disc
  11. Everytime ive tried to start up igor it crashes as in it freezes, i just installed the game and the game works fine just igor doesnt
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