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  1. Actually, dedicated server and LAN are working fine, but local server (the only one that allows you to play main missions on co-op) is not visible from the other PC, or vice versa. I also tried to tweek the file inside settings/profile folder. i changed the co op mission to a main mission. it actually works until my friend wants to join...the server is still not visible
  2. Hi i have started today a server to play campaing on coop mode. but my other friend (which is playing on my other PC in my house) cant find the server. Is there something wrong with my connection ? why does LAN or dedicated server does not allow campaign missions ? Both games are updated to 1.05 v Thanks !
  3. My question is why buy a 2007 game on 2016 ?! i still play on it once in a while, but moved to GR phantoms until last year. im planning to buy the new SWITCH and play wildlands on it. I believ GRAW 2 lawncher doesnt work anymore, it sent me messages about the server not responding or something didnt really care much about , the last year gamediggers had it there was like 10 players max online. it became really boring on the servers back in 2012
  4. I will download it back again. I installed it last summer and there is almost nobody in those servers... I guess everyone went GRFS.
  5. Hi i've allways had this problem ever since i downloaded the game for the first time. The launcher (when you sign in) takes an eternity (the loading bar with download and instal ) most of the time i quit the game. Also, once we are on search mode (all game modes) its too long to find a game server. Has anyone put a solution to this issues ? Thanks !
  6. But how can we spread the word so we get more players in the servers ? i have posted the link in youtube videos.
  7. Help! I need a new computer. Oh, that wasn't the kind of help you were talking about? You also feel like me now ? when you think your computer was in the first series that christopher columbus brought in america ?....
  8. damn right, it seemed way too much like it was forcing you to do this that and the other, it didn't allow a lot of unconventional thinking or thinking at all for that matter. not to mention it was just wildly illogical in every sense of the word when it came to continuity. GRAW 2 does still look pretty fresh, its really just a shame the map sizes aren't fantastic, but at least you could use different tactics to achieve your goal and nothing was really forced on you so to speak. Most of the times i played GRAW2 it was on multiplayer, i reinstalled it yesterday to try the GSlauncher http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=60663 its like game spy, but no one is showing there. there was a guy yesterday but i needed a password to get in.
  9. Lets spread the news ! do you think most of the guys we used to see in GRAW2, gradually changed to GRFS ? what a boguss...
  10. oh yes it woked, but there is no one showing there...
  11. Im sorry guys but i didnt understand any of this. you mean that there are many third party programs to run graw2 online ? are there any servers with a lot of players ? like 8 or more ?
  12. HI, i was just wondering if any of the members here who bought GRFS, feel a bit disapointed. I dont have GRFS because i dont have very good PC specs. but from what i've seen in the net and been playing GRphantom online, i think the GR franchise has gone a little bit to far from reality. To much futuristic, the soldiers seem to run so fast, and, i mean, that shield that makes you invisible, c'mon! this is not harry potter, its war games. Another detail i recently learned about. the new game has become second player view, or, when you can see your player running, wich graw didnt have. Now when you are behind a wall, you can move the camera view to see the enemy, we could not do it in graw because it was first player view. it made the game realistic and intense. there is also a lot of game detail all around your screen, amo, your squad, the enmies, the objectives. Unless there is some kind of option to make it smaller or not displaying during the game. I'll be getting a new rig soon, but not sure if im going to buy GRFS, i miss graw2 like an exgirlfriend. what do you guys think ? Home PC ASUS P5QPL VM- INTEL E5400 2.7GHZ- DDR2RAM4GO- WINDOWS XP SP3 -GT220GEFORCE, Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0 office PC INTEL CORE I7 870 2.93GHZ RAM 8GO OS*64bits nvidia quadro FX 1700 laptop hp g60 550ca, windows 7 home 64
  13. oh.. That means the regular server cant be accessed anymore ? but how does this work on teamspeak ? sorry..i am very noob at this connection and server issues.. Thanks for your help
  14. Hi I've been getting this message since about four days after trying to connect to online server "There was a database error" Its just not connecting. Playing the regular game is fine though. I havent done any changes to my PC in the las weeks. Thanks for your help! ASUS P5QPL VM-INTEL E5400-2.7GHZ-DDR2RAM4GO-WINDOWSXPSP3 -GT220GEFORCE
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