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  1. I have windows 10 installed and I cannot join a ghost recon server at all ..I can through game ranger. but my clan tags and server info all go back to default and it messes all my customized stuff up can any one help ..I don't like using game ranger ...and I can serve on my own
  2. Wow I didnt see this here ..I owe most of my online gaming life to this man ..I would have never had countless of hours on online game play ina any game ...Rainbow six Ghost recon will always be amongst my favorite games...Ghost Recon is still my favorite game and is still the default game of the ECO Clan since 2001 -2002 when the game came out ...I joined the ranks of the eco clan in 2006..although I played Ghost recon since it cam out..Along with the many books he wrote ..My hat and the hats of all the members from the ECO clan give a moment of silence and a full military salute to Mr Tom Clancy . Thank you so mutch for the wonderfull books and the hours of fun game play..that this person has done ...Hooah !
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